TGF Supplements Master List Update

Just to say an updated version of the TGF supplements master list has just been sent out to you so check your inboxes, ta.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, this is the list of grain and dairy free supplements and a few meds I took two years to put together and update regularly when someone tells me about a change or a new product!

You can check it out here:

TGF Supplements 3D

New Gluten Plan 30 Page TGF Food Appendix

Gluten Plan 3DFor all you lovely Gluten and Barrier Plan purchasers, please note I have just added the latest version to your Facebook Group files so do pop along and download your new version. I think it’s version number 7 since we started the FB group!

This time I have added a 33 page TGF Food Appendix for you. I wasn’t sure whether to do a whole separate TGF Food Master List but instead I decided to be generous and add it all as an appendix in the Gluten Plan for you.

Includes cross contamination tips, the hidden gluten list, TGF Alcohol (oh yes!), TGF Food Suppliers, TGF Superfoods and more! Phew, I had amassed a LOT of info there and just thought it needed sharing.

Not got the GP??! Why not? It’s a flippin bargain, especially with the added TGF Detox and the new TGF Food Appendix. You always get the latest updates too. What’s not to like?

Click on the cover or here to go and read more about it. Enjoy. Hope it helps.

Gluten E-Summit 2014 Review Freebie

As proGluten Summit Review 2014 3Dmised, I have now put the Gluten Summit 2014 article series into one document for easy peasy download. You can get your free 40 page review instantly by just clicking on the cover in the right hand column on the site, or here. I will also load it into Resources. I’m just too good to you.

In making this available, my hope is that newbies to TGF world can read it and understand they are not going mad, and that people with any form of gluten related disorder will use it to show their health professionals, friends and family they’re not going mad!

In practical terms, it gives tons of explanation, testing and treatment tips from the leading experts in the GRD field, and that, frankly, is invaluable.


Finally, a thank you to for commissioning it and making me sit down and do it!

I hope it helps.




IMPORTANT UPDATE! UltraImmune IgG (the Dr Osborne GFS bovine colostrum product) now has dairy added to it! *head in hands*

I will leave you to imagine what I said to GFS about the sense of adding a cross-reactive allergen to a healing product offered for true gluten-sensitives. We know that at least 50% of gluten-sensitives will cross-react to dairy. Honestly!

I have removed it from the Barrier Healing section of the GP (page 228). New edition in Files on the BP/GP Facebook group for you (purchasers only group). Luckily, I hadn’t made it a core product but it would have been a useful addition.

Updates: Allergy 101 Factsheet, Core Protocol and Gluten Plan

Yep, I have been a busy bee! Just to let you know I have updated the following for you:

Gluten Plan

Updated Barrier Healing section and Core Protocol to take account of Permavite no longer being TGF safe. Phew – I wish they’d stop changing the ruddy products! Free update on the Facebook Gluten Planners Group as usual. If you haven’t got the Gluten Plan yet, why not?! Here it is. Trust me; it will help.

Allergy 101

This is now a 45 page free factsheet all about allergy testing and treatment. I get asked about allergy testing every single day and always direct people to this free factsheet first. So, I had to bring it up to date to take account of new tests available, clinical experience, research etc! I have updated the allergy tests too on the shop so we now also include LRA, ALCAT, Genova and others. In it, you can learn:

  • What symptoms and conditions could be allergy or intolerance related
  • What causes allergy and intolerance
  • My whole testing protocol for finding types 1, 2, 3 and 4 sensitivities to foods, inhalants etc (that’s classical IgE allergy, delayed intolerances and inflammatory reactions to you and me)
  • What other factors could be causing problems eg. malabsorption, infections, poor immunity, leaky gut etc and how to find them
  • Two suggested treatment plans for ‘simple’ and multiple food intolerance.

You can download it here. Please pass it on for anyone who needs it too.

Hope they help!



