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The traditional gluten free diet usually given is is gliadin free ONLY (wheat, rye, barley and sometimes oats). There are plenty of good gluten free resources so we will be concentrating on the two below:

The Trulyglutenfree approach is free from ALL grains and dairy to remove all glutens and not just gliadin. You can get full food lists and details in the TrulyGlutenFree ebook. This is most suitable for those who are gliadin free (traditional gluten free) but not feeling well or healing (most!).

The Barrier diet is free from anything that would stop your hyper-permeability and gluten damage healing. This is grain, dairy and legume free and free from any of the known foods that affect barrier integrity. This is totally unique and does not exist anywhere else. It is essentially based on the Primal, SCD and TGF diet with added research on specific barrier hyper-permeability issues. You can get full diet lists and details in the Barrier Plan. This is most suitable for those with multiple allergy whether or not you know it is related to gluten.

Many of us have tons of other intolerances and allergies so please do add any other recipes and tips for citrus/nightshade/salicylate or whatever else suits you. If it helps you, it will no doubt help others. Just make it obvious somewhere in the post what it is free from if you can.

This is already an incredibly useful resource, please add to it and share it around.

Update: Comments are now closed as the page was becoming enormous! I have left existing comments up as they are really useful. For more, come and chat with us on the Trulyglutenfree Facebook Group

357 thoughts on “TGF Food

  1. Hi all, feeling christmassy yet??

    I bought some Billingtons icing sugar but it has a caking agent in it Tricalcium Phosphate, are we okay to have this?

    Also Micki, I was wondering whether you’d had chance to find some sweetie recipes?

    Not done mince meat yet as need to trial the tequila again. Last reaction lasted about 3 days so fine now, still not sure what it was but could have been either sweet pot flour, tequila or almond extract (although this was just almond extract and sunflower oil). I’ll let you know what it was. Don’t think it was water otherwise I would still be reacting unless it was a blip of something in the water. Needless to say, I’m still getting a whole house filter and a reverse osmosis under sink thing in the new year! Very reasonable, whole house £136 (not fitted) and under sink £225 (again not fitted but easy to do apparently).

    • I assume tricalcium phosphate is OK – have you checked the corn list, Debbie, in case?
      Recipes, on my list. Trying to get there asap!
      Reaction: my money is on almond extract. You never mentioned that before! All extracts are made with alcohol which is usually grain-based unless they specifically avoid it. Put ‘vanilla extract’ into the search box for more, for example. Glad about the water, hope it was a blip. Perhaps I shall try it again. Told you that company was good, didn’t I?!

    • Update on tequila.

      I asked the makers of Jose Cuervo Especial Silver tequila, which is the one I happened to have in my cupboard about the possibility of grain in it:

      Can you please tell me if this silver tequila is 100% agave or if anything eg. corn sugar/preservatives have been added to it?

      Also, if this is not aged in oak barrels, how is it stored, please? I am asking as I am allergic to grains including grain barrel ageing.

      They replied:

      Jose Cuervo Especial Silver is 51/49 agave/glucose. The sugar is usually completely fermented out. There may be some proprietary flavorings as allow by regulation. There are no preservatives and there may be some aged product in the formulation.

      So, in other words, not 100% agave, may contain corn-derived glucose, grain-derived preservatives and some tequila aged in barrels mixed in.
      Harrumph. Drawn a blank there then 😦

  2. Aha! Hmm, no I didn’t mention it as I thought it was okay didn’t think that the extract in the essence would have been made from alcohol 😦 I ate the bakewell tart for a whole week as well!! Oh no that was yummy 😦 how can you make bakewell tart without almond extract??? I did read that article a while back and bought the grain free vanilla which is yummy BTW but didn’t think it extended to almond too…durrr silly me!!!! Although, the bad reaction I had was on the saturday, and I didn’t make the tart until saturday PM so that sort of rules out the sweet pot flour and the almond essence although I appreciate that it’s not good to eat all the same.

    Yep that company was really helpful thanks – esp after reading the recent article on water I’m going to get it all fitted ASAP!

    Yes checked the corn list and it’s not on there hurray! Hoping to get a grinder for chrimbo but unti then I have mince meat to make!!!

    • Why don’t you use actual vanilla instead? Not just the powder from inside the pods- I use ground up vanilla pods, which I can easily buy over here – surely you could find that easily in England? Grind ’em up yourself!
      Gawd Debbie, bet your xmas list is enormous with all these baking and cooking plans!! I have gone past trying to replace and substitute everything, have just had to quietly mourn what I can no longer eat and change my way of seeing things and eating 😦 so rubbish, but the only constructive way for me to move foreward! If I could still eat more things I’d probably still be on the obsessional baking tip I was on last year!! It’s a great challenge, isn’t it?! Have been feeling the challenge rise up in me again recently so watch this space, might come up with some weird and wonderful ideas at some point, when I find the time and energy 😀 I did sucessfully make some wafer thin sweet crackers out of the pumpkin seed pulp I had left over from making ‘milk’ – really quite tasty! A sweet treat 😀 YAY!
      And no, not feeling Christmassy yet…but then I’m not in UK where xmas starts in October in the shops! 😉
      Hope you are feeling better and don’t react like that again. I was really ill last week, sick as a dog, was awful! I tried Betaine HCL as I am unsure about the stomach acid thing, and I think it was a very bad idea! doh…

  3. Come on then! What are your xmas menus??! Are we trying to replicate the flavours of xmas at least? That’s my plan I think… as far as poss anyway! The magic of herbs and spices eh?! Any ideas for sage and onion stuffing (sans breadcrumbs obv!!)

  4. I was thinking about doing this one but replacing pork mince with veal mince and omitting the bacon. Have done it before pre BP/TGF and it was yummy. May also replace onions with leeks.

  5. Ooh well I’m having rib beef, rosemary and maple syrup parsnips, orange glazed carrots, sprouts, sweet pots, spiced red braised cabbage with raisins, cranberry sauce, erm and going to push the boat out and either make the xmas cake in this blog or the choc brownies with chestnut flour (cocoa powder a little naughty but a one off), also thinking about mulled wine sorbet omitting the port.

