New Mind-Body Shop Section

Brain icon  I’ve set up a whole, sparkly new section on the shop where you can find all the mind-body medicine stuff now. It suddenly occurred to me that it might be useful to have the key stuff linked to in the Healing Plan in one place. Anything to make life easier when you’re feeling poorly!

It will evolve, no doubt, but for now you can find:

Healing Plan 3D  The Healing Plan, of course. Plus, the sixteen page sample Preview of the Healing Plan so you can have a nose.

logo Julie’s hypnotherapy, behavioural and CBT services.

Inner Calm & Peace Meditation   A link to all Julie’s hypnotherapy instant audio downloads, many of which I used during my own healing. She will be adding new ones very shortly.  I credit some of Julie’s self-hypnosis and meditation audios as a BIG part of my healing, so please do yourself a favour and start with these if you’re not ready for full hypno sessions yet.

Yoga Nidra CD  I’ve included some of the key recommended programmes and DVDs I followed during my healing journey, such as the Perfect Health challenge, Yoga Nidra and Qi Gong DVDs.

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, Deepak Chopra  And, many of the key books for your ‘knowledge therapy.’ These are Amazon links so I make a teeny bit on them, which helps to keep everything going, so thank you.

I hope it helps. The new Mind-Body Medicine section is here.

The paperback Healing Plans arrived today too – very exciting. I have been carrying one round and stroking it! It was such a labour of love 🙂

Here’s the back cover as you’ve not seen that!

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No More ARG Zen – Alternatives For You

200 mg of ZenFor those of you following one of the Adrenal Plans, you will know about the brilliant anti-anxiety, cortisol-lowering Allergy Research Group Zen product. It’s worked for most like a dream. But it has just been delisted in the UK – aargh!! I wish they would stop doing this. The reason is because we now not allowed to sell straight GABA, it seems; a bit like we can’t have pure DHEA in the UK – which is actually not a bad thing in my book, but that is a whole other story.

I do actually prefer encouraging the body to make its own substances like oestrogen, cortisol, DHEA and GABA etc where possible because that way the body can decide how much it needs. Doing otherwise is a sort of form of HRT – a replacement therapy – rather than a boost the production therapy, like using 7 keto-zyme as a precursor for DHEA rather than too-strong-in-many-cases straight DHEA itself, for example or giving oestrogen or progesterone for hormone difficulties instead of checking and boosting the adrenals. That said, sometimes needs must and that’s when I’ve used it.

OK, so up to now, we have used straight GABA in Zen to increase GABA levels in the nervous system and brain. GABA is the key inhibitory neurotransmitter and is therefore very calming; some people call it the body’s Valium. Essentially, we were using it in cases of acute stress adrenal profiles to lower the stress levels and decrease the need for the adrenals to pump out cortisol – simply put: in a nutshell it was to lower stress levels when cortisol was high.

So, now Zen has gone, we need to find other ways of doing that. Obviously, it goes without saying that this is in addition to the usual lowering stress techniques like meditation, yoga, breathwork, controlling your blood sugar, ensuring magnesium levels (known to increase GABA itself) and your B vits.

The other thing we need to say is that I always prefer you do a neurotransmitter test and work with a practitioner when using these sort of things, please. These are complex supplements, designed to support and change brain levels of some key elements. Always best to know what you need rather than just stick stuff in.

So, that said, here is a list of your possible alternatives and I will change the Adrenal Plans accordingly for you too. I offer a few ideas so that you can choose what might suit you best. As always, start low and build up, trial to see how you get on and follow all the manufacturer’s – and your practitioner’s – instructions.

A straight alternative for now to Zen would be Quicksilver GABA with L Theanine, exactly the same as Zen but half the strength. Four pumps equals one capsule of Zen. I assume that will go soon too. Not TGF. You can find a lot more info on it here.

Next best, and the one I will be using in the Adrenal Plans, is NeuroScience Kavinace which includes what GABA is made from in the body plus taurine, which is also a known precursor for GABA production. TGF safe – yay! Here’s a bit more info on this one for you:

Neuroscience Kavinace 120 caps combines two powerful ingredients that together effectively address symptoms of stress, anxiousness, and sleep issues. This formula contains the GABA derivative 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid, which easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts as a GABAB agonist.*1 Kavinace also contains taurine, which functions as a calming amino acid.* Taurine is a GABAA agonist and may increase GABA levels by increasing synthesis, preventing breakdown, and blocking reuptake of GABA.*2-4 Kavinace also includes vitamin B6, an important cofactor for the synthesis of GABA.