As you can see on the Gluten Healing page, I have included a balanced essential fatty acids product as part of the core protocol:

Core TGF Gluten Protocol:

These are the top three core products I use in the grain and dairy free version. The rest of the protocol is a kind of ‘pick & mix’ where you choose what products you need as add-ons, depending on what’s going on in your particular case. Please make sure you read the whole Step 3 section in the Gluten Plan for much more about these products, dosages etc and others that you could substitute, plus products for specific issues as below. And always work with your health practitioner!


However, eagle-eyed K recently let us know that ‘corn’ had dropped off the list of freefroms on the Higher Nature Omegas product. It is a staple of the Gluten/Barrier Rx because of the need for a balance of omega oils. I checked with Higher Nature and they changed supplier and can no longer guarantee it is corn free. They said:

“Our Technical Department informs me that we changed manufacturer in October 2013 and the new product contains a tiny amount of citric acid which is used as a processing aid. We have not listed the citric acid in the ingredient list as it is a processing aid. However, as citric acid is usually produced from fermentation of corn, we have removed corn from the DNC, in case there are extremely corn sensitive customers.

To put everything into perspective, the amount of citric acid present in the finished product is less than 0.0007mg per capsule. This is 0.7micrograms of citric acid per capsule. Citric acid is sourced from fermentation of corn and being extremely cautious we removed corn form the DNC. However, no corn residue should be present in any case in the citric acid and the amount of citric acid potentially present in the product is tiny, trace level.”

Of course, I put our TGF case about trace amounts as per. I do respect them though for taking a stance on it on their label because most other companies wouldn’t have bothered. I have asked that they make practitioners better aware of formulation changes so we don’t have to stumble onto these changes.

So, the quest to find an alternative began. This was far from easy as most fatty acid products are either omega 6 or 3 or are plant-based rather than including fish oil. Why is this important? Because most TGFs suffer with malabsorption issues and are probably not very efficient at converting plant based fatty acids eg. linseed into actual EFA and DHA. You can take lipase enzymes, of course, and other stuff to help enable that process but most TGFs can’t tolerate enzymes either. Result: we have to find a fish oil source so we don’t have to do the conversion ourselves.

Turns out the Higher Nature product was a very unusual goodie for us which is, of course, why I chose it in the first place. We could have taken up to four different products to match the original Higher Nature one ie. an omega 6/GLA product plus a fish oil product, then adding an omega 7 sea buckthorn and perhaps an omega 9 oleic acid product, but I have tried my best to come up with a single product for ease. It doesn’t actually exist, or if it does, I haven’t found it yet. You would think finding a balanced fatty acid product which is fish and plant based would be easy. It isn’t; I was really surprised.

In the end, I discounted around 30 products and checked around fourteen more fully and all but one fell at the final TGF hurdles. The best I have come across are from Biotics, which do not include the omegas 7 or 9 but do have enough of the 3 and 6 at least in decent, good form amounts.

The best match, fatty acid and actually value wise, is Biotics EFA-Sirt Supreme Capsules. You need to take 4 a day to match the fish oil levels of the HN product. It gives you a lot more GLA than the previous product. 4 caps a day would give you:

600mg EPA (HN was 680mg)

400mg DHA (HN was 480mg)

500mg GLA (HN was 180mg)

It comes in 180 capsules so is quite an expensive product to buy initially but it worked out that at 4 a day, a pot would last you 45 days and was actually cheaper per day than almost all of the others I considered. This product contains a small amount of soy tocopherols as an antioxidant note. The ascorbyl palmitate is synthetic not plant-based and the rosemary extract is acetone, not grain alcohol. Everything else also checked out TGF safe. (Not easy this, is it?!)

I will continue to try and find a soy tocopherol free one but they are even rarer as you have to have some kind of antioxidant to stop the fatty acids going rancid. that is either citric acid or soy based usually.

You can get the Biotics EFA Sirt Supreme via ND as usual – and use your 10% discount code, of course. You can also get it direct via NutriLink – please use my name Micki Rose as your practitioner when ordering. NutriLink can sometimes do samples too so worth asking. It does actually help me too if you order via Nutri Link sometimes because I ask them all manner of awkward questions and find all suppliers are more helpful when some sales are coming their way, if you know what I mean!

