Cheesy Grins Are Contagious!

I had to share this one with you today as it brings home the domino effect that positivity can have.

M wrote:

you will be amused to hear that I have been promulgating the Cheshire cat cheesy grin theory around the office – especially to F who has been suffering from depression ever since her husband died two years ago – and now we are all wandering around grinning stupidly at each other!! The great thing about it is that just thinking about grinning stupidly is enough to make one smile with amusement!!  Job done!!  

This, of course, made me smile and, by sharing it, I hope it will make you smile too. Y’see: I wrote about my mad grinning, other people read that and started grinning themselves, people who saw them started grinning, they told us about it and we are now grinning about them grinning. What a domino effect – just think of the power of that cheesy smiling going from person to person, how lovely!

And, yes, I am still grinning. Are you?




3 thoughts on “Cheesy Grins Are Contagious!

  1. I’m grinning. Love it. It’s so true. It works for grumpy frowns too but smiling is so positive 🙂 Smile passed back. You’re it.

  2. […] the last few days I have been communing with Micki Rose on the subject of smiles. In the light of January’s ‘Black Monday’ and […]

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