It’s a highly specialist product that one so not cheap. If you need a cheaper alternative, you could of course take Taurine or L-Theanine on their own.

Taurine is often used at 500mg twice a day on an empty tum to support GABA production. It’s the most often used supplement for GABA-calming. ARG do a 500mg version here. TGF.

Or, Higher Nature do L-Theanine 100mg. There was 100mg per capsule in Zen. TGF.

Interestingly, L-Theanine works partly by blocking glutamate receptors but can raise dopamine so if it makes you feel more anxious, I’d be testing your neurotransmitters to see if your dopamine is high – which it can be in CSS (central sensitivity syndrome) – ME/FM, chronic pain and sensitivity type patients, take note.

Finally, when I moaned at ARG, who are acutely aware of most of my TGF patient needs by now!, they reminded me that liver is a precursor food for GABA. So, munch more liver or take a liver product – I’ve actually got some of this to try myself for other reasons, but haven’t dared yet as I can’t stand the stuff ;).

Anyway, I have partly shared all this with you so you can make choices, but also to show you what exactly goes on in my day to day life of creating these plans and protocols for you! It’s not as easy as you might think – especially when the rules keep changing!

To finish: you might find this article useful if you are suffering anxiety as it gives a good overall rundown of what to do and consider:

How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

And see my factsheet on Stress, Anxiety & Depression here.

Hope that helps; I’m off for a lie down! Meantime, here is the info on recommended suppliers if you need it – I just remembered that right at the end!

Free Mini Self-Healing Masterclass

Mini Masterclass in Mind Control

Our Julie‘ did a free live self-healing masterclass series on the TGF Facebook group this week. She is very brave! If you missed them live or aren’t on Facebook, I don’t want you to miss out as they were really good. Ok, I know I’m biased because she helped me personally but they are still good, so there 😉

I thought I’d share the Facebook comment I wrote after watching Day 1 for you as it says pretty much what I want to say again after the whole series: think of this as part of your self-healing prescription and brain retraining work and go listen to it!

Just catching up with these, Julie, but if this one is anything to go by, this series is a MUST WATCH folks.

Think about these classes as part of your brain training – hearing positive thoughts that you can get well and listening to techniques that can help you will ultimately help to start turning your brain around to a new way of thinking, so do listen.

On specifics in this one [Day 1], there is some excellent advice about reactivity – to food or chemicals – and how the brain is involved in that, about starting to question whether you will always react or is that a conditioned response now, a learned brain pattern, and learning to be friends with your body.

If it helps to illustrate the importance of this kind of information, I’ll share as per! When I first started – long before I met Julie – I was asked to stroke my legs once a day. I thought they were potty but actually I couldn’t do it!! That shocked me and it was used as an illustration of how much I hated my body for doing what it was doing to me – I hated it that much, I loathed it! It took me a long time to realise that I wasn’t being kind to myself and that the physical reactions had grown from ‘just being grain and dairy sensitive’ to a kind of self sabotage – totally unconsciously. The more I kept telling myself I was reacting to food, of course the more I reacted to food.

Also, just before I started to get foods back in, Julie kept asking me now I had calmed the amygdala and system down, why I thought I would still be so reactive? Of course, I scoffed and poo-poo’d greatly but the question did go in and I thought well, let’s see. I didn’t react. That taught me! It might be that you do still react to something – that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting better – just continue on the amygdala calming route and you WILL get there. Who knows how much time that will take (2 years for me) but at least you are on the right path and eventually you will more than surprise yourself!

Oh lol, as usual I have written a bloomin essay! I think I shall post these on the blog and comment on them so everyone can see.

Well done Julie – keep it up and if you’ve not listened, pls do so as part of your amygdala work – that’s a prescription 🙂 x

OK, so you can see all five replays on the Facebook group or on Julie’s website.

Do go and listen to them as part of your healing ‘journey’; I promise it will help. If you’re inspired by it or feel a session or two with Julie might be a good idea, remember she is part of our Purehealth team and you can book a free exploratory chat with her here.

Enjoy, and thanks for doing that for us, Julie.

When Will I Get Better?

