TGF Supplement Master List Now Free!

TGF Supplements 3DThe Truly GlutenFree Supplements Master list has been a paid-for item with free updates for a long time – almost 5 years, I can’t believe that! – but I have now decided to make it free for everyone and stop doing the updates.  Gulp.


‘Cos it’s a LOT of work and the list is almost out of date as soon as I publish it quite frankly! The suppliers change formulations, delete stuff, add new items etc almost daily now and we can’t keep up with it.  As a consequence, four of us have been racking our brains to think how to do it more effectively and with a bit less work!

The good news is that there are, thankfully, a lot more TGF (grain and dairy free) products about now and more suppliers for us to go at other than the very few I found originally. We don’t want to be restricted to an update every few months so are trying a new way for us all.

Even more thankfully, our little TGF world where everyone thought we were mad, has mushroomed and even on our own TGF Facebook group, we have hundreds of ‘expert patients’ who regularly help each other finding stuff.

I think actually we are still the only group who really understands the complexities of grain and dairy free supplements and meds, by the way – I thank you :).

It grieves me that those not buying the master list probably had more suffering and certainly more googling time than those who did – well done them; thank you for purchasing it and saving yourself all that!

Anyway, we need to do things a bit differently now so this is how it’s going to work:

TGF Supplements 3DFirst, download the existing master list here.

It can be used as a starting place for your research, but must not be relied upon as gospel as we are no longer doing the updates. It was as accurate as we could get it at the time of the last update – August 16.

Next, join the TGF Facebook group and ask your questions/share your knowledge there.

Christine – aka TGF Supplement woman! – will help direct you to what we consider TGF safe at the time and other people will chime in with what they have found, no doubt. We may try and capture some of the info into a shared document somehow but I haven’t worked that one out yet and I DON’T want it to turn into another nightmare master list 😉

OK, I hope that makes sense so far.

Clearly, that is still a lot of work for us to administer and we have also given away a really important document and are losing sales as a result.

You guessed it: in return for all this free help, we need something from you!

supplements iconWe’ve produced a new list of recommended suppliers and ask you to use them when ordering anything if you value this info and want to support us. It makes a huge difference and will help offset the lost sales and enable me to pay the team! 

Using these suppliers will trigger a small commission payment for us but won’t cost you any more. It helps pay for all the time we spend gassing on email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs, answering questions and researching stuff that benefits us all.

I’ve popped this list in the free master list, on the blog and Purehealth websites and in Files on the Facebook groups so you can access it easily. I detail it below for you too.

Quite simply, if you are buying supplements anyway, please use the links below so we get a small kickback – it won’t cost you any more but it really helps us, bless you.

The team will also remind you of this and encourage you to use the links as we go along so we can keep revenue up and continue the work. I’m taking a huge business risk here but am confident we have enough supporters and loyal peeps to make this work. And what is it they say: what goes around, comes around and all that!


Natural Dispensary – Please give the practitioner name as Micki Rose when registering the first time

Functional Nutritional Supplements – For the first visit, please enter the site through this link and then immediately register. After that, there is no need to go via that link. – You will need to register by phone and give them Micki Rose name (after that ordering can be done by phone or online)

Nutrivital – Please give code 10616 when you register

YourHealthBasket –  Please enter  mickirose (all lower case – no space) in the COUPON CODE box EVERY time you order.

Spectrum Supplements – Please bookmark this link and enter via that link each time you visit the site

Metabolics –  Please just give the name Micki Rose when you register (NOT each time you visit)

Nutri Gold – Please use this link initially for the first visit (These have excellent supplements but are mainly for people who are not totally grain and dairy free unless we actually specify them as such)


DSS You will need to register the first time you visit using code MR425

Thank you for your loyalty and support; it means a lot! I truly hope the master list and more inclusive, sharing way of working helps you get well x

TGF Supplements Master List Update

Just to say an updated version of the TGF supplements master list has just been sent out to you so check your inboxes, ta.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, this is the list of grain and dairy free supplements and a few meds I took two years to put together and update regularly when someone tells me about a change or a new product!

