Natural No Yeast Wines

Just a quick message for you today on yeast in wines and cross-reactivity to gluten. This is the message I just posted on Facebook TGF group:

Going over cross-reactive foods list and see yeast is on it. Checked re the Domaine Viret wines (the makers of the SoLo wine I found I tolerate) to see if any yeast is added.

Answer: nope. No added yeast, the fermentation is achieved by just the natural yeast that appears on the grapes. Ok, still yeast but the cross-reactive foods is a mix of baker’s and brewer’s yeasts. Could explain why we may tolerate ‘natural’ wines more. 


5 thoughts on “Natural No Yeast Wines

  1. Thanks Micki, would I be right in thinking then/guessing the cross reactive yeasts don’t include the Kirkmans or Paradise Herbs beta glucans?

    • Yes, it comes from mushrooms, although not a cross-reactive yeast, it is still a yeast that someone could be sensitive to if yeast-sensitive generally, if you see what I mean. PH is yeast free in fact.

  2. That is interesting, I am much better with natural, organic or bio-dynamic wines and have so far found only one wine maker actually happy to confirm no dairy is used in making it. I am pretty sure lots don’t but until the labelling catches up it isn’t enough just to assume, that because it doesn’t contain a warning it’s ok. Generally though I have expensive tastes :o)

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