Gluten Summit Speakers Series 1: Marsh & Fasano

CM_logo Just to let you know that my first article in the Gluten Summit mini-series is now out, published by CoeliacsMatter. In this first one, we see what Dr Marsh, the ‘Godfather of Coeliac Disease’ had to say about the way his scoring system is being misused (in his view) and how Prof. Fasano believes the increase in gluten related disorders is due to changes in our microbiome (the gut flora balance) and barrier function loss.

Enjoy. Just working on the second article.

Gluten SummitHere’s the Intro if you missed it:

Gluten Related Disorders: Our Knowledge Expands Micki Rose reports on the e-summit earlier in 2014.

and the first in the mini-series:

Gluten Summit Speakers Series: What Did They Say? Micki Rose reports. First up: Dr Michael Marsh & Professor Alessio Fasano


One thought on “Gluten Summit Speakers Series 1: Marsh & Fasano

  1. […] next article in my Gluten Summit speaker series is now out for your delectation! Here’s the last one if you missed it. This time, I have focused solely on Dr Aristo Vojdani who explained in great […]

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