Where To Start?

Aargh….! What Do I Do Now?

Well, that’s how I felt anyway! Once you have decided to go trulyglutenfree, where the heck do you start?


Free Introductory Article

Read my No Grain: No Pain article about true gluten sensitivity, published by Foods Matter, the allergy resource site. It includes a lot of the first section of the TrulyGlutenFree ebook below and you can continue reading with that if you need some practical help. It’s a good starter for the subject so hope you find it useful!

Free Video by Dr Peter Osborne

Click to get access to a fab introductory video. Put your feet up, get a cuppa and prepare for your jaw to drop as you learn more. You may have to sign up with an email address to get free access, but don’t worry, they won’t give your address away to anyone else. This video is the first of a whole series which you can get access to if you become a member of the society. This first one will give you a ton of info, though, for free.

TrulyGlutenFree ebook

If you suspect you have a problem with grains or gluten, despite failing a coeliac  or intolerance test and you still feel unwell after giving up traditional gluten grains, you need this book!

76 pages on non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. Includes full trulyglutenfree allergen guide, safe/unsafe lists, testing options, treatment protocols and loads of other resources. Click the image or here to see the full contents list and here to read what people think of the book so far.

Here are a couple of comments for you:

“OMG – I’ve only got through the first few pages and it makes so much sense!”

“Thanks – have listened to the video – absolutely fascinating and quite shocking !!! I cannot believe the list of symptoms it causes – re mine, aneamia, hair loss, skin conditions, bloating, etc etc !!  I have ordered your truly gluten free e book and I have also this morning ordered the genetic gluten test.”

The Gluten Free Society’s new truly gluten grain free cookbook will help you with ideas about grain-free cooking. It’s not a pretty book but if you need some ideas for breads, muffins, soups, main meals, snacks, desserts etc, you are not going to wrong with this one. Note: it is NOT dairy free though and there are quite a few cheesey recipes, but they can be adapted. Sometimes you can get a free month’s membership access too with this book, which is worth its weight in gold.

For more ideas, check out my ebook which contains lists of UK suppliers etc and the books listed below. I am also writing the TrulyGlutenFree recipe book and will regularly publish ideas, product and supplier review plus tried-out recipes in the blog so sign up to get them as they come out.