New Free Chopra Meditation Starts July

Yay, a new one for us to do. I love these meditation programmes! This new one starts in July. Register, do it once or twice day and enjoy. It’s the talky bits at the beginning of each one I find help me almost more than the mantra meditation itself. See how you do with it.

Getting Unstuck

Life is not meant to be a series of burdensome obligations. Break away from limitations to create a life you look forward to every day!

Register NOW

Register NOW


One thought on “New Free Chopra Meditation Starts July

  1. […] I have no idea if this will be any good, but I have signed up to listen to the Soul of Healing Summit which starts today – sorry, I only just had chance to look at it properly. You can’t listen to everything, I know, but there seems to be enough in this to give you some really good neuroplasticity work to concentrate on whilst I write the plan for us. Combine it with the free 21 day mediation that also starts today, see here. […]

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