You can check it out here:

TGF Supplements 3D

Curcumin from Turmeric: A Primer

Curcumin  Many of you know that I really rate turmeric as a fabulous anti-inflammatory, I add it to smoothies and soups all the time and I have also included it as KappArest in the Gluten Plan for lowering inflammation down when I see lysozyme, SIgA, calprotectin or any other major gut inflammation markers high in the gut tests.

I liked this simple primer I got today on it from Cytoplan so am sharing it for you as a reminder of what this simple everyday spice can do for you besides its anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s anti-bacterial and helps the liver detox more effectively too. Take note that it is absorbed better with piperine (also in the KappArest of course), so adding a tiny bit of black pepper to your smoothie etc will also help.

Curcumin – An Ancient Remedy

Incidentally, you can also read my review of KappArest here too.

TGF Supplement Master List Update

TGF Supplements 3D Just to say I have today sent the latest version of the TGF Supplement Master List to all purchasers and those who have subscribed for updates, so look out for it in your in-boxes :).

When someone purchases the list on our sparkly, new shop – which you can do here – it will always be the latest version as it is SO much easier now for me to update it on there – takes seconds instead of half a flippin’ hour! You still register for the updates at the end of the list so you can get them sent direct when I release new versions periodically.

You will note too that I have now kept it as a Word document so you can get the live links to the products – some people couldn’t get them in a PDF, so I hope that’s more convenient for you now.

Hope it helps.

Two New Techniques For Headache/Migraine

 As a sufferer myself of the dreaded migraine, I am always on the look-out for new approaches, and I came across two today.

When you have pain, these are the two techniques I read about:

Biomega-3 fish oils, one tablespoon per hour for 3 doses max. This is thought to be a quick way of reducing inflammation generally. Might cause some diarrhoea, but perhaps that clear-out might also be how to helps. Incidentally, this one is not TGF safe, so you would need to use a different fish oil product but do try and match the levels in this product, which is pretty strong. Here’s the product label for you. If this works for you, you need to increase fish oil levels as per the prevention factsheet below. You can test your levels of the fatty acids too to confirm if you need to.

Re-breathing. Breathe into a paper bag 6-8 times max. This increases carbon dioxide which can help apparently, mainly due to re-balancing the citric acid cycle. As the info below says, if this works for you, take the hint that you need nutrients to optimise that cycle. You can test the cycle specifically and get a nutrient protocol using a test like the ONE. Incidentally, you can combine this and the fatty acids above by doing the really comprehensive Nutreval if you need that.

Anyway, I’ve not tried them myself but thought I would share them for you in case. Here is a transcript of a video I watched on the tips and a more detailed approach to preventing headaches and migraines in the first place in case it helps.

Let me know if you try them and how you get on. Good luck!

ARG Cassava Vitamin C Now Back!

At long last (it must be about a year at least!), Allergy Research has managed to find a reliable source of cassava-derived Vitamin C again so their Vitamin C products should be back available via our normal suppliers asap. Yay! Here’s their notice:

Cassava C Back in Stock!

Allergy Research Group is pleased to announce that our popular Cassava Source Vitamin C product line is now fully back in stock! Due to a global supply constraint, we had been unable to secure a stable supply of quality material to produce cassava-source vitamin C. And we know that many of our customers prefer, even rely upon, our non-corn source vitamin C products.

We have now found a reliable supplier of cassava-source vitamin C that meets our stringent Quality standards. We offer it as Cassava Source Buffered Vitamin C and Cassava Source Pure Vitamin C, in both powder form and capsules.

Thank you for your patience and support of Allergy Research Group.

Bear in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Vitamin C in other products, eg. the MultiViMin has been sorted yet – I have sent an email to ask but my contact is away for a few days. I will update you when I find out.