Ok, so I hope that all makes sense and helps you. Sorry we have had to change it but well done to K for spotting it so we could. Incidentally, this kind of update is included for free on the Barrier/Gluten Planners Facebook Group, by the way, for people who have purchased that. The reason I am including it here is because it is part of the core gluten healing protocol I give on this website for you so you need to know. I will now go off and change the Gluten Plan text too. I do wonder sometimes if manufacturers truly understand what a simple formulation change to a product means for people like us!

The New Gluten Plan Q&A

The Gluten Plan cover  After almost 6 months’ hard slog, which only started out as a quick update to the Barrier Plan!, I have now released the all new singing and dancing Gluten Plan.

In essence the Gluten Plan is aimed helping you with any form of gluten related disorder from simple gluten intolerance (ha!) to full-blown NCGS with autoimmune involvement and everything in-between.  The Barrier Plan focused very much on the barrier hyper-permeability caused by the gluten-zonulin damage, and I wanted to widen the focus out a bit. In fact, the original BP will no doubt form part of the upcoming Leaky Gut Plan, which is in my head forming itself nicely!

You can view the full contents list and a 38 page preview here. But, read on for more on how the Plan has come about, how it differs from the TrulyGlutenFree and Barrier Plans, what’s in it, what formats it comes in, how much it costs, how you’ll get updates and support etc.

Why a new Plan?

Well, I wrote the original TGF ebook over 4 years ago now (time flies) and the Barrier Plan over 2 years ago. Research into and comment on gluten related disorders is coming out at a ridiculous pace, and was pushed on a good few years by the recent Gluten Summit 2014.

I spent a couple of months listening to the Summit interviews from world leaders on the subject (and was pleased that I already knew most of it, I thank you), but it was SO nice to hear such well-respected experts saying the same things I witter on about day in, day out. Once I’d done that, I need to put all that lovely, juicy info and quotes into some semblance of order so we could actually learn from and action what was said. What’s the point in a Summit if you don’t get practical, useable information out of it to help us get better?!

From a clinical point of view, I have felt for a while that we needed to amalgamate the TGF ebook and Barrier Plan so that people can get all the info they needed in one place and put them both into context – when to use which and all that. They were written at various stages of gluten knowledge over the years.

TrulyGlutenFree book and site was my treatise on why coeliacs tend not to heal on the traditional gluten free diet and set out a truly gluten free (ie. grain free) diet which also removed casein as it can have the same effect on many gluten sensitives.

The Barrier Plan emerged a couple of years later when I realised many people with gluten related disorders (GRDs) had other intolerances, chronic inflammation and autoimmune processes as a result of the damage done to the body barriers (gut, blood-brain, lungs, skin, bladder lining etc) by the effect, mainly, of gluten on zonulin. I realised everything started with the barrier breakdown when you took all the elements right back to basics. The BP set out an advanced plan to encourage not only a grain and dairy free diet, but also one which would help restore the broken barriers and stop the inflammatory and autoimmune processes being triggered continually.

They worked

Judging from your feedback, those two plans have helped a great number of people. Not only with feeling better symptomatically, but importantly with understanding what is going on, despite negative test results and, it has to be said, negative dismissals from health professionals.

I have seen coeliacs heal their villi, NCGS’s stop their migraines and chronic fatigue, multiple intolerants repair their leaky guts, IBD (inflammatory bowel disorders) sufferers calm their pain, and autoimmune sufferers lower their antibodies. Lovely to see and it really spurs me on. I also get asked daily about wheat intolerance, gluten malabsorption (bloating), IgG intolerance to gluten, behavioural issues (eg autism) with gluten ingestion, adrenal and thyroid disorders that won’t heal (often gluten) and much more besides.

This plan is now squarely aimed at helping anyone with any form of gluten related disorder, mostly coeliac and NCGS, although most people who have those don’t even know it yet; they just know they feel poorly. So, part of the Plan’s aim is to help people think about and officially identify gluten as the culprit underpinning everything, because one major thing we’ve learned over the past few years is how gluten is involved in so many illnesses. In fact, gluten illness – not just coeliac disease – is now known as a functional multi-system, multi-organ disorder. In other words, it’s very likely in there somewhere as a factor, and usually quite a major one, in any chronic illness. I have certainly seen that bear out clinically.