  6. You’re making me ungry…! Sound delish. I haven’t really thought about it yet but I did just manage to get one of the last topside beef joints from Sheepdrove just in case. I was thinking more of boxing day beef and mustard ‘sarnies’ and cold cuts when everyone else is having some. I thought I might make some flaxseed focacchia but stud it with roasted, caramelised onion – that would go lovely, wouldn’t it? Christmas dinner, I fancy a bit of lobster as a treat. P is veggie anyway so I can have what I like. Lobster salad. Haven’t had lobster for about 3 years! P did a crab for me the other day as I was too squeamish to pick at it. Pathetic. SO not a natural meat eater 😉

  7. Like the cold cuts idea – that’s when it’s most painful, isn’t it?! Buffets and the like! I am not going to any functions or parties whatsoever – even staying home New Years Eve this year (for the first time in a long time!) Quite happy about it – would like to see in the New Year feeling well (fingers crossed!!) I will have a little beef too – keep forgetting to tell you that I have eaten meat about 4 times now! Have been ok except for one cut (bourguignon) which must’ve been from a cow that fancied a bit of corn when she got in from a long day of grass-munching! Doh. I am running that risk as I can’t get anything 100% guaranteed. It is conflictual, as I am SO happy to be vegetarian and don’t miss meat atall! Nevermind, obviously need to do all I can to restore health- so so be it!
    We are having rosemary and mustard delicata squash, roasted sw.pots and parsnip, leeks, fried garlicky sprouts, I’ll have some marinated beef (sirloin or rump steak – I get confused) and my men will prob have some nice organic sausages! I will also attempt some kind of stuffing but have a bit of a problem on that front for ‘breadcrumbs’ – can’t get linseed flour here and no way of making it yet. Have a little bit left so might just make two buns worth! Might just do it – only two and a half of us to feed! Go Micki with the Lobster! ENJOY! I will think of you! I am so excited about Christmas this year, all of a sudden! I think it’s the sheer amount of presies my little one has under the tree! Happy to live through my 2 year old’s delight! Enjoy your homemade cranberry sauce Debbie! All your plans sound delish!

    • Sounds yummy, and very organised! I think I shall be joining you and having beef for Christmas dinner now actually as i ran out of time to order any lobster. New year maybe.

      Know what you mean about buffets. They really get to me – emotionally (read: jealousy!) more than physically. This year I have a party for about 30 and I will be doing NO USUAL BUFFET FOOD – let’s see how that goes down…!

      Have a lovely time – and enjoy your little one’s Christmas. Such fun. We still do even though they are both now in the twenties 😉

      • haha, yeah! – if I go home to my mums for xmas, she still does me and hubby a massive stocking (much bigger than I got as a child!) it’s great! 😀
        Thank you! Enjoy your party WITHOUT buffet, yay! It really is an emotional thing, I agree! Today, one of my (pathetic) life-long dreams came true – a child in one of my workshops gave me a massive box of chocolates (I have always dreamt of having the kind of job where at crimbo, you’re in witha a chance of being given a massive box o chocs – I know, very sad!) and I was touched, but actually just SO gutted, I could have burst out crying on the spot! SO pathetic, I’m ashamed even to write this! But it’s true, it really dos get to you more on a sort of social front – and when it comes to treats! Todays events have made me breath a massive sigh of relief that I’m not going to any functions!
        I bet all your guests will come away feeling better than ever and wanting all your secret recipes! Good on you for doing it – can’t let this thing stop everything! Have a great time and a great xmas and new year! Bonnes fetes! 😀 x

      • Don’t be daft: we ALL feel like that sometimes. me more than ever currently. I think something to do with coming up to my two year (!!!!) anniversary of being grain free. As a treat, you can be the first to see the start of my new Pinterest TGF Sweet treats board. I am making the Rawlos tomorrow – who says we can’t have choccies! Go here and have a look. Bonnes fetes to you too x

  8. Ooooh, thank you! Off to have a nose…! 😀

  9. Chestnut and butternut squash soup

    Ready in 25 mins

    Serves: 4
    250g cooked and peeled chestnuts
    250g peeled and cubed butternut squash
    750ml vegetable or chicken stock
    1/4 teaspoon dried thyme
    250ml full fat milk, or as needed – could use almond milk or pulped avocado and more stock
    1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
    1 pinch ground cinnamon (optional)
    salt and black pepper to taste

    At least eating safe means we can enjoy what we eat and more!

    • Mmm, sounds nice Caroline 🙂 I do a similar thing but without chestnuts (it’s really nice with an oniony side to it – so I use leeks) and add pumpkin seed milk at the end. I LOVE SOOUUP! Hope you had a great Christmas too!

      • Great ideas, thanks. I made a wild mushroom, lentil, chestnut and swede casserole for our Christmas party the other day thinking only veggies would want it and it was the most popular dish! Wasn’t TGF as I had to add some flavourings like soy sauce etc but I’ll work on it!

    • Notes here for you: make sure the stock is TGF and avoid the dairy milk (and the chocolate version ;)) Also some people have reacted to the lining of the ready-peeled chestnut tins so be a bit careful with those or use fresh.

  10. Usually can buy fresh organic chestnuts in my local waitrose or delivered from Riverford farm organics. I slit the skin and either roast or boil them first then peel them. I have to confess I only eat a few at a time as I react to nuts so go very carefully.
    My new year resolution is to figure out what veg were causing reactions as I know there is something niggling me. – Salted the beef on Christmas day and that caused a major reaction – so much for staying safe. I really do think packaging is a problem for me and daresay corn is linked into the packaging , salt will absorb the chemicals and thats enough to react in me. Have tried salt in cardboard, plastic and glass and each time I seem to react- Will have to make frequent rips to the beach and collect some seaweed instead! -Discovered that the organic onions I was eating ( I know I shouldn’t have been as against the barrier diet) had been treated with a garlic spray that contained citric acid- Wow no onions – major change – my hands are normal again. So far I know organic peeled – swede, parsnips, leeks and celeriac are safe – carrots going in tonight! Amazing what you get excited about .
    Happy New Year to you all.

    • HaPpY NeW YeAr EvErYoNe!!!!
      That is a good idea about the seaweed – I sometimes use a strip of Kombu in stews, which salts it nicely. It is also good for softening veggies that can take a while to cook, so reduces cooking time (so good for beans and pulses if you still eat them).and has a nice green nettle stock sort of flavour. It IS so funny what gets you excited these days eh?!
      Micki – I use that Ume Plum Seasoning that you once told us about from Goodness direct instead of soy sauce – I know it’s not quite the same but it’s great for stir frys and just for adding some fruity acidity! Thanks for that – all recommendations and discoveries greatly appreciated! Hope you had a great festive period and your party was a success! 🙂

      • Do you know, I had quite forgotten about that seasoning and I have a big bottle of it in my cupboard! I shall give it a go.

        Christmas sadly was a washout with a migraine Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but then really well from Boxing Day onward despite loads of people staying and the party, which was fab, thank you. I shall do a post in a bit about it, no doubt, with the month/year review.

    • Corn is indeed used quite a bit in packaging, mostly cardboard I believe. If you react to salt in glass, doubt it is the packaging then, more the salt itself. I use Maldon seasalt and that seems to be fine for me. It’s in a plastic bag in a cardboard box so is a bit protected. Like the seaweed idea.

      What’s this about onions being sprayed though!!? New one on me. More please…? I react to some onions but not others.

