Potato and Grape Vodkas

Just in time for Chrimbles, I saw this list of gluten and grain free vodkas including a couple from potatoes or grape.

Gluten Free Vodkas

I have tried potato vodka and couldn’t tolerate it – Barrier Planners note that potato is out anyway so I should have known! – but I haven’t tried a grape variety. Yet.

I don’t know how safe they are and haven’t investigated things like cross-contamination, how they are stored (in ex-grain barrels, sealed with wheat paste etc etc) but I offer you the list for investigation and hope. Do let me know if you try any or get any further info and we can add it to the TGF safe foods list. Meantime, a glass of SoLo wine or champers should be OK for you 🙂

Read more about truly gluten (ie grain free) wines here. Do also read the allied article on About.com about whether grain alcohols are really gluten free. Note that most people say they react. I wonder why…!




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