OK, all of that has resulted in the new Plan! Next, let’s consider some questions I have already been asked by you so many others of you are no doubt thinking.


checklist iconWhat’s the difference specifically between this and the TGF ebook and Barrier Plan?

It has a LOT more info, for a start, and gives you a kind of ‘pick & mix’ approach for greater flexibility. One of the biggest lessons we have learned is the need for a flexible approach because everyone’s experience of gluten illness is different, depending on how far along they are, which type they have, which pathway it has gone ie. autoimmune, inflammatory, neurological, gut, adrenal, joints or whatever.  There are a lot more sections including, for example, on methylation, nitric oxide cycles, glutathione depletion, plus a whole new chapter on the key causes and treatment of autoimmunity.

It includes both the TGF and Barrier Diets for you, in context with loads of other diet types that might help (see more on this below). It’s an amalgamation of and a completely-revised update of the TGF and Barrier Plan ebooks taking into account new medical research, recent comment from world gluten leaders and what we have learned in TGF world in the past few years.

You can view the full contents list and a 38 page preview here (I haven’t sorted the TGF site out yet, sorry; that’s a lot more complex!). Throughout the 280 pages, I have put links to my favourite resources in each subject area so you can read up more, to tests, books, other clinical resources and to specific products I’ve mentioned so you can find them easily.

What does it include?

Introduction & Wise Words

We start with a full introduction to the gluten problem and I have peppered it liberally with quotes and wise words from world gluten experts. Not least to increase the credibility of what I am saying, but also to give you confidence in your own thoughts about your body, and something to show your doctor! We go through why gluten was a wonder crop for us initially, and still is for some, but then why it now seems to be causing so many problems.

We consider why we are following a gliadin-free, rather than gluten free diet, which is presumably a lot of the reason why, as the stats show, many coeliacs never successfully repair their villi damage and continue to suffer the consequences of that. We go through and debunk some really important beliefs about gluten illness (it’s mostly neurological, not gut; reintroducing gluten for testing can trigger more, potentially irreversible damage etc) and then go through the pathological process step by step so you can follow what’s actually going on in your body. The more you understand it, the more you realise you can do about it.


lab icon  Step 1: Finding Your Type of Gluten Related Disorder


This is a much extended version of the testing summary that you see on the TGF site already. We go through step by step what happens in current diagnostics and, importantly, pick holes in each step! I then set out what I think the ideal gluten testing route really is, given everything we now know. It takes about 20 years usually for changes like this to happen in mainstream medicine, but the research is all there for us to action now and that’s really what this section is for. The flexibility kicks in again here and you have a kind of pick & mix of testing, depending on where you are and what you need to know. I have focused very much on practical testing; in other words, things that can make a real difference to the pathological process and to how you feel. You can test for England, but the question is: what will you do with the info you get? Will it make a treatment change? If so, it’s worth it.


  food iconStep 2: Determining Your Diet

This starts with the barrier stuff – all about hyper-permeability and why this inevitably leads to multiple food and environmental sensitivity. We go through the different types of leaky gut (permeability) tests and discuss the differences between them, when to use which etc. We talk about the sad fact that there is, no matter what anyone tells you, no one-diet-fits-all for gluten related disorders. The traditional gliadin-free diet is just not enough for most people with gluten illness. As we said, above, why do you think most coeliacs are not healing?

The rest of the section is designed to help you identify what your specific healing diet might be. If you continue to eat foods your body mistakes for gluten, or that are simply inflammatory for you, it will scupper your healing. This is the most important – but also the most difficult  – part of your healing plan. Some people may be fine on gliadin-free (the traditional GF diet), whereas others may need to come off grains, dairy and FODMAPs; still others may not be able to do salicylates or citrus foods etc. You have to find what the issue is – or choose a diet that is good enough for most to heal – that’s TGF, BP and AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) onward I have found clinically over the years. Those seem to help most people.

