TGF Books

Gluten Plan 3DAs well as the full Gluten Plan, I have been beavering away to produce several additional resources that should help you.

These are TrulyGlutenFree safe, detailed protocols for you based on what I found has worked in practice best over the years. So far, we have the:

Adrenals TGF 3DTGF Adrenal Plan for adrenal fatigue

Based on the clinic protocol I’ve used for over a decade, this 135 page ebook includes:

  • how to recognise an adrenal problem
  • which are the best tests
  • how to interpret results
  • the link with thyroid and other hormones
  • the main causes of adrenal stress and what to do about them plus
  • full detailed adrenal recovery lifestyle, diet and TGF safe supplement protocols including lowering and raising cortisol, DHEA and SI

Candida Plan 3DTGF Candida Plan for anyone who suspects gut nasties

How to test and treat candida, this 60 page ebook is based on the 12 week clinic protocol I have used for patients for over a decade, and it has rarely ever let me down. 

Includes the best candida tests, candida diet, detailed and product-specific supplement TGF safe protocol, relapse and therapy failure checklist, hygiene guidelines to avoid re-infection, full product guide and how to get support.  

TGF Supplements 3DTGF Supplements Master List, for a full product-specific list of grain and dairy free supplements, now FREE

This report outlines why finding truly grain free supplements is necessary and so hard!  I give you the results of months of painstaking questioning of suppliers and list suitable products from three main companies (1 UK, 2 US, all available internationally) plus loads of others I – and some of you – have found to be safe over the past few months. 

I have detailed the ingredients to be most wary of and shown you how to question suppliers effectively yourself. I discuss the issue of cross-contamination and capsule shells and provide a suggested wellbeing prescription and add-ons, say, for anxiety, gut healing, inflammation, digestive support etc. This also includes free updates. 

TGF Breakfasts 3DTGF Breakfasts, 25 yummy grain and dairy free recipes

Grain and dairy free breakfast (or any time of day) options for you, plus tons of tips, food and kitchen notes to make life as simple, quick and convenient as possible. 

TGF Detox 3DTGF Detox, a grain and dairy free bowel and liver cleanse.

Detailed TGF safe supplement plan. Often useful as a foundational cleanse before healing.

Plenty to go at there, I think! I’m currently working on a new TGF Food Master List and another on TGF Toiletries. These take time to research, as you can imagine, so bear with me; I will continue beavering for you.

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