Yeast Free Beta Glucans Now In At YHB

I have been advising Paradise Herbs yeast free Beta Glucans for those of you who can’t take normal beta glucans because of a yeast sensitivity. The beta glucans are recommended in a few of the plans especially the candida plan in the low SIgA protocol. It has been a bind to get hold of in the UK as ND couldn’t get it.

Just to let you know, YHB have now got it in stock for us specially. See here. And don’t forget you have a 10% discount code for YHB here.

If you have no idea what YHB is, it’s our new ‘hard to get stuff’ supplier. Read more here. Well done them.


2 thoughts on “Yeast Free Beta Glucans Now In At YHB

  1. Hi Micki – Thanks for that. I have been using the Transfer Point Beta Glucan from Hadley Health Care in London – does that mean that this is not TGF?

    • It’s not one that I have checked for TGF-ness Sharon and they don’t give the ingredients on the website rather unhelpfully (That SO annoys me!) so I can’t look – what are they? Ones I have checked: Kirkmans Beta Glucan is yeast, but TGF safe. Paradise Herbs is TGF and yeast free. You can now get both from YHB with your discount code as they do Kirkman’s stuff too 🙂

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