Gluten Plan Reviews

smileyAw shucks, lump in throat time…

The first three are reviews from the pre-release readers…

 “Blimey.  Your Gluten Plan is absolutely bloody brilliant!!   Can’t tell you how many light bulbs have gone off whilst reading it.  Having this information all in one place has given me a lovely feeling of peace and security; that actually yes I will get to the bottom of everything and achieve a level of wellbeing where my physical, psychological and emotional health learn to connect in a positive way.  Yay to epigenetics! 

 The information in the Gluten Plan ties everything together so well and it’s great having links to further information, products and tests – it makes it a lot easier to access information quickly. 

 It’s a perfect package and will appeal to people who need only light guidance right through to those who have lots of health issues and have to delve tissue-deep into their symptoms (that’ll be moi then!).  Don’t be nervous about releasing your baby into the big wide world coz he’s beautiful!!! PW April 14


Have finished reading it today and totally amazed at the wonder of you, I do so hope you get the recognition you deserve because you truly deserve it infinity percent!  I love your writing style Micki and think you have achieved a great ‘easy to read’ guide full of stacks of information, you have got the balance right to appeal to ‘beginners’ in the field and also to those further ahead. I love the quotes and inserts and the way you give people choices depending on their circumstances.  I also like the references to more reading (only if you want to because it’s not important you do that after reading yours) and the recipe book links etc.  I can honestly say this is a very ‘simplified’ reference book giving very complex information…brilliant and thank you for doing it for us! KC May 14


 “I really think this book and plan are the result of not only your expertise, but of your generosity too! You have rendered a subject that is unfathomable at times, very accessible to anyone wanting to take their health into their own hands and avoid future illness. You’ve collated enormous amounts of cutting edge info and neatly and concisely (as far as is possible!) made it easy to understand and follow. Instead of just telling us what to do, you are teaching us! And on a very human level.

 I’d say that you need to point out that it is more than just a plan, but a book with a LOT of bang-up-to-date information in it! Because you really have poured all your research into this. I was quite gobsmacked as to the depth of info you have gone into and the information you have researched, collated and clearly set-out – and THEN ‘given’ in this plan! What you have done is major. Be in no doubt.

As someone who has trusted in you and bought a plan off you, a stranger, on the internet- in all honesty!- you’re weighing up the money to risk-factor – and I don’t know that I’d have paid much more than £65! [The Barrier Plan previous price]. That sounds AWFUL! I NOW realise it’s worth and must say that I’d probably pay more knowing that from the beginning... but how can potential clients know how GREAT you are?! You need to attract a clientele who is aware of your worth, is what I am saying!” I took her at her word and posted her whole advice comment! BB May 14

And here are comments generally that have come in post-launch..

Just a quick email to let you know your book has just arrived. I’m so chuffed to have it as a proper book. It’s a really lovely binding and looks great! PW May 14

Although I’ve been following your competent work very closely for years by now and I’ve come to expect quality outputs from your research, always, I cannot resist dropping you a line to congratulate you for the new Gluten Plan.  What an excellent piece of work!  Well structured, fully substantiated and backed up by professional research quotes (not to mention your last 2 decades of hands-on experience and personal sufferings), the plan brings it all together in one-stop single paper. All we have to do is now follow it and get better. RS May 14

Oh. My. Lawd!! It’s bloody fantastic J  Can’t get over how much serendipitous stuff is in here which ties things up so beautifully…people are going to LOVE it!!! PW May 14

The printed guide is fab, you must be so chuffed to see it in a book, it’s even more brilliant! KC May 14

Just finished it last night. What a brilliant piece of work! You’ve taken a very complex and multi-layered subject and managed to make it understandable. CM May 14

Love the new Gluten Plan. So well researched and up to the minute. The cross reactivity section is particularly helpful as I exclude all the foods which are causing a reaction.  Anyway, I feel I am being pro active in treating what ever it is using your guidelines, and it does seem to be helping. IM May 14

This Plan is absolutely brilliant and covers everything required if you suspect you have coeliac disease or a sensitivity to gluten. It is clearly laid out, is bang-up-to-date and makes a very complex subject understandable. It provides full plans on how to test and heal yourself – no matter how far your illness has progressed. I am so glad I bought it as for the first time in years, I have some hope of getting relief from my symptoms. C June 14

