Compounding Medicines

Sometimes, you will need medicines and what are we to do when they are full of grains, lactose, other allergens? The answer could lie in getting them made for us, or ‘compounded’ especially for us. I talked a bit about this here: Gluten in Medicines.

I know nothing really about compounding – if any of you have done this, please chime in with some tips/addresses, please.

However, I have seen two useful, albeit US-based, blog posts on the subject recently so thought they might be worth sharing. They tend to concentrate on being corn-free.

First, see this one

Getting Medications Compounded

which is a great run down of how to go about getting a medicine compounded, convincing your doctor, finding the right pharmacist etc. They suggest you go to the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists to find a local one near you. This seems to be a much bigger list in the US and I could only find one listed in the UK:

Contact Information

Unit 4 Premier Park Road
Park Royal NW10 7NZ

Karen Hamling

440 (208) 838-8260

I haven’t rung them or anything but pass it on in case. If anyone uses them, please let us know how you get on.

I thought one of the comments underneath was interesting too – the person said they are starting to use Eastern European meds because they use potato starch as the filler rather than grain. Could be useful to know.

The second post

Corn Free Medication: Getting Prescriptions Compounded

was a comment on the one above and has some more useful tips for us, not least how many should you order for the best value and making sure they don’t package your new meds in corny stuff.

Making Grain Free Suppositories, Pessaries and Capsules

In related news, I have been exploring other ways of making our own supplements etc. I have found a pessary/suppository mould, a recipe using coconut oil or cocoa butter as the carrier to add stuff into, and a capsule maker with gelatin DIY capsules. I am nothing if not determined to be able to get and take pure stuff when nothing is available!

I’ll let you know how I get on!


8 thoughts on “Compounding Medicines

  1. Here in France, I have discovered that I can get pure homeopathic remedies just by asking – and it is still affordble. Homeopathic meds here are always made by Boiron and all contain saccharose and lactose as the exipients – I can get the liquid version in water made up just by asking at the chemist and waiting a day or two. This prob doesn’t help in the UK – but you never know – maybe some places stock Boiron homeopathic products?? Or you must be able to get hold of them online by now…
    I can’t get hold of painkillers so far..though one chemist said they could get me paracetamol powder…but I didn’t have the energy to get into that conversation at the time! I got some silcea instead which seemed to help with tooth/absess pain….

    • Good point, thanks FB. Yes, we can get homeopathic remedies. I am just working on adding some info to the TGF Supplement Master list but you can contact Helios and Ainsworths who will both make up remedies for people. ‘Tis silicea too just in case someone pastes and copies that remedy to get one!

  2. Not sure if this would be available in Europe, but I had some serious dental pain with a tooth that had to be removed. The pain was so bad that even doubling the recommenced dose of the Tylenol with codeine liquid hardly did anything. In an online forum someone recommended Dew Drops hemp oil from Dixie Botanicals. I was skeptical but desperate. As soon as this arrived in the mail, I tried 2/3 the recommended dose. Within 15 minutes the pain was greatly reduced. It was quite amazing and I continued to take it twice daily for a couple of weeks after the tooth removal.

    • Fascinating. It is made from the whole plant I see so contains some cannabis metabolites which has often been recommended for pain. It is not plain hemp oil as we usually buy it, but there you go. Useful to know! Don’t think they ship internationally. Shame as I could do with some; my mouth is hellish again :(. I am in fact using a homeopathic anti-inflammatory to see if that will work too.

      • Yeah, it’s a drag to have such limitations on pain meds that one can have. We have one here called BC Powder that is a mix of aspirin and caffeine. I remember it was big in the deep south way back when. It is in powder form in individual packets and free of any bad additives. It is great stuff but as one who has had gastritis in the past, it is not something I should use. But I did take it a few times when things were really bad.

  3. See my Progress Report last time too where I said that I found soluble Co-codamol seemed ok TGF–wise (well, I didn’t react to it anyway for a change!) although I wouldn’t want to take it too often.

  4. Hi Micki

    I have found out quite a lot about compounding and will call you to share it – not here much this week but will phone probably next Monday with lots of info (quicker for me than typing it all out!)



    • Fab, thanks Deb, look fwd to it. Leave me a message and I will call back. Barely answer the phone nowadays as the blinkin sales calls are always breaking my concentration!

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