Curcumin from Turmeric: A Primer

Curcumin  Many of you know that I really rate turmeric as a fabulous anti-inflammatory, I add it to smoothies and soups all the time and I have also included it as KappArest in the Gluten Plan for lowering inflammation down when I see lysozyme, SIgA, calprotectin or any other major gut inflammation markers high in the gut tests.

I liked this simple primer I got today on it from Cytoplan so am sharing it for you as a reminder of what this simple everyday spice can do for you besides its anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s anti-bacterial and helps the liver detox more effectively too. Take note that it is absorbed better with piperine (also in the KappArest of course), so adding a tiny bit of black pepper to your smoothie etc will also help.

Curcumin – An Ancient Remedy

Incidentally, you can also read my review of KappArest here too.


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