I have one word of advice for anyone pondering at the thought of buying this…BUY! It is invaluable whether your issues are major or minor, and whatever pace you want to go at…it’s all about your choice, this gives you all the options and to me it is like a ‘bible’ for anyone with gluten issues. I can’t praise Micki Rose and her work high enough, she really wants to get you well! I love the style of writing, it’s so ‘easy to read’ and full of stacks of information, the balance is just right to appeal to ‘beginners’ in the field and also to those further ahead. I love the quotes and inserts and the way the author gives people choices depending on their circumstances. I also like the references to more reading (only if you want to because it’s not important you do that after reading this guide) and there’s also helpful recipe book links etc. I can honestly say this is a very ‘simplified’ reference book giving very complex information…brilliant! If the price is making you uncertain, I look at it as if I were paying for an appointment with a specialist or nutritionist in this field (which would be a lot more expensive anyway and I don’t believe you would get anywhere near as much information and advice to take away with you). You have this guide with you forever as an invaluable source to refer to, along with the optional support from the Facebook group that comes with it too…I wouldn’t be without any of it. K June 14

An amazing work, authored by the UK’s leading expert in gluten sensitivity. I have followed Micki’s work and advice since the day I found her- and to my advantage! This plan is more than a plan – it’s a book, full of up-to-the-minute information, including the most recent research from the world’s leading experts and specialists -it is a self-help guide to teach you how to take your own health into your own and hands and to empower you with knowledge – it is a mine of information and leads, for when you are in total confusion at the beginning of the food intolerance journey! She points us in the right direction according to each individual’s own unique set of symptoms and problems. And tells us where to find elusive, reliable tests aswell as ‘safe’ products. There is no magic cure- but she certainly has all the answers if you’re ready to put in the work and be committed to regaining your own health. I recommend this plan without a single moment of hesitation! For information: I bought the Truly Gluten Free Barrier Plan in 2012, which was a life-saver, for £65. It was worth it and SO much more! Now I have read this plan- and must say that it is a bargain! Get ready for a good, informative read…and all that it leads to! C June 14

The Gluten Plan is an absolute godsend! If you have, or suspect you have, some kind of Gluten Related Disorder such as Coeliac Disease or Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity then this is your go-to self-help manual on how to heal the damage that has been done to your body from years of exposure. As another reviewer mentioned, Micki Rose is the UK expert on gluten related problems and she has many years of experience in this field of study. The Gluten Plan clearly explains, in an easy to understand format, all the latest research undertaken by world leaders in gluten research. Micki will guide you through the science and will help you to determine what dietary level of healing is required depending on your needs. The Plan includes information about appropriate testing (which is very helpful but not essential) and provides information on Truly Gluten Free supplements which can be used as part of her healing protocol. There is also a troubleshooting section which helps you to identify possible blocks to healing. The Gluten Plan shows you what foods can be incorporated in your recovery plan and provides links to personally recommended recipe books to help you on your way. And if that’s not enough Micki also has a wonderful support group on Facebook and a website where you can get masses of additional information. I really can’t recommend The Gluten Plan highly enough; it’s helped me so much and is worth every penny. P June 14

I wanted to write and congratulate you on your wonderful work ‘the gluten plan’. I think your ideas are spot on and I am still following the routine religiously. I have not felt this well since I was a small girl…..and I mean this. My sleep, my energy, my mind are all working better than I ever dared imagine and I am well on the way to a full recovery from all my neurological symptoms. I cope with stress better than I ever have done.  It is all a sacrifice, but it is more than worth that sacrifice given how I feel. I love my diet now and would never go back despite not eating out and being like a snail, carrying my food on my back with me wherever I go.  Your latest paper covers all the areas I have also studied and I think you have put it together beautifully. I just hope that others listen to your wisdom! P July 14

3 thoughts on “Gluten Plan Reviews

  1. Very valuable resource, ahead of its time with the general public. It was like reading the story of my life. Well done, Michaela!

    • Bless you Anna, that’s lovely. Love the Michaela bit, too. No-one ever calls me that unless I’m in trouble – ha! Is my posh authory name 😉

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