#Gluten Neurological Symptoms

Gluten-Related Neurological Symptoms and Conditions I know we have covered this before, but I saw this great run-down of the neurological symptoms and conditions most associated with gluten sensitivity this morning and thought it might be useful to share.

Gluten-Related Neurological Symptoms and Conditions

I am constantly asked if people’s brain fog, anxiety, depression, behavioural issues, restless legs, twitching, numbness, pins and needles, headaches, migraine and many more could be because of gluten.

The answer is always yes. Much of the gluten sensitivity research done so far has been on neurological and skin effects actually so there is quite a bit of clout behind the idea and it is building month on month.

In this run-down, you can see all of the above mentioned as well as insomnia, ADHD, vertigo, epilepsy, biploar, ataxia (loss of co-ordination) and others.

No-one is quite yet sure whether the gluten is actually attacking the brain or nervous system directly or it is as a result of the nutrient deficiencies caused by gluten damage. I think it will turn out to be a bit of both. Certainly, I have seen pretty much all of those conditions in gluten sensitives and have had various ones myself over the years.

Read the blog post above and also see here where I have written more about neurological symptoms of gluten sensitivity and also here where we looked at B12 deficiency causing neurological problems too. You are definitely NOT going mad!


2 thoughts on “#Gluten Neurological Symptoms

  1. Janet Rörschåch

    Oh yes, brain fog…My old friend. If I had been diagnosed 40 years ago instead of three I think my schooling and career would have been very different.

    • Ditto, Janet! I would have achieved a lot more, I am so used to everything taking 3 times as long to get done as you have to force the thought to the front of your head. Or that’s how it feels for me – thankfully now only when I am glutened.

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