Gluten Summit Series 5: Lipski and Shoenfeld

Gluten summitNumber five in the Gluten Summit series of reports today for you and the summary should follow sometime next week, then we’re all done!

Gluten Summit Speakers Series: What Did They Say?

In this report, Micki Rose focused on advice from a leading clinical nutritionist, Dr Liz Lipski and a world authority on autoimmune disease, Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld.

To read the introduction to the Gluten Summit, see here. Catch up with the mini-series 1, 23 and 4.



2 thoughts on “Gluten Summit Series 5: Lipski and Shoenfeld

  1. Really liked the Lipski info about barriers. It is helping me to learn all the important new info coming out about barriers and how to support and heal them.

    I find the Shoenfeld statement about vitamin D chilling: “he reports using high dose Vitamin D has proven a good way of lowering AID antibodies in some patients, although he didn’t elaborate on that; we shall have to look out no doubt for his paper on the subject!” Steroids also lower AID antibodies and reduce other troublesome symptoms for a while, but prove disastrous for the patient in the end. Short term solutions which do not heal and only mask the symptoms when in fact they are actually accelerating the underlying disease processes, should not be used except in end-of-life situations. In his paper will he address the cutting edge microbiome work which is showing that large doses of vit D in patients with a chronic TH1 bacterial infection are counterproductive? And that a large portion of people with autoimmune disease have an underlying TH1 infection as a cause of their problems?

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