TGF Supplements Master List Update Now Out!

Grain and dairy free supplements coverHot on the heels of updating the Gluten Plan and core protocol yesterday with the new fatty acid product, today I have updated the TGF Supplement Master List. for you so do please look out for it in your emails.

The highlights include:

  • The updated Core Gluten Protocol from the Gluten Plan
  • The replacement fatty acid now that Higher Nature 3679 has gone corny
  • A great new oregano from Biotics
  • new enzymes
  • new candida product
  • new liver support product
  • new lipid replacement therapy for gut healing – in the healing section of the Gluten Plan

plus a new 25,000iu Vitamin A, sunflower glutathione and some new Vitamin D3s.

In addition, I have started trying to note things that I come across that look TGF but aren’t when I have dug a bit deeper. And, I have begun to add links to the products for you for ease as I introduce new ones.

If you haven’t got this really useful master list yet, why not?! I promise it saves you a ton of time, suffering and money. Honest. Free updates like this one too. What’s not to like?!



As you can see on the Gluten Healing page, I have included a balanced essential fatty acids product as part of the core protocol:

Core TGF Gluten Protocol:

These are the top three core products I use in the grain and dairy free version. The rest of the protocol is a kind of ‘pick & mix’ where you choose what products you need as add-ons, depending on what’s going on in your particular case. Please make sure you read the whole Step 3 section in the Gluten Plan for much more about these products, dosages etc and others that you could substitute, plus products for specific issues as below. And always work with your health practitioner!


However, eagle-eyed K recently let us know that ‘corn’ had dropped off the list of freefroms on the Higher Nature Omegas product. It is a staple of the Gluten/Barrier Rx because of the need for a balance of omega oils. I checked with Higher Nature and they changed supplier and can no longer guarantee it is corn free. They said:

“Our Technical Department informs me that we changed manufacturer in October 2013 and the new product contains a tiny amount of citric acid which is used as a processing aid. We have not listed the citric acid in the ingredient list as it is a processing aid. However, as citric acid is usually produced from fermentation of corn, we have removed corn from the DNC, in case there are extremely corn sensitive customers.

To put everything into perspective, the amount of citric acid present in the finished product is less than 0.0007mg per capsule. This is 0.7micrograms of citric acid per capsule. Citric acid is sourced from fermentation of corn and being extremely cautious we removed corn form the DNC. However, no corn residue should be present in any case in the citric acid and the amount of citric acid potentially present in the product is tiny, trace level.”

Of course, I put our TGF case about trace amounts as per. I do respect them though for taking a stance on it on their label because most other companies wouldn’t have bothered. I have asked that they make practitioners better aware of formulation changes so we don’t have to stumble onto these changes.

So, the quest to find an alternative began. This was far from easy as most fatty acid products are either omega 6 or 3 or are plant-based rather than including fish oil. Why is this important? Because most TGFs suffer with malabsorption issues and are probably not very efficient at converting plant based fatty acids eg. linseed into actual EFA and DHA. You can take lipase enzymes, of course, and other stuff to help enable that process but most TGFs can’t tolerate enzymes either. Result: we have to find a fish oil source so we don’t have to do the conversion ourselves.

Turns out the Higher Nature product was a very unusual goodie for us which is, of course, why I chose it in the first place. We could have taken up to four different products to match the original Higher Nature one ie. an omega 6/GLA product plus a fish oil product, then adding an omega 7 sea buckthorn and perhaps an omega 9 oleic acid product, but I have tried my best to come up with a single product for ease. It doesn’t actually exist, or if it does, I haven’t found it yet. You would think finding a balanced fatty acid product which is fish and plant based would be easy. It isn’t; I was really surprised.

In the end, I discounted around 30 products and checked around fourteen more fully and all but one fell at the final TGF hurdles. The best I have come across are from Biotics, which do not include the omegas 7 or 9 but do have enough of the 3 and 6 at least in decent, good form amounts.

