Chocolate – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Well I say yes! But Eileen at Phoenix Helix has delved a bit deeper than that for us and here’e her lowdown on whether chocolate is OK on a TGF/Paleo/AIP type diet as per the Gluten Plan.


Some of the brands etc are US ones but you get the gist. Enjoy. Literally, if you can 🙂


New Cyrex 10-90 Food Tests

New Cyrex 10-90 food tests now on the shop for you as promised in a new section: Gluten, Cyrex and Autoimmune Tests

New AIP Recipes

Fancy some new dinner ideas? I have just posted four new recipes on the AIP board for you:

Root Vegetable Casserole. Use veg stock or even bone broth if you like here and leave out the wine, sorry!: Root Veg Casserole

Korean Marinated Beef. Lovely simple and tasty idea. Make sure the beef is grass fed

Korean Marinated Spicy Beef

Leek and Salmon Soup. Sub the bone broth for fish or veg stock if you prefer. Nice, simple and wholesome.:

Leek and Salmon Soup (or you could use any fish of course)

Slow Cooker Beef Stew (Paleo, AIP). Make sure your beef is 100% grass fed obviously:

Slow Cooked Beef Stew

Enjoy, see the AIP recipes here. There are now 306 gluten, grain, dairy, nightshade, nut and seed free recipes there for your inspiration. Check them out for ideas to suit your own dietary needs, and especially if you have an autoimmune disease. Don’t forget, too, my autoimmune protocol in the Gluten Plan, it’s all in there for you.

Happy munching!


Histamine Intolerance Triggered By Hormone Change?

Interesting article on histamine intolerance causing panic and anxiety today for you.

Histamine, anxiety and panic attacks

That’s helpful in itself, isn’t it, but whilst I was reading it, I picked up the fact that histamine intolerance is commonly triggered at peri-menopause, right when the hormone levels are changing yet again. This does fit in with my clinical experience that it is mostly women over about 50 who have it, but I have also seen it happen after having babies and breast-feeding as well as during puberty. Of course, men’s hormones also change at puberty and during so-called andropause, which might also explain the timing of their own developing histamine issues.

So why, two years ago, did these symptoms suddenly appear, apparently out of the blue? The answer lies in the information you provided in response to my further question: you are now 50 years of age. Two years ago you likely entered peri-menopause, or menopause, and your hormone levels, especially oestrogen and progesterone, changed dramatically. As a result, the histamine controls in your body were affected, and you developed histamine intolerance.

Does that fit in with the start of your symptoms maybe? Might be worth a think, then, if so, check your hormone levels and correct them, not forgetting your adrenals, which start to have a lot more influence on hormone production after about 40.

A clue? Hope it helps for you.