I have put the full TGF and Barrier Diets into the book for you. Only instead of just being them this time, I have put them into context with other key diets you might use as a resource to help you and listed them in order of food removal, if you like.  For example, the Barrier Diet is between Paleo and AIP (Autoimmune Protocol). My own diet is one beyond AIP – AIP Purity as I call it. But, you could need AIP FODMAPs or even just a simple (!) grain and dairy free option (The TGF Diet) or traditional gluten free might be just fine for you. They are all in there with links to resources and info for each one.


supplements icon  Step 3: Establishing Your Healing Protocol 

This is a really meaty section, full of  deeply-researched, clinically-proven and very specific, practical healing help. We have certainly found that the diet just isn’t enough for most to heal properly.

If you are bloating with gluten, you need enzymes – which ones? If you are coeliac, how will you ensure your nutrient levels to prevent things like osteoporosis? If you are NCGS with inflammation somewhere in the body, how will you dampen down that fire? If you are a gluten-sensitive with hyper-permeability, how will you stop more intolerances forming? If you are an automimmune person (eg thyroiditis, diabetes etc), how will you slow the progression of your disease?

All of these are covered and much more besides.

I set out a pick & mix (again, that flexibility!) of healing protocols and add-ons. To start, I have given a core traditional GF protocol, then a TGF one, added a ‘pick & mix’ of add-ons in each section, depending on your needs and test results. I have even given you a suggested staged supplement plan so you know what order to do it in. Plus there is a new Hypersensitivity protocol for those who have difficulty getting the normal supplements in.

The biggest part of this section is going through the key healing areas including nutrient therapy, probiotic therapy, inflammation therapy, malabsorption therapy and autoimmune therapy to bring you up to date research and how to use it in practical terms. The section on autoimmunity could be a mini-book in itself, I reckon! Fascinating stuff on the factors involved in developing autoimmune disorders and the (mostly alternative) treatment approaches that have most promise.


What’s Blocking You?

We finish with a really important section. I fully expect you to get well and certainly improve significantly using the info so far. But I also know there are some cheeky little areas that have proven real bugbears for some people, scuppering their healing efforts despite such hard work to get well. That’s what this section is for: to help you identify the biggest bugbears and what to do about any you find. I think of it as a kind of ‘Chronic Illness Checklist’ if you like – I refer to it all the time. It covers areas such as infections, glutathione depletion, liver detox pathways blockages, methylation difficulties, adrenal and thyroid fatigue, nutrient deficiency and much more. Again, I reckon there is a mini-book in this one, too! How do you test for them? How do you treat them? Where can I find out more?

Anyway, I think you get the picture. That’s what’s in the Plan. You can see the whole Contents list in the Preview here. Next some practical questions:


What format can I get the new Gluten Plan in and how much does it cost?

Short answer: instant download (PDF) and Printed (yay!). Not as much as you’d think!

Buy iconInstant Download

The plan is available as a PDF instant download here rather than having to register as per the Barrier Plan. Or click the buy button to go to the shop page. It costs a very respectable £45 instead of the previous £65 + £20 for the BP and TGF ebook respectively, despite the fact it is a lot more in-depth and longer than the other two put together! At £45 it is almost half the previous £85 cost as most people bought both books.

I priced it at £45 to reflect the fact that it is not just a book as you would buy on Amazon etc, but is a full clinical product and dosage-specific protocol, which is very rare. But I also want to get the word out and help so I have made it cheaper than the BP. Other Purehealth Plans, eg the Adrenal Plan, which is by far the most popular, are £25. This GP, as it shall no doubt become known, is more than twice the length but, importantly, far more complex. (All of the pre-release reviewers, incidentally, thought it should have been the same or more than the BP!)

Why PDF? Most of you requested this format when I asked because it can be read on any screen and most e-readers like Kindle, Nook etc, and, importantly, you can follow all the links easily. Sorted.

book iconPrinted

Many people asked for a printed version of the TGF ebook and BP, so this time I spent quite a bit of time discovering how to do a print on demand book (not least so I don’t have loads of copies in my garage!). In other words, you order a printed book via Lulu here (or click the image) and they print one off just for you. Sweet :). Postage is from only £2.99 which is very impressive since it is a full colour cover A4 280 page book with black and white inside. It’ll fair thump through your letterbox! The printed book costs just a tenner more at £55, simply because it costs me over that to print each one.

