New Gluten Plan 30 Page TGF Food Appendix

Gluten Plan 3DFor all you lovely Gluten and Barrier Plan purchasers, please note I have just added the latest version to your Facebook Group files so do pop along and download your new version. I think it’s version number 7 since we started the FB group!

This time I have added a 33 page TGF Food Appendix for you. I wasn’t sure whether to do a whole separate TGF Food Master List but instead I decided to be generous and add it all as an appendix in the Gluten Plan for you.

Includes cross contamination tips, the hidden gluten list, TGF Alcohol (oh yes!), TGF Food Suppliers, TGF Superfoods and more! Phew, I had amassed a LOT of info there and just thought it needed sharing.

Not got the GP??! Why not? It’s a flippin bargain, especially with the added TGF Detox and the new TGF Food Appendix. You always get the latest updates too. What’s not to like?

Click on the cover or here to go and read more about it. Enjoy. Hope it helps.


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