Brain iconAh, the sixty million dollar question, isn’t it? I read an interesting post from our friends at SCD Lifestyle (the ones who do the leaky gut prog here) and the start of it made me remember something I was going to write about. Let’s begin with what they wrote:

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions along the lines of: “When am I going to get better?”

I get emails like this all the time:

“Hi guys, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 5 years ago and I started SCD 2 weeks ago. So far my energy is better and my diarrhea’s been cut in half. My only question is: when am I going to heal? Do you think I even will be able to? Right now I can only eat 8 foods.” – Christina

I love this question. Mostly because when I was sick 7 years ago I spent endless hours trolling Google trying to find the answer myself. So I’m going to share some of the writing I’ve done about this before… because I could reply back with any number of cliché inspirational sayings we have, like:

  • “It took a long time to get sick and it takes a long time to get better”
  • “This healing process is a marathon, not a sprint – you’re doing great!”
  • “Everyone has a custom diet that works for them… you just have to keep testing until you find yours”

Each of these reassuring clichés is completely true, but what I love about Christina is: she already started the diet. She already accomplished the most difficult part of taking control of her health by overcoming thoughts in her head like “What if it doesn’t work for me?” or “I don’t have time to cook all this food.”

Starting the diet is not only the first step, but it’s the most important one. Christina is going to be just fine.

How do I know?

She cut her BM’s by 50% in two weeks.

50% Improvement Is Dramatic

Sure, she’s isn’t healed yet, but let me put 50% improvement into perspective for you.

Imagine you finished a new project at work and it was fantastic… a total home run. The following week, your boss calls you into his office and says, “You did such a good job on the last project I’m going to double your salary and give you a 200% raise.”

What would a 200% raise do for your life?

Doubling your income would be pretty awesome, right? Maybe make things a little easier…

Well, so would a natural 50% reduction in your symptoms.

How true is that?! But also how true is it that we often can’t see that improvement for what it is? I am often faced with people who have made really significant improvements in their symptoms and diet, but who can’t see it. All they can see is what they’ve still got left to do and they fail to celebrate how far they’ve come.

It reminded me of what is termed ‘catastrophising’. I did a lot of it, and catch myself still doing it. It helps me to know that, in fact, we are programmed to do it.

Whilst I was reading around for the healing series, I read a lot about the negative bias in our brain. Essentially, we are programmed to look for the danger in life – it’s what kept us safe and alive as a species! – but sometimes it can get a bit out of control.

I think it was Rick Hanson’s work that made me most aware of it. You can read his blog post series on it here:

Confronting the Negativity Bias

In some ways I was aware I was doing it, but eventually it became a habitual and very unhelpful way of thinking. I would wake up every day and my first thought was along the lines of : ‘well, I wonder what I will have to cope with today?’, ‘what symptoms will hit me that I’ll have to get through today?’ etc etc, ad infinitum. I literally steeled myself for what was going to hit. (And I do mean literally there – I became very tense, muscle-stiff, steeled, rigid if you like..) Of course, in some ways it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. You become what you think most…

Now, of course, it is totally understandable when you feel crap and in some kind of pain mentally, emotionally or physically much of the time. I’m not judging myself or you (OK, a bit myself, I admit!). But, I did find I had to become aware of it and make actual conscious efforts to turn it around; to stop it being habitual thinking, a conditioned, almost Pavlovian response. It was part of my healing process to realise what I was doing and to stop it. Easy to say, tough to do.

It is very difficult to try and see the positives in life when you feel so rubbish. I know. That’s why people tell you to write what you are grateful for every day in your journal when you go to bed and such like. It is trite as heck. But it actually works. It is part of the neuroplasticity training, if you like: changing a negative neural pathway that has developed a deep groove with overuse of the negative thinking and building a new positive pathway and repeating it over and over in various ways to strengthen it more and more. It takes time.

Part of my therapy with Julie was a complete fight as I tried to turn this catastrophising around! Oh we argued like heck sometimes. She challenged my thought processes and I defended them to the hilt, of course. We rarely came to an agreement there and then but it seemed to percolate down over the next week or so and I caught myself challenging myself – and of course chuntering about Julie who had invariably been right. Not all the time (she’s reading this and we don’t want her to get a big head ;)) but most of the time. Tsk.

