About Me


I am a natural health consultant with over 20 years in natural medicine.


I am a natural health consultant and health writer based in the UK. I founded a naturopathic health business and opened a multi-disciplinary clinic called Purehealth Clinic and set up this site as gluten related disorders has become my specialist subject, not least because I am a non-healing coeliac/NCGS myself.

This TGF site is a sister of the main Purehealth site – I hived TGF off as the subject mushroomed so much, I felt it deserved its own little home.

My key disciplines are naturopathic medical nutrition and remedial massage and manipulation with supplementary training as a clinical aromatherapist, iridologist, homotoxicologist (modern homeopathy) and NAET practitioner. I have seen thousands of patients over two decades involved in natural medicine. Thankfully, more often than not I can help. But don’t take my word for it; have a look at some of the lovely comments from people over on the Purehealth site.

I am currently a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Guild of Health Writers.

Personally, I have always struggled with my health – why do you think I went into naturopathic medicine?! The short story is: traumatic childhood, malnutrition, later diagnosed with the ubiquitous IBS, which turned out to be misdiagnosed coeliac disease, severe food intolerance as a result of the gluten damage, polycystic ovary syndrome, completely flat adrenals, chronic fatigue, migraine and myriad other stuff. I only relatively recently realised the problem of gluten illness was behind it all.
I still struggle with multiple food intolerance which results in migraine, albeit lasting 2 days now instead of 5 and much less severe, and gum inflammation whenever I eat something wrong, but the IBS, adrenals and chronic fatigue are now sorted :).

I specialise in:

naturopathy symbol

  • Alternative and complementary medicine advice for the prevention, management and treatment of health issues.
  • Postal and clinic lab and medical tests, preventative health checks.
  • Health and wellbeing books, ebooks and factsheets.
  • Whole foods and special diet, allergy and food intolerance – especially coeliac and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, lactose and casein intolerance, organic, wheat free, dairy free, gluten free, grain free and blood sugar diets.
  • Environmentally friendly, eco friendly and non toxic lifestyle.
  • Bowel complaints and digestion (I’m obsessed with these!), detoxificationfatigue (eg adrenals and thyroid, CFS), gluten sensitivityallergyintolerance and preconception.

I run these websites:

Purehealth Clinic – the main info and clinic website.

The Micki Rose blog – news, views, research, articles, tips. Anything I think might be useful for you.

TrulyGlutenFree – my specialist site: the UK testing and treatment resource site for gluten related disorders.


I chatter in these places…

I am an agony aunt, writer, judge and reviewer for…

FoodsMatter.com – I am a regular contributor/writer for this ‘family’ of websites, the main resource for allergy, intolerance and sensitivity in the UK

CoeliacsMatter.com – I am agony aunt for this resource site for gluten illness

SkinsMatter.com – I am an agony aunt for this allergy, problem skin and non-toxic skincare site

FreeFromSupplements – I review supplements that could be useful for people on restricted diets

I am a judge for the annual FreeFromFoodAwards and for the FreeFromSkinCareAwards.

and I’ve been an editor of two charity magazines, taught tons of health programmes for the NHS and privately, and have published articles all over the place…


Now, I have stopped seeing patients 1-1 so I can concentate on writing down what I’ve learned, providing the lab testing service and creating useful, practical resources for people like you. That’s what you will find on this site.

I hope it helps.


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