Having Tests Done

test iconAccess Over 100 Lab Tests

We can arrange over 100 lab tests to get an insight into how your body is working.

This could be anything from testing to see if you have a candida problem, looking for food allergies, how your adrenals, thyroid or hormones are doing, even if your liver is detoxifying chemicals effectively. We use only the best specialist labs in the UK, Germany and the US. Bear in mind, we can do literally thousands of tests.

If you can’t find what you need on the shop, just ask and we are bound to have access to one through one of the (currently 17) different labs we work with.

 Below is a short introduction to testing services but please do read the full Test FAQ and the relevant test pages on the shop site where I have answered as many questions as I can for you.

Getting Tests Done


Ordering Your Test

You order whatever test you need, or contact us to discuss which would be most appropriate for you if you’re unsure. Better to save time and money to get the right answers! You do not need any doctor’s referral. The test kit, lab analysis and results email etc are included in your test price.

We order your test for you and send a test instructions email so you know we are on it. Test kits are sent from Purehealth or direct from the lab to your address.

You read and complete the test carefully, providing either blood, saliva, stool or urine samples.

Note: if you live in Europe, we can normally do most tests for you. Genova and another couple of labs don’t charge any extra postage to get the kit to you. Other labs do, so there can be an extra charge, usually around £5. I normally advise if that is the case and invoice you by Paypal.


Getting Blood Samples Taken

You will need to have blood taken at a local phlebotomy service of your choice; that’s usually at your local GP surgery, hospital or local private medical centre eg. Nuffield. There are also freelance phlebotomists and local services around the country so check Yell.com etc. There is usually a charge for phlebotomy so bear that in mind. Most pathology labs have the names of freelance phlebotomists who can come to you instead if they don’t do it.

Here is one list of phlebotomy services if you are in London. Medical Assistance UK do more geographical areas: here is their general leaflet and prices. Noviche also offers more coverage – see their list of postcodes and info here.

When you have made your phlebotomy appointment, simply take the whole test kit in with you, say you are having a private test done via a medical nutritionist, hand them the kit which will include instructions for what sample needs taking etc and they will do the rest. You will then be given the sample back and can send it back to the lab in your packaging.

Please read the full Test FAQ for more on this subject.


Returning Your Test Samples

Once you have your samples ready, you return it to the relevant lab in the special packaging provided. It does not come to us at Purehealth so no sending us stool samples please!

Generally-speaking, for most tests, your samples go back to a UK lab who courier it overnight to wherever it is being processed. Many are done in the UK, but some are sent on to other countries.

If you are outside the UK, your samples usually need to be couriered back to the UK lab for onward processing. The courier packs included in kits are usually UK mainland only so you will need to organise a courier return. Sometimes, if the test is being done in Germany or the US, it can be quicker to send the results to the labs direct – I will advise.

Note that Royal Mail in the UK changed their shipping of biological samples rules in July 13, and now it is best to use a courier to ship your samples back to the lab either here in the UK or abroad. The labs will provide the correct packaging and sometimes even the courier service (chargeable). I will provide further details in your instructions email and you can read the new Royal Mail leaflet here – the section on Biological Substances.

Couriering samples abroad can be expensive. Thankfully, most of our labs do that for you and we have just a few that have to go back to the US by courier (eg. gluten gene test, Neuroscience Neurotransmitter tests and Food Intolerance IgA/G/M tests mainly) so do please think about that and check you can courier it if necessary before you order.


 Getting Your Test Results

Results are usually sent direct to the clinic from the labs for analysis within 7-10 days. Some can take longer.

We then contact you with your results by emailWe will send the full lab report/analysis that we receive to you and a quick summary of the results in your email.

You can then use the results as you see fit, discuss them with your chosen health professional/GP and/or request a Test Report from us.

Test Reports

This is an emailed document giving you our analysis and recommendations. This can be ordered at any time after you have received your results. You can also request a Test Report for a test we haven’t conducted, say, if you need some insight or a second opinion.

It can be very useful to help you gain an understanding of the issue before seeing your health professional and give you ideas to discuss with them.

What’s Included In a Test Report?

In reality, they all vary depending on what tests have been done.

I always include


  • results analysis (what the results mean officially)
  • my general opinion on what the results might suggest based on experience
  • recommendations on what to do about them
  • specific product suggestions with dosages/protocols I have used successfully in-clinic over the years. 


Sometimes, I will direct you to a treatment plan I or someone else has written and give you some pointers on how to use it best.

If you order a test report and I think you are just going to be referred to follow a specific plan I’ve already done, I might ask if you want to just download the plan and forget the report. I’m nothing if not honest!

The maximum number of tests I include is a report is usually three. However, some of the big humdinger tests like Metabolic Analysis or Spectracell etc are a test report (and sometimes two) all on their own! Even some of the smaller tests like Anaemia can take a long time if they come back with everything wrong!

If in doubt, just order one test report and say what you want included. If I think it is likely to be more than one test report, or the results come in and I can see it is going to take a lot longer than usual, I’ll email you before I do it and ask you to pay for another or simply charge you for the extra time taken by Paypal invoice. It doesn’t happen very often but I like to cover my back!

You can get a Test Report here.

Find A Test

All the tests are listed on the Purehealth Shop with full details and instructions. Click to go there and look for what you need or contact us for help if needed. I am slowly updating them when I have a spare minute (ha!).

Don’t forget, too, to look at the Plans and A-Z Health Conditions sections on my main clinic site at Purehealth which will give you some ideas of relevant tests.


Symptom Analysis

If you’re not at the stage of knowing what to test for yet, The Analyst service might be a good place to start.

This is an excellent, brilliant value naturopathic online diagnostic service that can help give you an insight into what may be going on and help identify what needs to be looked into more carefully maybe. It is extremely comprehensive and we offer an Analyst Report if you need help pulling out the main issues and where to start with what has come up.

Read more about the Analyst service here. 


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    I’ve been charged £423 for a Cyrex array 10 how comes you are so much cheaper

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