      • Sorry for the late reply! Some growers spray the onions for white neck rot, mildew etc with an organic registered garlic spray- that yes you guess it contains citric acid!. I think the onions are sprayed a few times through out the growing season. I would have though that by the time we ate them the spray woudl have gone – but definitely not! The garlic spray is used on many veg to combat a list of common pests and diseases so not just restricted to onions I’m afraid. Hope that is helpful and I daresay explains why you react to some onions and not others.
        Saw a few minutes of the hairy bikers dieter show on telly a few weeks ago. They made lasagne using leeks instead of pasts- Tried it with mince this weekend and actually it really works! Slice a leek half way through length way. peel the layers off in sheets and simmer in boiling water to soften. Place flat on a plate to dry- makes them easier to handle. Prepare mince and layer is in a dish with the leek sheets. I made a sauce to pour over the top from purried courgettes that had been lightly simmered with a few bay leaves. Could use a nut milk instead. Bake in the oven as necessary.

      • Flippin heck. SO frustrated! I am allergic to garlic too so I hope not on lots of other veg. Honestly, you try your best to eat good things…. Do you think it is used just by organic growers then, this spray, Caroline?

        Fab lasagna idea. I saw one too using large think rounds of sweet potatoes and other root veg which I thought might be nice. Like the courgette sauce idea. How would you do a nut milk one, do you think; I like the sound of that?

  11. Hello to any TGF bakers! Having recently aquired a grinder that grinds up linseed and pumpkin seed (YAY! thanks for the recommendation Micki!), I am keen to test a few of these almond flour recipes I find all over the place…. but my newest problem is this: anything biscuit-like seems to ALWAYS contain coconut oil or butter – what can I use instead to ‘soften-up’ olive oil/ grapeseed oil??? (I am allergic to coconut) Any ideas welcome!

    • Hi Becky, do you mean you can’t use olive or grapeseed oil? If you can, they would work. Or any nut or seed butter maybe. I see our US readers use palm shortening but I don’t really know what that is.

      • No, it’s just that everyone says they go really hard if you use just oil (they do!) and that chewy sort of cookie like texture is atained with butter, coconut butter, softened or nut butters… so wondered if there was a way to make that sort of texture instead of the rock-hard oil effect lol!?! Anyway, don’t know why I’m asking – would only be tempted to make them sweet- and that’s out now, eh?! Doh. Curry cookies it is then..!

      • Not so fast, Becky. You could use something that doesn’t feed candida like xylitols made from birch for example – a lot of wheat or corn derived so be careful but you can get birch-derived powder which is used to bake with :). Micki aka saviour…

      • Yes, thanks (oh saviour!), I read that in the document yesterday – had a quick search and found some on GD – are xylitol UK or Higher Nature ok? They don’t say whether Birch-derived…. Where do you get yours? I havn’t found it locally so would prob have to order from UK….
        I have always used grapeseed and olive oil in baking, as they are the only fats I use 🙂 Thanks for your help!

      • I am reliably informed that Higher Nature’s is derived from birch but do check the batch with them before you order. You can get it via natural Dispensary as normal but I would contact them and ask for the batch number and double-check with HN. I do that. Never had a problem but always best to check esp as you have to get it over to France. Try it first in a small amount as always.

    • Debbie Robinson

      You can def use grapeseed oil for baking, I have done in the past. Yes it’s an odd thing with the flour replacement. Yesterday I made a test birthday cake for my daughter…it was grain free but not dairy free (she is only trad GF), it looks like a massive dark brown yorkshire pudding it’s sunk so much in the middle :o!!! She laughed her head off although apparently it tastes yummy. It’s the very chocolately chocolate cake recipe from Honeybuns Gluten free baking book.

      Micki I was going to ask you, you mentioned replacing part nut flour with coconut flour, what’s the ratio? So say if I wanted to replace half of the almond flour with coconut flour is it like for like?

      I was also going to pass on their tip for using GF chocolate (I know we BPers aren’t allowed but when we are) they get if from and the brand is Callebaut and it comes in easimelt chips and all of their chocolate is properly GF (not like Green and Blacks). The dark is also dairy free but they give full details per product on a PDF of the contents etc very comprehensive!

      • Hi there, as you know I am not a natural baker so I usually guess or follow a recipe. I think it is a third coconut flour to replace nut flour but, as I say, I make it up so don’t trust me! I will look at that choccie link, thanks.

      • Just looked at that choc. I have looked at 4 different ones and they all say they may contain milk and all contain vanilla flavouring – do we know what that is…?

      • Debbie Robinson

        Aha didn’t know they had vanilla in them, I will check to see what that is. Will also ask about the milk. I guess that’s because they make the white and milk chocolate on the same line as the dark. Will get back to you on this one.

      • Debbie Robinson

        Have just checked again and even the dark dark choc says it may contain milk, lactose and soy so I guess that’s out anyway. Back to Kinnerton! It’s mainly for Piper and Stu really. I can’t eat choc so I guess I could get their pellets for them.

  12. Hi
    Suspect this type of spray would be used mainly by organic growers. Non organic would use a more lethal concoction to combat mildews rots etc.
    There are similar sprays available in the garden centres so if you grow your own veg be careful with the sprays you use- organic ones are very likely to contain citric acid and it most probably won’t say!

    trying to think of a way to thicken the nut sauce . I would simmer it first with a few bay leaves and section of a leek or onion and a few cloves and peppercorns. Would arrowroot work to thicken it or eggs? A little like a savoury egg custard? I can’t eat eggs so not sure on how that would taste!

    • Thanks, not liking the sound of these sprays :(. Re sauce, i reckon I will try pureed veg, nut cream (macadamia?) and arrowroot. Ooh, hungry!

  13. Debbie Robinson

    Hi all, hope you are all well. I was wondering what you all use to spice up your stirfries? The other night I used fish sauce instead of soy sauce but I think fish sauce may be bad too 😦 it is anchovy extract after all and I’d bet that the method of extraction may be alcohol? Don’t know really. But what do you all use? I did pop in a touch of chilli oil too for a bit of heat. Is a touch of chilli oil REALLY naughty or just a bit naughty? I also used chinese five spice which seemed okay. It was Barts and nothing nasty listed on ingredients so guess it should have been ok.

    • Hi Debbie!
      I use Ume Plum seasoning, as recommended by Micki quite a while back
      it’s really tasty, gives it a real lift and is very salty (VERY – don’t add salt ’til this is in! This from me, a salt-fiend!) And I just put loads of garlic and fresh ginger into things to give it a fresh punchy taste. I don’t use chili ever ’cause my auto immune reaction is RA so avoid anything inflammatory like the plague! A bit of really strong mustard to coat at the end maybe?
      Good news, I found some raw apple cider – NOT aged in wood- today!! (where I live, it’s hard to find ANYTHING!) Xylitol on the other hand would have set me back 15 euros here!!! Think I’ll order from UK then…! Hope you’re well and you’ve had a good start to the year! 🙂

      • We want some raw apple cider!!! Tee hee. Really must get that Ume Plum out of the cupboatd. I am going to try making egg fried rice with cauliflower rice and that instead of tamari. Gosh, we are inventive, aren;t we? Needs must.