Anyway, I can only tell you what I understand by catastrophising, so I asked ‘our Julie’ for her take on it for us. And she wrote us a new blog post! Have a read here:


Ok, so she spells it with a z and I spell it with an s. I had to check that, of course, pedant that I am – you can use either. Phew, thought I was going to have to change all mine!

Anyway, Julie gives some useful tips to help you notice you’re doing it and stop yourself. The bit about not assuming things will be the same every time is a good one. I remember when I started to reintroduce foods again, I was panicking I would get the same reactions as before until she said to me: ‘Why would you think you are going to react? That was before your treatment and this is afterwards. You are totally different now.’ That was very powerful. It worked and it was true and I still say it to myself all the time – building a neural pathway. Lesson learned.

Julie gets it absolutely right in her last bit:

Allow yourself to examine the evidence, searching for real facts not assumptions, and never base the future on the past! Just because something was, does not mean it will always be.

Begin to believe that, and in so doing, your brain will rewire itself and start to run a new programme in the mind and within the body; a new programme that promotes health and wellbeing.

There endeth today’s lesson; hope it helps. In essence, to answer the question we started with ‘When will I get better?’, turn it around a bit and instead ask:

How much better are you already?

Then work on the rest.

You WILL get better, believe it.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help Food Issues?

As you know, I used clinical hypnotherapy myself to help get from fewer than 20 foods back almost to normal now, yay :).

I asked ‘our Julie‘ as she has become known to tell us a bit about why it works so well and she wrote a blog post for us on it! Of course, people are different and will need different – and usually several concurrent – approaches to chronic illness, which I will be detailing for you in the upcoming Healing Plan (92 pages written now :))

At the start of my own healing ‘journey,’ I said I would take whatever the Universe wanted to send me to help me get well and I am so glad I didn’t block this in the end; I almost did!

Anyway over to Julie – she sets out a quite different view of how she sees food sensitivity developing. All I can say is it worked for me! You can have a free chat with our Julie here if you want to.

Food Intolerance, Chronic Fatigue and Migraines

When I work with food intolerances, I look beyond the obvious, the gut; I look within the cellular structure of the body for the problem – problems that are almost always caused by past stress and trauma, both of which are highly toxic to the body, and it is here that I find the answers. So how does this work?

When we go through drama, trauma, pain and suffering, much of the trauma is held within the body on a cellular level. That energy, whether it is memory or the emotion of the event, is stored. It produces toxins which leak, over time, into the system. Gradually, being under constant pressure from attack from these toxins, the system begins to go into defence mechanism, and eventually it begins to shut down.

People find they begin with a few intolerances, usually the obvious ones of dairy and wheat, and gradually, these increase to other food groups. Life begins to get smaller, more and more restricted, until food eventually becomes the enemy. The battle ground is drawn, antibodies are on hyper alert constantly, and the defence mechanism of the body is at war with food. Sufferers usually spend a fortune on various nutritional experts, many tests, try a multitude of different things, and many work, but it is a combination of the biochemical approach coupled with hypno/trauma release/brain retraining that really works.

So how do we get rid of it?

I begin by working with you to release, clear and eliminate emotional baggage within the body and mind. Then we move onto negative beliefs and patterns within the thinking. Gradually empowerment and confidence are restored, balance begins to come back to the body, and it is at this point that we begin to ‘talk with the body on a cellular structure’.

Sound weird? Yes! Does it work? Yes! Although there are no guarantees of course, and everybody is different. In every client I have worked with, I have seen significant improvements, and in some cases, a total reversal back to full health.

What happens is this: your subconscious (which knows absolutely everything about you!), under hypnosis, begins to show you where the toxic energy is stored within the body – maybe in your arm, your leg, your chest.

Let’s take an example – you were screamed and shouted at as a child, heard awful things that a child should not hear – the energy is stored in your ears. You saw things you should not have seen – eyes. You experienced physical abuse – could be anywhere. You experienced sexual abuse – again anywhere, not necessarily just within the sexual organ areas.

The body holds these memories within the area of abuse and leaks out toxic energy over years and years. You may feel the result of that within the exact location – constant weakness in that area, or you may not. Often, the toxic energy leaks out into the body and makes it’s way into the gut. The gut feels under attack and goes into defence mode. It becomes increasingly sensitive, almost paranoid to anything, and begins to attack anything that comes its way, leading to food intolerances.