Upgrade to Printed

Ah, you say: ‘what if I buy the download but then want a printed book?’  I have you covered, not least because I do this all the time with tomes that I refer to a lot. Anyone buying the download who then wants a printed book will get it for £35 instead of £55. There is a special link included for you at the end of the PDF.


support icon  Can I get updates and support?

Yes you can. As a purchaser, you will be eligible to join the Barrier & Gluten Planners Facebook Group via a special link given to you in your PDF/purchase thank you email. This is a closed, private group where we chat about all sorts of things plan-related. There are plenty of people already there who are wearing the same T-shirt as you and are a real wealth of information. I chime in when I am called upon (and often when I’m not ;)) and will also post any significant update info there. I used to do a special newsletter with updates for the BP, but, quite honestly, it takes too much time and I didn’t get much chance to do them This way, I can pass on important snippets much more quickly to you all in the same place!


What do others think of it?

Have a read of what the pre-release readers said here. I blushed is all I’m saying.. Here are a couple of snippets:

What you have done is major. Be in no doubt.

Have finished reading it today and totally amazed at the wonder of you, I do so hope you get the recognition you deserve because you truly deserve it infinity percent!

Blimey.  Your Gluten Plan is absolutely bloody brilliant!!   Can’t tell you how many light bulbs have gone off whilst reading it. 



Can I see a sample?

Yep. I’ve put a live preview and a downloadable one here – 38 pages long of random bits to give you a flavour.


What if I don’t like it?

After I have picked myself up from a dead faint (!), I will refund you. No-one’s ever actually asked yet so don’t be my first 😉


OK, happy? Any other questions? If so, contact me. No? Then, I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group and to helping you move forward in your health journey. Gluten? Pah!

TGF Grain and Dairy Free Supplements Master List Update

Just to let you know I have today sent your free TrulyGlutenFree safe supplements master list update for you so check your in-boxes.

Highlights include a new herbal range, a D3 5000iu, a comparison of some safe, some not papaya extracts, green tea granules (something ready-to-use, I know!) and some new magnesium sprays.

Stuff that didn’t pass muster this time included several bone calciums, a flower remedy range and a rosehip capsule.

grain and dairy free supplements master list coverI’ve also updated the cover – hope you like it, took me ages. I’m gradually redesigning all the ebooks and factsheets, which is a task in itself!

If you haven’t got the list yet, do yourself a favour and save a load of time and hassle: I am doing the legwork for you. Click the image to read about it more.

Hope it helps.

Truly #Gluten Free Updates

Just to let you know, I have recently finished some updates in case you need them.

The Barrier Plan updates will go out to everyone who has purchased the Plan tomorrow – these include changes to the Quercetin recommended, the cross-reactive foods lists and newly updated Barrier Plan, Product Guide and Bringing Down A Reaction factsheet.

The Bringing Down A Reaction factsheet has been changed to reflect the new Quercetin recommended and I have changed the Vitamin C too.

The TGF Candida Plan has been updated to change the Paraclens, which contains ascorbic acid now which I think is very probably corn-derived despite the label saying corn free, to a TGF safer one. Please ask me if you need to know the new one as this plan doesn’t update automatically for purchasers.

The TGF Supplements Master List has been updated with updated info on Thorne Vit D 25,000iu and I have added some new garlic based anti-bacterials.

Ok, hope they help. Will keep beavering away for you…

Updated Truly #Gluten Free Barrier Plan and Product Guides Just Released

Those of you who have purchased the Barrier Plan package have just been sent the most up to date versions of the full treatment plan and supporting product guide. These reflect changes in the products by manufacturers – why are they ALWAYS changing?! I promised to keep you up to date as part of your package so there’s your first one…

Hope you’re getting on well. Check the TGF Stories page – and add your own comment!