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info iconThere is a ton of practical information for you on the pages of this site and don’t forget to check out the 550+ posts on the blog – use the search box to help you; I am bound to have written about something you are looking for! The Gluten Plan itself has a shed-load of information so do check that out too. This page will suggest some other useful bits and bobs for you, too. Hope you find them useful.


Introductory Stuff

Sometimes, you just need to read a few articles, see a few videos – and even show them to your family – so you can trust your instinct that you are right about your gluten/grain problem. Here are a couple of things to start with that might help:

No Grain: No Pain. My original article where I ‘broke’ the gluten in all grains story for Foodsmatter.

Gluten Summit Review 2014 3DThe Gluten Summit 2014 Review. You can get your free 40 page review instantly by just clicking on the cover in the right hand column. In making this available, my hope is that newbies to TGF world can read it and understand they are not going mad, and that people with any form of gluten related disorder will use it to show their health professionals, friends and family they’re not going mad! In practical terms, it gives tons of explanation, testing and treatment tips from the leading experts in the GRD field, and that, frankly, is invaluable.



50 Shades of Gluten (Intolerance) A brief but useful summary of the ‘gluten is more than coeliac disease’ issue.

Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity. An article in the BMJ from a doctor calling for recognition of this illness, plus a patient’s story. Very useful for non-believers and to show your doctor!

Fab introductory video by Dr Peter Osborne at the GFS, explaining about truly gluten free approach. This video is the first of a whole series which you can get access to if you become a member of the society. This first one will give you a ton of info, though, for free.

Unlocking The Mystery of Wheat and Gluten Sensitivity Video. This a very well-referenced seminar video by Dr Tom O’ Bryan to teach people about gluten sensitivity. He uses it for his patients to sit down with their families and learn about gluten illness. It is 2.5 hours long! He does only advocate a traditional gluten free diet but the rest of it is really eye-opening. In the UK, you can get it from NutriLink on 08450 760 402, order code OBRYAN1.

Gluten Plan 3DThe Gluten Plan is of course packed with info and has a very extensive introduction to the whole area of gluten related disorders.





There are now almost  over 400 grain and dairy free recipes on my Pinterest boards free for you.


Other Organisations/Full Treatment Approaches

In the Gluten Plan, I have detailed all the different diet types and treatment approaches for you in food-removal order, if you like, so that is where you’ll find most info.

In general, there are two main organisations I really rate in this field and I explain both below. Both have fab resources you can access including protocols and meal plans, video series, forums and support. Really useful stuff, especially whilst you are finding your feet. Most of us have been there, done that and asked the same questions before, so don’t waste your valuable energy trying to reinvent the wheel would be my advice 🙂

NB: For transparency: I do get some affiliate links kickback from a few of these places if you buy any of their packages or support stuff which helps to pay for the research and hideous amounts of non-chargeable time I spend on TGF stuff for us all, so hope you don’t mind. I will NEVER recommend anything I don’t think would help you anyway, but it is nice to pay my mortgage, so thank you 🙂 


Gluten Free Society 

  The Gluten Free Society has a useful  membership subscription which I think is well worth it. Dr. Osborne takes you through his health restoring protocols and lifestyle recommendations so that you can heal after years of gluten induced damage. You get access to all the written, audio and video resources they have built up including expert interviews, recipes, webinars, the Glutenology video series etc, plus access to a useful forum where you can put your questions and liaise with others in the same boat. I have found it a really fabulous resource, especially for TGF beginners. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Tip: The only caveat I would put on this is that the supplements Dr Osborne advises are not guaranteed grain free which is why I had to put so much effort into finding some that were! Plus, some useful recipes in his Glutenology cookbook, but I didn’t think it was the healthiest diet I have ever come across! Otherwise, very useful info to access.

GFS 2010 Meeting Videos

More than 7 hours of video from the closed door Gluten Free meetings. Topics include: defining gluten sensitivity, healing, hidden gluten and social acceptance.


OK, next we have…

SCD Lifestyle Quick Start Guide  SCD Lifestyle

SCD Lifestyle is a website run by Steve and Jordan, two previous sufferers of digestive illness. They advocate a specific carbohydrate diet approach on the site for all manner of digestive diseases including grain sensitivity, leaky gut, inflammation and auto-immunity so they cross over with TGF quite well. The TGF Diet is partly based on SCD principles and some people’s health problems are very much related to carbohydrate intolerance and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

They believe, as we do here on TGF, that a gliadin-free diet just isn’t enough for some people.  You can read more of their views on this subject here:

The Gluten Free Lie

The Toxic Truth About Gluten

In essence, their approach is one of healing the gut, which is something we all want. The reason I particularly like it is that it gives you a staged food plan to help you eliminate and then reintroduce foods in a particular order that they have found works for most people with leaky gut and digestive issues. The diet is grain and dairy free and focuses on lowering inflammation.

Note it does allow things we might be a bit stricter on such as grain fed meat, but otherwise it fits well with our TGF principles.

You can download Mild or Tough Case Meal Plans, which I thought were really good. Both are grain free, being SCD compliant anyway but also…

The tough cases (or beginners) plan is for those with multiple food allergies, leaky gut, and high inflammation who want to STOP their symptoms ASAP. It is
  • Dairy-Free
  • Egg-Free
  • Legume-Free
  • Nut-Free
  • Easiest To Digest
  • Carefully Phased In Foods

The mild cases plan includes:

  • Nuts/Nut Flour
  • SCD Yogurt
  • Dairy
  • Egg
  • Legumes
  • Carefully Phased In Foods

They have created a well-written blog, which will give you some fab info, plus some really useful resources to help you through their healing plan.


They offer a Free Guide and the great value Surviving To Thriving ebook and audio package:

SCD Lifestyle Support Pack


Other Useful Forums and Groups

There are loads of different places to get info and chat, and I am sure you will have your favourites. Do share! Most tend to be US-based. Here are a couple I have found useful, starting with my own, of course:

TrulyGlutenFree (and Gluten Planners special one  – you get the link in the Plan) (UK)

Delphi Avoiding Corn

Corn Allergy and Intolerance Group

Food Intolerance, IBS and Auto-Immune Support (UK)


Favourite Links

Below are links to different sites I found useful whilst researching this subject. In general, if you want a list of safe/unsafe grains, the diet details and treatment protocols, where to get the right stuff etc, get the Gluten Plan as it’s all in there and will save you tons of time! I have done it for you..


Hope that little lot helps. Check Support if you’re stuck.