Books, Cookbooks and Special Reports

Here you will find the books I have written or have found really useful for the truly gluten free diet and lifestyle.

My Books and Special Reports  TrulyGlutenFree Breakfasts

Here are just a few comments about the Truly Gluten Free ebook. Shucks:

“I used Google and came across your website. I purchased your book and have just started to read it.  The ideas and research outcomes discussed in your book seem to make perfect sense to me!  I will be cutting corn out of my diet now and other foods too by the looks of it. Thank you for this book. If only I could convince the gastroenterology doctors I work with to read this book.” KF Nov 11 

“What I have read of your TGF ebook so far makes perfect sense to me. Wish my GP would read it! I have a lot yet to learn. Thank you.” CM Aug 11

“Thanks for being one of the few doctors looking outside the box. We need you!” BN May 11

“OMG – I’ve only got through the first few pages and it makes so much sense!  ” CW Feb 11

“The book is a bible, I am referring to it daily and it has made me realise that IBS and Gluten related diseases need immediate addressing.  It’s not enough to self-treat as I thought I was doing, the subject is complex and the TGF book is so comprehensive and logical.  It’s tempting to think that you have ‘a good idea’ of a subject matter and this is possible through the use of the internet, however you need relevant, up to date information in one document and you have taken in further by providing links and references.  If you are ill, there is a lot of confusion and you lack the will to sit for hours and drain yourself further with mind boggling words and articles.  The TGF book is complex stuff but written in layman’s terms.

I am truly shocked that my expensive GF diet was full of Corn that was damaging and even further just junk that was further depleting an already exhausted state.  I know I have a way to go but I am thinking, this just might help me to get back to ‘normality’ whatever that is!!” HM Mar 11.

“I’ve just purchased your brilliant e-book and am looking forward to reading it in detail, as it looks like it is going to answer a lot of questions that I’ve had for ages.” JS Mar 11

“I thought it was pretty A1 ace really. Not sure what else you could have said, or said better, where….” MBJ, Publisher, Feb 11

“I have been doing a bit of reading trying to get gluten free recipes etc, and they aren’t truly gluten free at all – and I only know that by the information you have already provided me – so the link for me is trust.  Which I have with you.  The information I downloaded from your website recently is so interesting, factful and I did think whilst reading it that it must have taken you a long time to compile.” GR Feb 11

“Thanks – have listened to the video – absolutely fascinating and quite shocking !!! I cannot believe the list of symptoms it causes – re mine, anaemia, hair loss, skin conditions, bloating, etc etc !!  I have ordered your truly gluten free e book and I have also this morning ordered the genetic gluten test.” GR Feb 11


I have started the TrulyGlutenFree Recipe Series for you  and am writing the rest as fast as I can – see Breakfasts below to start you off. Also, here are some other useful books I have found so far. Some are not totally grain free so check and adapt recipes.

The Allergen-Free Baker's Handbook: How to Bake without Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, or Sesame

TrulyGlutenFree BreakfastsProduct Details Cooking with Coconut Flour: A Delicious Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Alternative to Wheat

Gluten Sensitivity Books

These are some of the rare books about true gluten sensitivity and related subjects:

Going Against the Grain: How Reducing and Avoiding Grains Can Revitalize Your HealthDangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous to Your Health

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  2. […] Books, Cookbooks and Special Reports […]

  3. […] Books, Cookbooks and Special Reports […]

  4. […] Books, Cookbooks and Special Reports […]

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