February 13: Truly #Gluten Free Update

Well, I am pleased to report I am back well under 30 at a smiley

this month (although I have to allow that it is a short month in Feb so it probably would be about 26 in a normal one – although that’s still pretty good, isn’t it, now I think about it :)).

Bit up and downy but mainly because I started re-trying things like supplements and bath products again. I get confident and cocky, don’t I, and then ruin my good work with impatience! I had two mildish migraines (2.5-3 anyway, although I hesitate to call any migraine ‘mild’): the usual monthly one and a reaction one.

I continued to feel a bit ‘off’ if you know what I mean. Not exactly ill but not firing on all four cylinders either. My skin has been more sore than usual and my gums very slightly up, so something somewhere isn’t liking me.

I have a sneaking suspicion it is something to do with sunflower oil. I have reacted twice now to new trial bath products and thought carefully about what was the common denominator between them, the lipbalm hairdresser incident and the Christmas Day reaction, neither of which I could pin down to anything. All involved sunflower somewhere or another so that is my main suspect, especially since I have been chomping my way through the Crazy Jacks dried fruit more lately (which we have discovered have sunflower oil contamination during packaging, see here if you missed that).

Anyway, lot of 0.5- 1 days in the month, so I can’t complain. P had a virusy/cold thing, too, which I didn’t get so I am hoping my immunity is getting stronger.

For those of you who I know are waiting on my ‘sanitary wear’ trials – which sounds very odd! – I have ordered some Eco ‘pads’ which are actually strangely cute but haven’t used them yet. I will report back on the email replies I’ve had from various major companies soon for you, too.

Right, March has started with one of the bath product migraines so let’s hope that’s the only one I have this month. Fingers and toes crossed.

How have you got on since the start of the year? I hope well. Report in!



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