New #Gluten Testing Page and Elimination & Challenge Factsheet

Some lovely new things for you today: a new Gluten Testing protocol and Elimination & Challenge Factsheet. I have been a busy bee!

no grain iconFirst, I have now finished and released a new all-singing and dancing Gluten Testing page on the website. This details the ideal testing route for anyone suspecting or with a gluten-related disorder.  There are three main steps to consider and each is covered for you:

1. Finding Your Type of Gluten Related Disorder (so you know what to do).

2. Determining Your Diet (because a gluten free diet is not enough for most to heal).

3. Establishing Your Healing Protocol (what damage and processes are going on so you can target treatment properly?)

Really important and I have spent ages cogitating over what the experts said in the Gluten Summit to make sure we are as up to date and efficient as we can be.

Elim and Challenge 3D  In that, you will note I have mentioned elimination and challenge quite a bit as a double-checker. So, of course, that needed updating too! Here is a link to the new Elimination and Challenge Factsheet for you. It has been greatly extended and is now 30 pages of practical tips and techniques I have used in-clinic successfully for years. Here’s some blurb for you …

Elimination and Challenge is the most efficient way of finding your triggers, whether those are foods, supplements, meds, toiletries or whatever, and it takes real work, commitment and time to get it right. Most people don’t get it right and end up even more confused, hence this factsheet detailing the process I have used in-clinic for years. Get it right and it really will give you clear and actionable answers that will make a real difference to how you feel.

 I have included my forms for you at the end: use these to record everything, photocopying as many as you need.

Standard elimination diets advise to have one portion, then monitor, but this can be misleading as some people only react when they have had more than that. They merrily add the suspects in and wonder why they are reacting, often not realising which trigger it is. That’s why I have included a cumulative check. And what about those who react to a tiny amount, how do they do it? And have you thought about what cooking methods do to food? Or how combinations might affect you? How would you test yeast? Which order should you reintroduce things in? How often should you eat them then? How do you test your barrier permeability to see if you are ready to challenge again? Questions, questions …!

Click here to read more and see contents etc.

Hope you find them useful; they have taken a lot of thinking and work, so I hope so. Note: all Gut Planners and Barrier Planners will have the Elimination & Challenge Factsheet for free tomorrow so keep an eye out for the update email. Rest of you at a tenner is a flippin bargain – only 25 years’ worth of experience in it 😉

Let me know what you think of the new stuff, won’t you; it’s always like releasing a new baby into the world!


2 thoughts on “New #Gluten Testing Page and Elimination & Challenge Factsheet

  1. […] When I asked Dr Tom O’Bryan about that, he said it was because of the inflammation levels. People tend to get diagnosed when they are most poorly, of course, which means that their body is under attack most at that time. You remove the trigger – gluten – but no-one is really doing anything about the inflammatory processes that continue unchecked. That’s why I have alluded to it in the new Gluten Testing Protocol: […]

  2. […] work out the right approach, which I customised to how I felt it should be done. Of course, the new Elimination & Challenge Factsheet was the […]

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