    • I confess I use a tiddly bit of chilli here and there as I can’t have garlic. But I do use a lot of ginger. I fancy getting some galangal and lemongrass in too.

  14. Have you checked out Boja Booja, Debbie. I know it’s gluten, dairy and soy free.

    • Debbie Robinson

      Thanks Chrissie, yes I have bought some of them for Stu (he said they were yummy) but I wasn’t sure about the soya lecithin or the vanilla flavouring. I asked them about the vanilla. They do look nice though. Not sure if they just do plain chocolate.

  15. They sell cacao beans and cacao nibs which are simply cacao and nothing else. Dont know if this is what you are looking for or not though.

    • One word. Well two actually: cross-contamination. Be careful to check and double-check.

      • Oh, and let me know if you think they;re safe enough! You do know how easy it is to make your own, though don’t you? I can hear you groan but it does literally take minutes.

  16. You can spice up your stir fries using plain herbs like kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, ginger, turmeric root, chives etc – Grow some basil and coriander in a pot on your kitchen windowsill to chop fresh, wash and add. The kaffir lime and lemon grass can also be grown as house plants in a greenhouse/conservatory or sunny room. – I find that way of seasoning far safer than cooking with store bought mixes.
    Made a mash of celreiac and parsnip – works well on top of mince or with fish.

    • Agreed. I am citrus allergic and have steered clear of lemongrass up to now but actually i think its a different family…? Must check. Does anyone know?

      • I don’t think there is any relation – I have always been severely allergic to lemon so have looked this kind of thing up in the past – I’m sure it’s just a grass (herb or Gramineae family) – but note, so are grains lol!! Personally, I can’t go near anything that tastes or smells like lemon – I get an instant migraine, like the smell sets off a warning system in my body, really bizarre, but true!

      • A grass, yes, I suppose it is! Will have a go. Ta muchly 😉

    • I keep trying celeriac but I just can’t seem to like it :(. I tried turnip the other day though and that was nice.

      • I find both celeriac and turnip are nicer mixed with another veg. By turnip do you mean swede? I’m from Scotland and always call swede turnip! Swede/turnip very nice mashed with carrot.

      • No swede and turnip are completely different. Swede orangey and turnip is white. Both very nice!

      • I never used to be keen on celeriac – I tend to eat it now either grated (raw) on salad – usually a mix of finely grated celeriac, courgette and carrot or parsnip (all raw) – really good with a nice simple vinaigrette, or garlic dressing or balsamic if you can have it. Good with tuna or mackerel too!
        What I do is make up a big bowl of the above grated veg – dressing and all – and just take what I want fresh for my salad…I stick the rest in the fridge and then use it in various ways over the next two days. (it sort of cooks in it’s dressing and takes on the flavours) One use is to just fry it up really quickly for an easy lunch (chuck it in the frying pan with something else, preferably green) and eat it with crackers. The other thing I do quite often is to make a tart with it! Make a pastry case (pre-cook a bit) then add olive oil to the mix and season it…and simply fill the tart with it! Sprinkle lots of seeds or whatever you want on top and hey presto, a tasty tart (oooh!)
        Just thought of another thing I do with it – make a rosti, omelette or scrambled egg with it. (and add some olives, mmmmmmmm!) As you can tell, I have found ways of appreciating it – and now love it! But admittedly, I wouldn’t cook it as a classic root veg really.

      • Some lovely ideas there, thanks Becky. What vinegar are you using for your vinaigrette then – apple cider? What crackers?

        I am inspired to have another go, perhaps it’s because I am treating it like a standard root veg as you say then.

      • Well I now have the apple cider vinegar so will try with that (i have never been keen on the stuff in the past… :/ ) but I have been using a red wine vinegar that seems to be ok with me (I think the cheaper and les refined ones prob don’t always go into wood around here!)
        For the crackers, I eat my new creation: and also buckwheat crackers that I have never had a problem with regarding C.C:
        I highly recommend eating raw finely grated root veg – varies things a bit during winter time! And a good time saver for susequent easy meals…
        I have a glut of turnips at the mo so am looking for new ideas too!

      • Just had a peek at your blog – loving the TGF and BP recipes, well done! I have Pinned them for others to find.

      • wow thanks 🙂 You have some yummy looking things on there! I am always experimenting but don’t get time to write them up/ take pics or I lose the quantities that I scrawled down at the time….so the few things that make it on there are there by a small miracle! Thanks for giving us this online pinboard!

  17. I’m sure you’ve posted on how to make your own before Micki, but can you send a link please? I’m feeling inventive.

    • Check my guest chef recipe here for brazil nut choc: I am attempting to get my Pinterest boards up shortly and have loads of new recipes on there. Coming, coming…! Meantime, here’s the basic one I use:

      • …and have you made chocolate using xylitol? (…erm, purely theoretical question there, honest..!! 😀 ) they always cite agave/ sweet freedom/ sugar… but I think your recipe had no sweetner in atall…?

      • No, I haven’t yet. I was being a right stingy sugar meany there wasn’t I?! It’s the basic recipe. I use honey as the sweetener recommended in the barrier plan but you could use yacon, agave, coconut. In my book it says you can substitute xylitol crystals/powder for the same amount of sugar.

      • Debbie Robinson

        Oh yes I forgot about these. Mmm going to try and make some choccies then. How long will it last for in the tray/fridge? Or do I have to keep it frozen? Does it actually taste like chocolate? Is it actual chocolate?

        Sorry I realise I sound like a real numpty! 🙂

        Thanks for the stir fry tips too! Will endeavour to try and grow my own herbs more I think. I’ve got a herb book too…should use it. We have a herb trough outside but currently all full of snow!

      • Dear Numpty (not really!). This is proper chocolate as it should be. Not like the processed rubbish called chocolate. If you keep it under 37 degrees it is totally raw and is one of the highest antioxidant foods known to man. I keep mine in the fridge for a good week in a jar and keep the rest covered up in the freezer, adding to the jar when I want to. Do remember though it is a legume!!!

  18. Agreed! Carrot and swede or carrot and parsnip are delicious.

  19. I’m literally addicted to parsnip – I eat it almost everyday! Swed is good roasted dry with other veg. Turnips I am less keen on, though I eat them often with other veg – and if you can find more intereting varieties, it’s like a whole different veg! I get ‘Golden Globe’ turnips – much nicer than your classic white and purple ones 🙂

  20. Is xylitol safe for us? According to Wikipedia it can be extracted from berries, oats or mushrooms, but industrial production starts with xylan which is extracted from hardwoods or corncobs.