Pressure builds, leading to migraines. Migraine-HeadacheEnergy is dark and heavy, debilitating, leading to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Your body will find its own way to react to the toxins, moving you towards the one that is the easiest for the body to cope with. Whichever one it is for you, it doesn’t have to be this way.

By working to release these different pockets of toxic energy in the body, balance can gradually be restored, and wellbeing and freedom to eat what you want, returned. At the same time as the body is being freed from the trauma, the cognitions (beliefs and thoughts) are also being changed, a reprogramming of the subconscious and body begins to happen.

It is usually a fairly lengthy process, often over many weeks or even months, but eventually, you get there. My work is a combination of conditioning, reprogramming, CBT, behaviourism, psychodynamics, emotion code, energy release, Reiki and intuition. It may all sound very ‘airy fairy’, but it works!

Clients usually work with me weekly, for the first 6 weeks, then move to fortnightly, gradually increasing the gaps between sessions until the work is complete. Often this work is not easy. It can, and often does, bring up memories from the past, painful memories.

The work can be intense, draining, emotional and exhausting. Yes, it’s hard work, but isn’t your illness, your life restrictions, your energy restrictions? Are you willing to take a chance to find your wellness?

Have an open mind and call me for more information. I offer a free consultation to all clients to talk through the issues, have a chat about how it works and get to know me a little. If it feels right for you, then we book 1 or 2 sessions initially, then review.

Mental Health Guru Deborah Joins Us

DeborahColson-speaking Phew, hot on the heels of Julie (clinical hypno) and Anne (nutrition: genetics), let me introduce you to Deborah (nutrition: mental health) who joins us now too on the clinical referral team. Oh, and there’s me – I keep leaving myself out! Micki (director, chronic disease, gluten and ACE disorders).

You can see everyone here so far on the Support page.

Anyway, back to the lovely Deborah..

Deborah and I met a few years ago when I attempted to do an MSc in Nutritional Therapy at Westminster, sadly before I was well enough. I had to be in London two days running every month and just couldn’t get up to do the second day, so had to give up. Never mind: I wrote the TGF stuff instead so it all turned out for the best – and  met Deborah and some other nutritiony friends to chat with, so it wasn’t all bad!

Nutrition for mental health 

I always thought that Patrick Holford’s work on nutrition for mental health was pretty on the ball and read everything he wrote voraciously. Then, he was involved, from memory, in setting up the Brain Bio Centre in London where I tended over the years to refer the more complex cases.

Deborah and I chatted over coffee one day in Westminster and I discovered she was one of the main therapists there so, ever since, I have given her name out specifically to people who need mental health, cognitive and child behavioural support.

Lately, I have been finding people with pyroluria and histamine issues, imbalanced neurotransmitters, magnesium deficiency, brain ‘allergies’ and the like causing anxiety, depression and mental health struggles quite a lot, which is a shame.

So, I sought Deborah out again and asked her to join the clinical referral team for this kind of specialist biochemical help. Happily, despite being yet another busy bee, she agreed:)

I think her biochemical approach dovetailed with Julie’s ‘working on the subconscious’approach to anxiety and depression will be a really strong combo therapy. I often refer for both as the two tend to go in tandem.

Deborah Colson, Functional Medicine, Brain, Neuro & Mental Health  You can see Deborah’s page on the shop here. She works best on phone, email and face to face in London. She really knows her stuff on this and cognitive, brain and neurological conditions and is a lovely, caring person too. She’ll help, I’m sure.

The clinical referral team is almost complete, I think, now! I’m just trying to find a homotoxicologist/complex remedies homeopath and a herbalist to join us now. I’ve a few feelers out, so working on it for us.

Meantime, welcome Deborah from all of us x

What Is an ACE Disorder? Is Your Chronic Illness The Result of a High ACE Score?

Brain iconHas your childhood – or adult experience even – subconsciously triggered your chronic illness, or could deeply-buried beliefs you built then be stopping you from getting well now, maybe? I was asked this question many times over the past few years.

I thought it was a crock, quite honestly.

But then I had no choice in the end but to look at my chronic fatigue, multiple food and chemical sensitivity from a brain, emotional and trauma point of view. And found the answer or at least most of it!

So, when I am talking to you all on emails and the Support Calls etc, nowadays I make a point of asking if there was any so-called ‘trauma’ in your childhood or as an adult before the onset of your illness. It is stunning me actually how many times the answer is yes.

