NCGS Detail and Last Chance For Free Listening

Fabulous interview with ‘Mr NCGS’ himself Umberto Volta today. You must try and listen to it or read the transcript. Last chance for free today! Follow this link: 

Some pearls for you: NCGSs are just as likely to be malabsorbing as a coeliac but because of a different reason not the villi, they are likely to be very short of Vit D, Zn, Mg and Fe, they are very commonly going to suffer from other food sensitivities and FODMAPs are particularly toxic to them (I am working on this for you but mostly dairy, legumes, onions which are not in the BP anyway, I thank you), there is a link between NCGS and nickel allergy, he regularly finds lactose and fructose intolerance (he didn’t mention histamine but I am taking bets…) and he says they don’t yet know whether NCGS is a transient or permanent condition. Happens mostly in women after the age of 40 and is sudden loss of tolerance, triggered by gluten but followed by other foods and hyper-permeability is def involved. Blimey, he fitted a lot into 16 pages!!

Moral of the story: we are not mad, this is an accepted condition esp in Italy and his studies suggest it is not affecting 0.6% of the population; more like 6%.

By the way, if you want to buy the 29 interviews, I heard today that the price will go up after the end of the summit (today). It is currently $67 (about £40 in today’s currency rate) so get to it before it goes up. And, if you want to thank me for doing all the listening for you so far, you can use my link and I get paid some commission which would be highly welcome thank you since I have done b***er all else since the start of the Summit to earn any money . Thank you: here tis:

 Update: just been told that there are 8 interviews still up for free as an ‘Encore Day’. I have listened to all 8 and they are goodies esp Mike Marsh. Also, the price is being held at that level until 21st Nov, after which I hear it will be $97.


2 thoughts on “NCGS Detail and Last Chance For Free Listening

  1. Thanks Micki, this is all fascinating. I ordered it yesterday and didn’t realise you could get commission :-(, I’m so sorry but I have just emailed them quoting your name as recommending me, and asked if they could apply it to your link anyway, fingers crossed. Also if you order, you have the option to pay in two instalments of $33.50 one month apart which is good too.

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