  21. I have remembered a few questions now! Hurray, must type quicker so I dont forget again…

    1. To keep candida at bay can I use oregano tablets rather than the oil under the tongue (it’s sooooo gross I can’t manage it – fine for mouthwash though – strange)
    2. How bad is it to not do some stuff organic? My local supermarket is waitrose and I shop there every week. Our shopping bill is pretty huge anyway as I get pretty much everything organic but I draw the line with a few things, leeks…seriously dont want to pay £2.50 per leek, grapes…never get organic grapes, melons…never get organic ones – they never have them. So I just wondered how everyone else works the organic thing? How bad is it to have a few things still not organic?

    Thanks…I’m sure there’s more in the noggin 🙂

    • look up the ‘dirty dozen’ lists Debbie – because some things require (!!!NOT) more pesticide or herbicide than others so are more of a heavy toxic load than others – for example, GRAPES! They are one of the most chemical crops going, along with apples, potatoes, peaches, strawberries…try to chose in function of likely chemical content! Also, look at where they come from – some countries are more chemical than others – France is the biggest agrichemical offender after the United States!!! Anyway, I hope you are not eating grapes NOW! It’s nearly february!! ;D teehee, as if you don’t have enough to consider lol! We try to buy just organic but are frankly poor and can’t make it to the end of the month most of the time – these medicines are expensive – but it’s the food bill that’s killing us! Much less availability and choice out here in the sticks of Provence. It’s frankly, quite crap comme situation! Still, at least we get beautiful sun to make up for all the other short comings!
      The oreganol – I can’t do it under the tongue so put the drops in a small amount of water and chuck it down my throat. I call it my ‘apperitif shot’, certainly makes your eyes water and clears the airways! I’m quite partial to it now! I use teatree for the mouthwash….

      • I do the same with the oil, Becky, and swill it right down with more water, although you can use the oregano caps – but remember about caps if you are sensitive; that why I chose the oil! And agree with your advice on checking the Dirty Dozen lists. No-one can afford wholly organic! Put ‘Dirty Dozen’ into the search box on here or the Purehealth site and the list should come up.

  22. While organic is less likely to be sprayed they can still be treated with natural pesticides often containing citric acid – so the Dirty dozen list seems a good way to go as does eating veg in season. I’m going on a natural forgaing course in a couple of weeks – hoping that may help increase my food supply- and for free! Dandelion and nettle soup here I come!

    • oooh, yes, that sounds great! There are lots of winter salad type leaves around! (You are lucky to have those lovely nettles growing all over the place in wet UK!) Remember – nettle tea is a great preparation for the garden too if you grow your own veg – ‘liquid fertiliser’, feeds them like nothing else!

  23. Debbie Robinson

    Hi all thanks for comments. I hadn’t really considered only eating fruit and veg in season and to be honest I’m not sure that’s practical. I’d only be eating apples now if I did! I have a mixture of fruit including grapes in my fruit salad every morning and would really miss it otherwise. I think I’ll just stick to the dirty dozen as a guide and get organic where possible. As for the oregano I will do the water wash down method I think and go back to using tea tree oil as a mouthwash as I much prefer it. Thanks! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Apples, kiwis, pears, citrus fruits (if you can have them), passion fruit, pomegranates , dates, (I must admit Debbie, we just eat apples and pears constantly at the mo! Just try to vary it by making compotes aswell – add vanilla or spice to sweeten). There is a lot to be said for seasonal (and local) eating though – the earth produces what your body needs at each time of year…and locally grown stuff provides you with the right bacterias etc to deal with your immediate local environment! (I know, I’m being irritating, but it’s true!) Your body would thank you for it! (SHUT-UP BECKY! WE DON’T WANNA HEAR IT!!) 😀 hahaha…

  24. Okay okay I hear ya!! 😉 I will look into our local fruit/veg delivery service again then. I used to use it a while ago but was banned as Stu thought it was too expensive. I will give them another nudge and see. This is who have used in the past

    • I was just looking at using them, Debbie. Do you recommend them – they seem to allow you have plenty of ‘dislikes’ and you can change the order?

  25. You are taking sense BTW Becky and I do appreciate your advice 🙂

    • 😀 hehe, am used to being the person people are fed up of hearing from about healthy food etc! Feel like I go on about things – but hey, managed to get my parents and neice over to goats milk instead of cows recently (EVEN in tea!) so it does pay off in the end – even got thanked for it! ;D You can, of course, do as you like though eh?!! And it IS extortionate to eat exactly as we would like to…you can only do what you can do 🙂

  26. Does anyone use Marigold’s Nutritional Yeast? Just looking at it and wondering whether to give it a try. How do you use it?

  27. Yes they do and they are very good. I’ve just ordered a veg box a fruit box and a juicing box. May have gone overboard but they allude you to change it any time so you can tweak it to get it right.

    • Ok, ta. Had my first fish order this week from Cornwall. Wild seabass for tea last night: expensive but delicious for a treat! Next stop: sort the veg and fruit.

      • I use riverford organics for my fruit and veg. They had the best individual choice when I looked at all the internet organic sites available – so not restricted to the box system. Not sure if they deliver nationwide though.
        Had some fresh steamed seaweed this morning – from – not quite sure what to make of it but it is supposedly full of vits and minerals so must be doing me good. I haven’t got on well with taking supplements so figured this may be the best line of action on boosting mineral and vit levels.

      • That’s useful to know, thanks Caroline. I thought that they looked to have better non-box choices, yes. Do you have a weekly delivery then?

        Good thinking re seaweed – I can’t seem to do seaweed though, makes me mega-depressed and gets my gut. S’pose it must follow on from the carageenan. Nutrients was why I was looking at the yeast flakes for the B vits.

  28. Yes Riverford deliver once a week. They are good with the packaging as well- produce either come in brown bags/ small cardboard boxes that can be recycled at home or clear bags that they will take back when the deliver the next time- or some of the big items – celeriac, butternut squash come loose.
    Where did you buy your fish from- I ordered online last week and am still waiting- seemingly the bad weather has meant poor catches so continue waiting. Had hoped to stock the freezer up a bit but maybe I was toooooooo ambitious!

    • Ta for that. I am trying in Cornwall after extensively quizzing them, of course, poor things. So far, so good. Beautiful crab (brown and white) and I made sweet potato and coriander crab cakes for tea and 16 for the freezer last night 🙂 Hence all the crab cake recipes I put on the Pinterest boards at the weekend as I was searching. In the end, though, I made it up with what I had in! Who are you using?

  29. Debbie Robinson

    Does anyone get along with an off the shelf fruit juice? I need a juice that I can take my supps with and am trying to stay off the citrus fruits. We have been juicing our own up to now but mostly orange juice. Also with regards to eating seasonal I’m assuming that isn’t restricted to eating local produce otherwise I’d never see a banana or blueberries to mention but a few 😦 Thanks

    • Yes, when I’m back in England, there is an apple juice you can get from sainsbury’s (own) So Organic (?) something like that – with no acetic or citric acid or whatever – just cloudy apple juice 100%. Was fine for me…

  30. And Ocean Spray Cranberry juice is simply water, cranberries, sugar and vitamin C, although you may want to check out the vitamin C.