Trauma means different things and everyone has some!

Ok, let’s get this out there right now: ‘Trauma’ does not just mean the severe abuse and violence stuff, although sadly, there seems to be a lot of that about, but other forms of trauma also count such as not feeling loved or wanted, feeling unsafe or alone, humiliated or bullied, put down, ignored, neglected physically or emotionally, and more besides. If it felt traumatic to you, then it was traumatic.

And, yes, everyone has some trauma at some point; that’s life. The point though is when and how did it occur and were you in a position to build resilience against it? Many do, of course, but it seems to me that a lot of the chronic illness cases I am dealing with nowadays did not.

ACE triggers physical brain change, a lowered lifespan and the autoimmune disease risk is HUGE!

The plain fact is that if a vulnerable person (such as a child under 10 or a low-self-esteem adult) suffers regular events that are traumatic to them, the brain undergoes actual epigenetic changes which then make us much more susceptible to stresses. The whole stress and hormonal cascade drip, drip, drips over time to create a chronic inflammatory state – and BANG – illnesses start in later life – late 30s/40s onwards, most often.

Most experts believe all illnesses are inflammatory to some extent so it is no wonder that a person with a high ACE score has a likelihood of living 20 years less than someone who doesn’t! And get this one: a person with 2 or more ACEs has an average 75% increased chance of developing some form of autoimmune disease.

That is a huge and stunningly important statistic given the ‘epidemic’ we are currently experiencing in autoimmune disease.

Have you got a high ACE score?

If you have a chronic health disorder, especially one relating to fear (ie. phobias), loss of safety (eg. agoraphobia), reactivity (multiple sensitivity, light, noise etc), pain (especially fibromylagia types), anxiety, depression, fatigue, cardiovascular or autoimmunity, please don’t do what I did for 3 years and ignore this aspect of illness because you’re convinced your problem is entirely physical.

It IS physical – blimey, I’ve felt the pain, trust me! – it IS a measureable brain and hormonal change issue, it IS hypersensitivity in many different ways and it IS solvable!

Basically, your pain, sensitivity, stress and inflammation switches are turned on too high and we need to turn them down again. The rest of your symptoms are most likely down to the consequences of those eg. adrenals and thyroid out due to hormone changes and autoimmunity, pain due to inflammation and reaction to things, nutrient deficiency as you need so much because of a constant inflamed state – that means fatigue and nothing much working very well.

You see how it all fits together?

Anyway, when I’ve been trying to chat to people about whether they may have an ACE disorder or trauma-triggered illness – and they have been looking at me gone-out! – I have found it hard to explain it. Effectively, you need to identify if there is an ACE disorder likely and work on that to turn yourself down and change your brain – literally – as well as work on the symptomatic consequences of it. That’s tough to get across, trust me!

So, I have written a new factsheet on ACE for you so I can at least say ‘read this!’. I’ve included resources such as the ACE questionnaire so you can find out your own ACE score, plus videos, ebooks and articles for you to watch and read to start turning your illness around as part of the ‘knowledge therapy’ you need to do for this type of illness.

My next job is to add my own healing plan to it so that you can see precisely what I did to get from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and multiple food and chemical sensitivity to chocolate, eggs, wine and spuds again!

Don’t dismiss it for ages like I did – do the questionnaire and see what your score is.

Go here to read the new ACE Factsheet. I truly hope it helps.

Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitives: Leaky Gut and Immune Response Confirmed

grain iconAn interesting new study just out looks at why people without the usual coeliac markers (like gliadin and transglutaminase antibodies) do in fact react to wheat and grains.

(By the way, I’m not even going to go into the fact that they are only looking for limited markers so miss most of them anyway, unlike the improved Cyrex 3 option; still not 100%, but FAR better.)

I know this doesn’t sound like news to us as we’ve been talking about the fact that non-coeliac gluten sensitivity involves a weakening of the gut barrier strength and allows systemic immune response for ages (see the Barrier Plan I wrote in 2011, for example, now the Gluten Plan!).

That said: it is always good to have a study confirm it for us – it makes it more likely to be accepted in mainstream medicine, and helps show us we are not going mad – even if docs couldn’t ‘see’ it before and told us we were imagining it. (Don’t set me off..).