The best match, fatty acid and actually value wise, is Biotics EFA-Sirt Supreme Capsules. You need to take 4 a day to match the fish oil levels of the HN product. It gives you a lot more GLA than the previous product. 4 caps a day would give you:

600mg EPA (HN was 680mg)

400mg DHA (HN was 480mg)

500mg GLA (HN was 180mg)

It comes in 180 capsules so is quite an expensive product to buy initially but it worked out that at 4 a day, a pot would last you 45 days and was actually cheaper per day than almost all of the others I considered. This product contains a small amount of soy tocopherols as an antioxidant note. The ascorbyl palmitate is synthetic not plant-based and the rosemary extract is acetone, not grain alcohol. Everything else also checked out TGF safe. (Not easy this, is it?!)

I will continue to try and find a soy tocopherol free one but they are even rarer as you have to have some kind of antioxidant to stop the fatty acids going rancid. that is either citric acid or soy based usually.

You can get the Biotics EFA Sirt Supreme via ND as usual – and use your 10% discount code, of course. You can also get it direct via NutriLink – please use my name Micki Rose as your practitioner when ordering. NutriLink can sometimes do samples too so worth asking. It does actually help me too if you order via Nutri Link sometimes because I ask them all manner of awkward questions and find all suppliers are more helpful when some sales are coming their way, if you know what I mean!

Ok, so I hope that all makes sense and helps you. Sorry we have had to change it but well done to K for spotting it so we could. Incidentally, this kind of update is included for free on the Barrier/Gluten Planners Facebook Group, by the way, for people who have purchased that. The reason I am including it here is because it is part of the core gluten healing protocol I give on this website for you so you need to know. I will now go off and change the Gluten Plan text too. I do wonder sometimes if manufacturers truly understand what a simple formulation change to a product means for people like us!

US Shop 10% Discount Code Change

10% iconJust to let you know that I have changed the discount system on DSS, my US supplement store. I know some of my lovely TGF family across the pond are using it and some in Europe for the more awkward suppliers like Neuroscience, Kirkman’s etc. It is also a stockist of the products for the NuMedica Gluten Illness protocol I have just put in the new Gluten Plan.

You still use a code to register the first time you visit (then you don’t need it again), but now also have a 10% discount code to add on checkout. Previously, it was an automatic discount, but it seemed to be throwing a wobbly so I changed it!

I have put all the Suppliers’ details on a new Suppliers page here on the TGF site when I did the revamp (have you seen it yet? Do you like it?!). DSS is the US store and is the 4th one down.

Hope that makes sense. And enjoy your discount 🙂

What Gut ‘Bugs’ Have To Do With Gluten Intolerance

Very interesting piece today from GreenMedInfo discussing the relationship between the intestinal flora and our sensitivity to gluten.

Two key ‘takeaways’:

It appears that bacteria in our guts determine how much access these peptides have to our immune system, and that gluten also changes our gut bacteria.  It’s a two way street.

Caminero et al identified 144 strains and 35 bacterial species involved in the metabolism of gluten based on human fecal samples. They identified the genera lactobacillus bacteria as being predominantly responsible for the gluten-metabolizing functions. This suggests that there are bacterial colonies that can perform the functions that we can’t, functions that may render the gliadin peptides less stimulating to, at least, the adaptive immune system.


Laparra et al. identified that Bifidobacteria co-administration diminished the inflammatory response activated by gliadin exposure to intestinal epithelial cells. In a related experimentLactobacillus GG counteracted the effects of gliadin on intestinal permeability.

So glad the two key strains in the Barrier Plan are lactobacillus and bifido then 🙂

Read the whole piece here:

What Gut ‘Bugs’ Have To Do With Gluten Intolerance

Also, don’t forget the importance of the baby bifido bacteria especially. See where I wrote about that here and here.