    • can anyone shed any light on the whole ascetic acid and vitamin C thing? Because I have noticed on packaging “vitamin c (ascorbic acid)” or “Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)” as if they are the same thing – but they are apparently not really…!

      • Acetic acid is not Vit C, it is the main ingredient in vinegar but potentially comes from corn. Ascorbic acid Vit C, whatever it’s called, has the potential of coming from corn. If it says ascorbic acid or Vit C, check or avoid. See your corn allergen list in the Barrier Plan, both are on it. Hope that helps.

    • I doubt the Vit C is OK, Chrissie, careful! I use Sainsbury’s own pineapple juice. There were some M&S ones but I think they have changed now. I haven’t found an apple juice, Becky, I will have another look as that would be nice. Just looked and it says: Organic Apple Juice from Concentrate with Non-Organic Aromas what the heck does that mean?!!

  31. Both sound good and I will try them – thank you 🙂

    Not sure if any of you suffer from scalp Psoriasis but I do, not too badly and it really fluctuates. In the past it has always been worse during periods or times of stress so is definately effected by stress levels. Normally I just cope with it until it goes away but it’s pretty bad at the moment. Any one know of any decent treatments? I used to use Betnovate but that’s a steriod so would rather avoid that if possible.

    I know that it’s auto immune and much like gluten intolerence if you have the genes and the trigger then we’re off! So it will never go away completely and I’m hoping that the BP will help it out too. My daughter has the genes and my dad did also.

    Shame we can’t remove these genes isn’t it really!

  32. Debbie Robinson

    Ooh ooh very excited. Just found out that Sheepdrove is pretty close to me at work so I thought I’d get a few things off them to try out (have been ordering from Green Pastures Farms). Then the lady I spoke to said about sausages!!! So I’m having lamb and rosemary sausages in lamb innerds!! Seriously I’m v excited, it’s been a while since I’ve had a sausage…so to speak 😉

  33. I get scalp psoriasis when i have had gluten going into me for awhile. This can be from ingesting or inhaling. These days it is generally from inhaling — mucking out horses using a grass bedding but it was processed in the same place as straw wheat bedding so cross contaminated enough to cause a reaction – Recently switched to hemp and it seems better. Just finished shifting about 10 tonnes of spent mushroom compost ( I’m a gardener by trade) – It is a mixture of straw and horse muck. The compost was very wet so I didn’t think it would be too much of a problem.I tried to keep a scarf round my mouth and nose- still managed to inhale it and have a reaction. Dust from giving the dogs dry feed is a problem- and so the list goes on. While eating is the major cause of gluten reactions, inhaling for me isn’t far behind! Just be cautious that you have knocked all the gluten out and it isn’t something you are doing round period time that is causing gluten contamination. Never amazes me what silly little habit you do that suddenly has a gluten twist to it.
    Hope you get the problem sorted one way or another. From one who once left a trail of skin where ever I went due to psoriasis from head to foot- It vansihed without an explanation and left the dermitologist speechless – It was at the start of many plroblems all I suspect gluten related.
    Hope that gives you some hope.

    • Debbie Robinson

      Hi Caroline thanks for your reply. I am keeping a watchful eye on what I consume and I’m pretty strict. I’m sure I’m not eating anything that has gluten in but I will be more vigilent! Mine is pretty mild I think, I have irritable red spot on my scalp but not all my over scalp by any means and it’s a bit flaky and dry. I manage to not itch it but I am aware that it seems to come and go and even prior to the whole gluten enlightenment I would always get it worse at the time of the month. My shampoo and conditioner have xantham gum and tocophorol in them but I can’t find and shampoos that don’t. The are handmade naturals and I seem to get on with those the best and have been using them for a while. Thanks for your advice though. I can’t imagine shifting 10 tonnes of compost! That sounds like very hard work! WHat about one those masks that the Japanese cyclists wear in traffic? 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing that caroline and so glad it is much better but a pain in the proverbial about the inhalation. What made it ‘vanish’ then – did you mean the gluten was causing it and it went when you knocked that out? Also, what did you mean about doing things ‘around period time’? Did you mean just because we go a bit mad and less careful then 😉

  34. When I had psoriasis all from head to foot – about 25 years ago it wasn’t associated with gluten and I had no idea of gluten intolerance. I didn’t chseemingly change my diet but I did change my life and was determined to beat it. I started regular exercise classes and eating as healthy as I possibly could. It vanished over night so perhaps I knocked out a bit of gluten with out knowing. I have also read -I think it was in the dangerous grains book – that symptoms of gluten intolerance initially can come and go – another reason why it is so often mis diagnosed. So perhaps my symptoms just went into a quiet phase.
    IWhat I meant about doing things differently around period time was is there some little pampering event– a soak in a hot bubbly bath, or do you use perfumed sanitary products that could cause a little surge in gluten inhalation/ absorption? It is so easy to focus on only the edible side of the gluten problem and forget about the inhaling, absorption side. It can be a bit overwhelming to think of all the possible ways gluten can get into our bodies – oral, nasal, skin, eyes, wounds Or am I being melodramatic?
    Fish order coming tomorrow from the he assures me all is totally fresh – quite exciting to get a good variety compared with the local fishmonger/supermarket.

    • Ah, I see. Good point about dong things differently around your period too – you started me thinking about these flippin migraines every month on day 2. Could it be the sanitary products – quite possibly as I see it is very common to have corn in them. Flippin ‘eck!!! I shall be finding out more and reporting back.

      Hope you enjoy your fish. Mine from fishforthought is delish 🙂

  35. On the juice front I’ve been having sainsburys pineapple juice and that seems fine 🙂 We also got the SO apple juice but it said NOT made from concentrate and had ascobic acid in it. Ascprbic acid is a no no isn’t it? Anyway, I didn’t drink it I gave it to the kids 🙂

    With regards to eating seasonal, we’ve had our box this week and all looks yummy but what about eating fruit that is seasonal elsewhere? There’s a whole abundance of fruit that doesn’t grow in this country but surely that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat it? Bananas, blueberries, melon, pineapple etc etc If they are organic but grown in another country is that alright? If it’s grown as organic then does that mean it’s in season (otherwise it wouldn’t grow withour chemical assistance?)

    Such a learning curve!

    Thanks, hope everyone is well 🙂

  36. Micki – your muffin recipe – are they supposed to stay so moist inside? Can’t seem to get them to cook through!?! How are yours after 20 mins? Do they set as they stand? Sorry! Maybe it’s the fact that I used seed flour and linseed egg replacer instead of egg…?

    • Maybe. Just cook em a bit more until they feel springy to touch. I find they firm up as they cool too. As long as the skewer comes out clean, they’re usually done. It does vary a bit with the ingredients and even the nuts you use.