Anyway, you can read the new study below. Effectively – markers for leaky gut found and systemic immune response leading to a reason why people consuming wheat and similar grains (not sure which they tested specifically) have ‘reactions’ even though they are not coeliac.

Biological explanation for wheat sensitivity found

Weakened intestinal barrier, systemic immune activation may explain symptoms in people without celiac disease

It’s all very well finding the markers and confirming the leaky gut and immune activity, but exactly what do you do about it? The Gluten Plan has my full protocol in it for you, of course. Also, see here for my leaky gut factsheet.

In fact, just this morning, I was reading another study done locally (to me) in Plymouth where they have been investigating the cause and treatment of leaky gut which is so prevalent in athletes apparently (new one on me!).

They determined that heavy exercise and increased temperature (from the exercise raising body temperature and actual heat the athletes train in) causes the barrier to become more permeable. And they found that zinc carnosine combined with colostrum is an excellent way to prevent and treat it.

Yes, of course zinc carnosine is one of the leaky gut protocol choices in the Gluten Plan, I thank you. However, I wouldn’t recommend a dairy based colostrum product for a TGF leaky gut since we know it is a very common gluten cross-reactive food. Check the plan for different choices to suit different issues.

Anyway, good research proving what we already know = progress.


New ‘Virtual’ Therapy Team

alt medicine iconIn my recent quest for health, I found it incredibly difficult to know who to see for what, who was any good and what I needed them to do to help me! I swore if I ever get better – thank you Universe, Lordy or whoever! – I would try to make this process easier for others in the same boat. Let’s face it: the last thing we need when we’re poorly is more worry, research time and risk.

The fact is that there are a ton of different therapies and therapists out there, but who do you choose to help you?

If you can get someone through recommendation, life is a whole lot nicer for both therapist and client. It takes some of the worry out and you’re already starting in a positive place with a modicum of trust, which, according to the statistics, leads ultimately to faster resolution of the health issue. OK, it might not work out for whatever reason, nothing’s 100% guaranteed and we’re all different, but it’s a lot better than sticking a finger in a directory or Googling for hours on end and guessing!

When we had the physical clinic, this was a lot easier, of course, because we could choose who we wanted to work with us. Now I work more digitally, it is a bit harder but then I thought – er, not; it could actually be easier as I now have access to therapists wherever they happen to be! A lot of what we do can easily be done on the phone or by Skype and, as you know, I set up the Support Calls and they have worked brilliantly though I say so myself – and so do the people who’ve had them when they have given me feedback. All good 🙂

I simply can’t do everything myself, though, much as I want to, being the control freak I am! I spend much time on those calls working out where someone should go next with their case and then who or what type of therapist or approach might help them with that. Now, to make life easier, I am trying to set up our own little virtual team so I can say chat or see x, y or z and see what they have to say on it.

That will take some time obviously.

Meantime, you can read more about my virtual team approach here:

Clinic Team

Become A  Purehealth Practitioner – read this if you’re a therapist and want to be part of it. I’m not charging fees or commission, but I want some help with blog posts, factsheets, courses, mentoring etc if I need you. A kind of quid pro quo arrangement (although, of course, this makes more work for me so, if it goes mad, I might need to adjust this!)

I’ve put a new section called Therapy Appointments on the shop and that’s where any therapy services, mine included such as the Support Calls, will be from now on to keep it all in one place for you. That page will explain how the process works and I’ll need to add a few bits and bobs to the FAQ no doubt as I go along.

Brain icon For now, our first Purehealth Practitioner is Senior Consultant Hypnotherapist/Behavioural Therapist Julie Poole, who I have already mentioned to some of you and I know some of you have already booked in with her as I have been extolling her virtues since she helped me!

I chose Julie first simply because the type of person I most want to refer to is usually a person who deal with the subconscious and brain. This is why Philip and I worked a lot in tandem originally in-clinic: he was mind and I was body! Since Philip went off and became a voice-over artist instead (grr), I’ve had to refer mainly to online resources and people I don’t know. This is where Julie comes in – now I have someone to help on this really important side of getting well. It’s, quite frankly, the combo that works best and quickest.

This is Julie’s therapy page where you can book a free chat, session or course of treatment.

All I need to do now, then, is work out who else I fancy being part of our team and go and persuade them!

I hope it helps. Should make life a teensy bit easier for all of us, I hope. Enjoy 🙂