Aw Shucks and Barrier Plan Beginnings

 I suddenly realised I haven’t given you any comments from our Barrier Planners recently and then, the last couple of days, a couple of lovely comments came through so here they are to share with you.

First, this from a lady who has very severe food restriction – on an elemental diet for 10 years which she is reacting to now thanks to the corn maltodextrin – and is just starting to put some food back in, thank goodness. She is using the BP to make sure she doesn’t put anything grainy etc back in in error and using the protocol to guide her choices of probiotics to start with:

…most of all thank you for being someone who knows, someone who understands, and someone who believes and makes improvements happen!

How lovely. It makes all the hard work worthwhile 🙂

Next, a comment left on the TGF Chat page from Maureen. She explains that she has been grain free for quite some time and, despite experiencing significant improvement, she couldn’t get past some of her most troubling symptoms. I hate myself sometimes for always having to be the one who encourages yet more restriction of diet, but in many cases, the first thing I think is: how much have they cut out of the nasties most likely involved? Maureen was grain free but could the lectins be involved? M lives abroad in a country not easy to follow the Barrier diet, I can tell you, so I didn’t push as hard as normal (although she probably doesn’t see it that way ;)). Here’s what she had to say after finally taking the leap into full Barrier Plan:

I have been following the barrier plan to the letter now for over a month. I had given up all grains, but had been holding out on beans and potatoes, which I have now cut out. My energy levels have risen substantially and my mood levels are hugely improved. When I have bad days in these areas, I can trace it to exposure to something.

The biggest symptom seems to be very strong anger reactions, which has been unsettling. I have struggled with depression and intolerance of others for many years, and did not know that it was related (at least in part) to what I was eating! Also, I took my basal temperature the past two mornings, and I had a normal temperature of 36.6! My husband has been very cranky with me about the even more strict diet I am following. However, I can tell that it is worth it. I do feel disappointed, though, that it does not feel safe to eat out with him at the moment.

We’ve all been there. The cost of feeling well, it seems, certainly for the first few months at least, is this ruddy restriction. But, as I replied, at least it puts us in control – Maureen now knows what causes her emotional outbursts and she can eat and take the consequences if she chooses but at least her body is no longer the one in control; she is.

I included this comment also to illustrate that symptoms are not always physical. Many people completely dismiss any food reaction causing emotional symptoms like anger, as in this case, or anxiety/depression, but actually, over the years I have definitely found that most emotional symptoms have at least improved with the removal of wheat and dairy. My first ever patient taught me that lesson, actually, and I have never forgotten to look at allergy/sensitivity as a primary cause of emotional and mental issues. Even if you do look at me as if I am bonkers when I say that!

Anyway, hope they help someone and thank to to J and to M for sharing. Don’t forget to follow the comments – we have almost 2000 comments now all full of tips that could help you! This week, for example, we have been discussing corny condoms, cold and flu tips and corn-free shampoo (at long last, thank you Mary). Don’t miss out and don’t be scared to join in, we are all TGF family here.


7 thoughts on “Aw Shucks and Barrier Plan Beginnings

  1. Is the corn maltodextrin a good thing or bad thing in the above comment – was a bit unsure to be honest – I always thought it was a baddie?

  2. It’s a bad thing!! and is listed in The Barrier Plan as something to be avoided. Speaking from experience I know it’s done me in more than once.

  3. I just came across a new french probiotic which they are claiming is great as it contains LCR35 which is supposed to be the “magic” ingredient but it contains maltodextrin – as I avoid wheat and sugar as much as I possibly can would this be a one to avoid?

  4. Sometimes I always feel more bloated after a probiotic than when I don’t take them – any recommendations for one that doesn’t do that

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