  37. Hi all, I’ve been eating this as of late and wondering if it’s good/bad/ok to do so. Ingredients are ginger and cane sugar 55%/45%. I used to be a big sweetie eater and obviously now am not at all but this does hit the spot. I dont eat more than a packet a week mind you!

    • I have got some crystallised ginger in my cupboard I have yet to try as I fancy it! Looks OK but check and double check especially if they use anything during processing like a flow aid to stop the ginger sticking. I don’t know how the actual ginger sweet is made. What makes it into shapes/cubes, is there a gel thickener used eg xanthan? Doubt it but those are the things to check out. Good luck and let us all know. Oh, and you knew I would say this: sugar is NOT good for your immune system especially, so in moderation!

  38. Debbie Robinson

    BOOJA BOOJA BOOJA BOOJA – they are legends!

    Had my first Booja Booja Hazlenut Truffle today and it was soooooo scrummy. They have just started making their truffles with NO SOYA. They have also confirmed that the vanilla extract they use contains no alcohol. So I think they are safe (Micki?) except for the cocoa beans of course but hey…win some lose some and in the world of chocolate desire such as I am in currently an itch is scratched 🙂 🙂

    • Yes, choccie is TGF safe if not barrier diet safe. They look fine – although I see they still list soya on their website ingredients; I assume they are using sunflower then, do you know? Look OK for TGF as long as not cross-contaminated which there is a risk of in any factory of course. Fingers crossed for you.

  39. Debbie Robinson

    Yes they said that because their older products are still on the shelves they have ti wait until they are all gone before they change it on the website. So you do have to check the boxes to make sure you have the right one. Ingredients say: Chocolate (cocoa solids, vanilla (no alcohol), cane sugar), hazelnuts, coconut oil, cocoa powder – all organic. Doesn’t say anything about sunflower oil. They say their factory doesn’t handle dairy but not sure about the gluten. I could check on this and the sunflower oil.

  40. Debbie Robinson

    Micki, do you have a recipe for choccie muffins? I was just reading an older post on lectins and chocolate.

  41. Debbie Robinson

    Hi all, I just thought I’d look into how bad/good grapeseed oil is for you because I use it in everything, frying, baking, cooking sweet potato wedges in the oven (and I eat a lot of those). I know we had that good article a way back about oils but I have since found this one so looks like I’m stuck with using coconut oil/butter for everything!!! This is going to be both expensive and weird as although the butter doesn’t taste the oil certainly does – everything will end up tasting of coconut…:( Thoughts anyone?

    • What’s wrong with using olive oil??? Never cook with a nut or seed oil as it breaks down into trans fats. On salads and cold/warmed, great for you. Cooked at high heat, bad for you. Butter is dairy, not on TGF diet, preferably..

  42. Debbie Robinson

    Apparently olive oil should never be used hot cos of the oxidation or something.

    • Nope: olive oil is one of the most stable oils to cook with as it doesn’t break down as easily as the nut and seed oils. Butter is very stable to but is dairy of course.

    • Well poo to all that!!! I can only have olive oil and grapeseed oil!! Which is worse hot?? The grapeseed oil? Maaan, where does it end…?! Lol 😀 Argh! I mst say though, it’s pretty easy to use less oil and add a little water to it – means it’s more ‘wet’ than ‘dry’ when cooking aswell, which is supposed to be better for us n’est ce pas?

  43. Hmm I’m sure even that other fats article we read a while back also said that cooking with olive oil was bad. I’ll check I may be spreading rumours!!

  44. michelle myler

    I stumbled up on this thread.and am not sure where to begin looking into this. I can not tolerate any gluten containing foods, or corn, dairy, avocado and there is a preservative that bothers me. Lately it seems that if I am not eating pure vegetables and fruits that I prepared I am having gut reactions. I am so blue about it because my stomach was so good for so long avoiding the dairy and gluten. My Mom has diagnosed celiac disease and i most likely do too (I apparently can not be tested because I have not eaten gluten in years). These allergies began at 8 months old. I am certain a lot of other foods bother me too. I used to be able to tolerate gin and other hard alcohols and even goat cheese but now they all bother me. Can someone explain what this website is about? I really need to get my stomach strong again, although I know gluten is out of the realm of possibility.


    • Hi Michelle, sorry to hear of your struggles. First point is that you can indeed test gor gluten sensitivity via the gene test, although not for coeliac using the standard tests as you do have to have gluten in your system for that – that’s precisely why I offer the gene one. That said, it looks like you already know you are gluten sensitive. If you are not getting well on a traditional GF diet, then this webiste is all about how some gluten-sensitives are sensitive to other or all types of gluten in grains, not just the gliadin ones we are told to avoid in the trad GF diet. I meet many people this is a problem for.

      Sit down with a cuppa (green tea?) and read the website right from the start and then consider doing the TGF diet or, even better, the Barrier Plan, to give yourself the best chance of stopping the encroaching sensitivity. See the Gluten treatment page for your options.

      Hope that helps – don’t despair, we are all going through it here with you 🙂

  45. Has anyone ever tried Konjac Shirataki noodles? My local supermarché is suddenly stocking them! So have bought a pack…any suggestions/ comments? Konjac is a type of yam apparently ‘elephant yam’…so should be ok for us no?

    • How funny FB, I have two packets sitting on my kitchen worktop staring at me! It is glucomannan fibre so is grain free. Apparently they are tasteless and you need to put plenty of flavour with them. I haven’t dared yet – too much going on with mouth to flare myself up for the sake of noodles just now 😉 Do tell how you get on. Look up Miracle Noodles on google and I think they are the same thing. Happy slurping.

      • Ah, I had wondered about the miracle noodles in the past! I think I might just fry them up with plenty garlic and ginger and some carrot and courgette strips or something like that. I think hubby’d love that too! (will make for mega easy cooking too yay!) God, am SO bored at the moment food-wise! Sorry to hear about your mouth – I too have got painful teeth/gums at the moment :/ can’t seem to clear it up before it comes back – makes for painful chewing! Have you found anything in particular aggrovates it? Was thinking it may be a sulphur reaction, as has co-incided a couple of times with me drinking wine while had guests over (I normally don’t drink wine anymore)… but havn’t drunk anymore for about a week now and still flaring up :/ ….

      • Hi – I know what you mean, FB, about being bored. It makes it especially bad when you need to have soft foods, doesn’t it?! I have been blitzing avocado and banana and having that like a little bowl of mousse – is delish. The difficulty is that we want to try new foods to increase variety but it’s always a risk so you spend half you time worrying about trying stuff, trying and dreading the reaction, then wither suffering the reaction or feeling heady with relief that nothing happened! Or that’s how I feel most if the time anyway. To feel truly well, I spend a few weeks just sticking to what I know I am OK with and then you get back to the feeling bored stage!

