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supplements icon I have spent months researching which supplements, foods and toiletries are trulyglutenfree ie. grain and dairy free. The supplements has been the toughest part by far of setting up the TGF site – you wouldn’t believe the difficulties with what manufacturers say – and just don’t know – about their own products! This is an ongoing task that I probably work on every day.


Why Do You Need TrulyGlutenFree Supplements?

First, you can read an article I wrote here on the subject, which will set out the issue for you.

Grain and Corn Free Supplements: A Nightmare

Most supplements, even if they state they are gluten free, are anything but since all grains contain a form of gluten. Some gluten-sensitive people will react to all glutens, not just to the gliadin in wheat, rye and barley. I find, clinically, this is happening more and more.

When a supplement says it is ‘gluten free’ it means it is free from one gluten fraction called 33-mer gliadin rather than actual gluten, and even then it can contain up to 20ppm in line with current coeliac regulations. Myself and many of my patients and readers of the TrulyGlutenFree blog react to the very supplements they need to get well simply because they still contain enough grain which cross-reacts with gluten to make them ill. Those supplements can then cause symptoms and prevent healing. It’s a vicious circle.

As an example, look at corn. 

Many supplements contain ingredients made directly from corn – would you know that pretty much all Vitamin C is made from corn? – and even more use corn as a starting material but then state they are ‘corn free’ on the label – citrate minerals and digestive enzymes for example.

Corn doesn’t have to be included on labels in most countries because it is not yet classed as an allergen that has to be labelled. Happily, some companies label it anyway, but very few would ever label an ingredient that used corn in processing to make the final ingredient, and therein lies the problem. What ‘corn free’ means is that the company has tested it to contain no corn protein antigen, but what about the starches or other elements? It is enough for people to react to if corn-sensitive. The manufacturer would say ‘there is none left in the finished product’ which is undoubtedly true if you take that to mean corn protein antigen. But our bodies react anyway; mine certainly does and, from clinical experience, so can yours!

After I realised what was going on, the task to find truly gluten, grain free supplements began. Little did I know how hard this would turn out to be! The result is a master list of what we have found so far. If you are gluten-sensitive and want to heal, please do not underestimate the damage that can be caused by continuing to take in even tiny amounts: we know that ever-decreasing amounts can trigger more and more severe immune and inflammatory reactions so don’t make the mistake I did for years of merrily giving yourself a gluten dose in the guise of getting yourself well.

Grain and dairy free supplements coverThe TrulyGlutenFree Supplements Master List  (now free!!!) gives you the list of TGF-safe supplements found so far (US and UK companies, all available internationally) and, importantly, teaches you how to recognise the problem ingredients as well as how to question suppliers yourself effectively. It also includes a TGF-safe wellbeing protocol to boost your nutrients again and suggests add-ons for specific conditions.




Getting Supplies

I have listed my top trusted suppliers here.

OK, hope that all helps. Get the right supplements and use the legwork I’ve already done.

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