TGF Supplements Master List Update Now Out!

Grain and dairy free supplements coverHot on the heels of updating the Gluten Plan and core protocol yesterday with the new fatty acid product, today I have updated the TGF Supplement Master List. for you so do please look out for it in your emails.

The highlights include:

  • The updated Core Gluten Protocol from the Gluten Plan
  • The replacement fatty acid now that Higher Nature 3679 has gone corny
  • A great new oregano from Biotics
  • new enzymes
  • new candida product
  • new liver support product
  • new lipid replacement therapy for gut healing – in the healing section of the Gluten Plan

plus a new 25,000iu Vitamin A, sunflower glutathione and some new Vitamin D3s.

In addition, I have started trying to note things that I come across that look TGF but aren’t when I have dug a bit deeper. And, I have begun to add links to the products for you for ease as I introduce new ones.

If you haven’t got this really useful master list yet, why not?! I promise it saves you a ton of time, suffering and money. Honest. Free updates like this one too. What’s not to like?!


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