        Mouth: haven’t sussed what sets it off yet. I think any kind of reaction and it flares mildly but what kicks off the bad ones I have no idea. I have just tested positive for mercury so I need to offset that next as it can’t be helping.

      • I ate them! No nasty effects so far…! I must say, it made a change – but they are not the most remarkable food in the world lol! Just a change for hard-up-for-variety people like ourselves! May just buy them occasionally for a change of texture. They are quite firm noodles – you can tell they are vegetal, not flour based. Next time I eat them, I’ll take a knife to them before cooking them – to reduce the length – they’re a bit rubbery and when eating them you can’t really bite through them…and end up having to swallow a whole bundle more than intended iykwim! Didn’t really make me feel like they were pasta substitute – but then, nothing ever has! I had buckwheat pasta once and it was awful!! Am sure fresh buckwheat pasta is nice, but not the dried stuff. Not brave enough to attempt making fresh at the moment.
        I am however about to try this:
        SO BORED that despite my lacking energy/ ethusiasm, am forcing myself to experiment…

      • Well done Becky! I admire your bravery. I have to say that I know exactly what you mean when you say you are bored with your restricted diet. I’m going through a similar phase so can sympathise.

        Made a fish pie for supper today but the white sauce was the devil to get right again. It turned out OK in the end, but only OK! I ended up using olive oil, arrowroot, almond milk and some herbs. Can’t use butter, can’t use flour, can’t use cows milk which is how I would normally make a white sauce.

        Pleeaase! Has anyone got a fail proof recipe for a white sauce which is gluten, dairy and soy free?

        Sent from my iPad

      • Hey Chrissie- don’t feel too bad, I can’t even do the almond milk! How about the cashew/other nut gravy/sauce thing on the Pinterest grain free basics board: Would that work? I love fish pie! What do you use as topping instead of potatoes?

      • Ha, that doesn’t much make me want to try them FB! Although good tip about cutting them before cooking. That cauliflower crust looks nice – have pinned it for others. Don;t forget there are LOADS of innovative ideas on the Pinterest boards. What would you use instead of tomato though – pureed aubergine maybe?

      • …well if you can use goat’s milk, just use that – MUCH tastier than cow’s milk… if not, I don’t know – I don’t make sauces really anymore! What I do use when making a ‘curry’, is a bit of buckwheat flour, ground linseed and mustard and sometimes a bit of pumpkin seed milk (but that’s pretty thin!)…can you have hemp or almond or quinoa milk? linseed and chia seeds thicken stuff up a bit but tends to go jellified if you use too much! Arrow root would thicken up a sauce if made with ‘thin’ milks…
        But I too make fish pie – without white sauce – and it’s delicious! Will have to post my little recipe when I get a minute…watch this space! VEry simple but delish! 🙂

      • Coconut milk with arrowroot I usually use in curries, or I just add in some ground nuts to thicken. Tastes like a korma then 🙂

      • Cauliflower crust “pizza”: Instead of tomato sauce… either tapenade or might finally get round to trying puréed carrotts – everyone always says it’s a good tommy sauce substit, but I never ever get round to trying it out! Have you tried it? Any tips?
        I quite often make buckwheat pastry, roll it out and cook in the oven with tapenade spread over it – and maybe a few thin slices o’ courgette…or onion strips that have been tossed in olive oil…

      • I love tapenade but have so far drawn a blank on plain olives, must look harder as that is a good idea. No, not tried carrots but can see that would work as would any sweetish root veg then. I like the idea of the thin ‘pizza’ although i don;t use any flour substitutes at all, bar nuts. Perhaps I should try. Good tips, FB, thank you 🙂

      • Well, to be fair, I think the recipe only actually asks for 1 tablespoon of ‘flour’ – and I think they used coconut flour, which I think you can still have…
        Yes, pretty easy for us to find plain olives given the region we live in! In england they’re quite expensive if you buy them in just olive oil, I know! We use black salt-cured olives – they’re not even in oil. To make tapenade, you don’t need all that extra stuff (anchovies etc) just mush ’em up with a bit more olive oil and if you fancy it, some garlic or onions or something. Or just herbs 😀 Herbs are a life-saver, eh?!
        Go for it with the cauliflower crust anyway! Let’s all give it a bash eh?! We’ll have a photo competition lol! Apparently, it doesn’t hold together that well but still tastes great! (but then we’re all used to that kind of compromise eh?!) 😉

      • Thanks Becky, you’ll have to start supplying us with olives! Herbs are indeed a lifesaver, especially when you can’t do onions or garlic. I have just planted a raised bed with a load so I can snip some whenever I am cooking. Is lovely. We just need some sun now please!!

  46. for WEAVERWEB:
    Mackerel spread:
    Pumpkin seed spread:
    they’re extremely simple – not very original but I make these all the time. Sometimes, the simpler, the better eh!

  47. Thanks Becky! I.shall look up the white sauce you’ve posted, but will equally look forward to seeing your fish pie recipe if you get time to post.
    I have thought I could make mine without the sauce but chickened out thinking it might be a tad dry! I shall have to experiment….

  48. WOW! I made a CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!
    I did, I did!
    And no, I can’t calm down – it’s A CAKE! And it’s CHOCOLATE! And it tastes GOOOOOOD!
    Here’s a link to how:

    It’s been an ongoing experiment that got abandoned a while ago because I was sick of the disappointment! It’s a coming together of ideas taken from an old vegan cake recipe that my friend made chez-moi, back in 2008, a classic brownie recipe and my own seed bun experiments (and other flour mix ratio experiments!) Let me know if it works for you! I am so scared to try it again in case it doesn’t work haha! 😉

    • Well done, Becky, looks delish and I have pinned it onto TGF Baking for others too. Enjoy! I am going to have a go at chocolate again soon since I am over the 2 years TGF mark now. I deserve some treats!

      • Good for you! Seeing as I’ve been on hte strictest diet for over two years with constant obstacles stopping getting onto full TGF, I’m not cutting out legumes until I am fully on it! So beans n cocoa still on my menu…hopefully not for long though…

      • A viable choice, FB, some people don’t come off the legumes – it is always up to the individual, all I can do is present my opinions based on the research and clinical/personal experience.

      • Yeah, I mean I’m not ignoring that advice – I do agree with it – but for the moment, beans n lentils are a life-saver money-wise too! If I had JUST veg n fruit, we’d be in even more financial trouble! It’s a hard call – but as I said, I will def come off them when get to the full barrier plan…suppose that could be soon…enjoy your choccies (btw, that plamil is not only safe, but delicious!! Thanks for the tip!) 😛

  49. happy2Bgrainfree

    Hi everyone 🙂 has anyone been brave enough to try wild rice yet and if so could you recommend the brand please? Thanks..

    • Hi – I don’t eat it myself. Don’t know why! perhaps cos it looks too grainy! can anyone else help – which brand have you found OK?

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