Crazy Jacks Dried Fruit Update

  A and I have been chatting about possible reactions to the Crazy Jacks range of dried fruit, mostly to the apricots, dates, figs and prunes.

On the label, it clearly states ‘nothing but apricots’ etc and A had noticed a change in their consistency so checked with them about any changes. They assured him there have been none.

Next, A kindly quizzed them for me about flow aids for the dates and apricots – what helps them not stick to the machinery during packing. They have advised:

The only processing aid that is used is a very light coating of organic sunflower oil to enable free flowing of the fruit through the packing machinery.

So, since A and I are both problematic with sunflower, there is the answer. Be warned if you are too. I would imagine the processing flow aid is the same with all the fruit. Note, though, that most of the dried fruits from HBS use rapeseed oil.

I suppose that will teach us to use a processed food!


6 thoughts on “Crazy Jacks Dried Fruit Update

  1. I had reaction to US brand of dried Chile Mangos….the company did not respond.
    But my throat & gut sure did. Dang.
    Dried fruit not work….to much mold secret hidden stuff… just like you say…its..PROCESSED!

  2. […] fruit more lately (which we have discovered have sunflower oil contamination during packaging, see here if you missed […]

  3. I’m beginning to wonder if I have a problem with sunflower. I am reacting to an unknown foodstuff. I am careful not to ingest gluten to the point of being neurotic. Sunflower seems to be used in or to prepare quite a few foodstuffs.

    • Hi Kathy, yes it is rather ubiquitous, isn’t it? Sunflower is a common allergen but it might be something else. Try knocking it out for a few days and re-trying to confirm any issues with it.

  4. Kathleen Flanagan

    I’ve had a problem in the last couple of days with Crazy Jacks Apricots and Dates. My mouth has swollen, I have a sore throat and I’m itching like mad. Time to get tested I think.

  5. Kathleen Flanagan

    I kept thinking I’d been contaminated with gluten. Would ingesting this give me stomach ache in the same way that gluten does?

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