A Little Fishy In A Little Dishy…

Recently, I decided I would try having a mail order fish delivery like I do with my 100% grass-fed meat (from the wonderfully helpful Mary at Sheepdrove Farm) once every couple of months. After quizzing Paul, the owner, on anything used in preparation and packaging, I chose Fish For Thought from Cornwall.

I duly placed an order for lots of wild, un-farmed fresh-caught fish, both frozen and unfrozen. I included crabmeat and made some wonderful sweet potato crabcakes (see the new Pinterest boards for crabcake recipes), some scallops, which have been divine and a variety of other white and oily fish, preferably available from Cornwall waters.

I ordered quite a bit in the first instance – with some trepidation – to fill my newly-acquired, specially-bought for my TGF safe meat and fish freezer. Life is SO much easier since I did this.

Two massive polystyrene boxes arrived filled with fish and ice. It took a while to get everything out (over a sink as there is ice melt) and I portioned everything up into freezer bags and labelled them clearly. I bought quite a bit of frozen fish, since it is often very quickly frozen and you therefore get ‘fresher’ fish in a way – important to any histameanies out there.

750g Fresh Sea Bass Wild Medium image loading ...I had treated myself to some wild seabass – and asked for the medium rather than large ones, but even the smaller size ones frightened the life out of me – flippin’ enormous! Each one is taking me 2-3 meals to eat so, even though expensive, it works out cheaper than having a steak when you want a treat. I adore seabass and it was delish.

Watch The Crab!

Nothing grainy is used in processing or packaging except for if you have dressed or brown crab, when they sometimes add breadcrumbs to make it less sloppy. I reminded them when I ordered that I needed them to prepare it well away from anything dressed and wanted no breadcrumbs in my brown crab however sloppy it was! It arrived fine.

Anyway, I am happy to report no reactions and I have had several items now :).

Go and have a look for yourself at their site Fish For Thought (this is a link to their extensive recipe page). And I note that there is free delivery over £50 until the end of Feb.

Enjoy. And if any of you have any other fishy company recommendations, do please share.


4 thoughts on “A Little Fishy In A Little Dishy…

  1. As I’m histamine-intolerant as well as gluten-intolerant, your recommendation interested me greatly. From what I’ve read, fresh fish is very low in histamine, but soon becomes pretty toxic as it ages. So in the hope of being able to eat a wider range of fish without having an unpleasant reaction, I ordered cod, haddock, halibut and hake. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been disappointed. All but the cod steaks arrived frozen (I understand the fish pieces are frozen on board ship); the cod were simply chilled. I’ve sampled all four types and none of them tasted fresh. And of course I had varying degrees of reaction to all of them. If anybody else with histamine-intolerance has sampled fish from Fish for Thought, I’d be interested to learn of your experience. As for me, I think I’ll remain with the local market fish stand in future, but only buy what’s fresh that day.

    • What a shame, Anthony, have you quizzed them about the freezing of those particular fish? Perhaps those were not caught by them, I know they do buy some in from market if it is not local/available.

  2. I wrote to Fish for Thought as follows: “I’m histamine intolerant and am hoping to find really, really fresh fish. This is because I understand that very fresh fish is low in histamine, but fish which isn’t totally fresh soon become high in histamine. And that would cause me health problems. I believe that some of your fish are frozen on board the same ships that catch them – so they’re as fresh as they could possibly be – but others you buy in from a fish market Which are the fish frozen on board ship?”

    Fish for Thought replied: “The fish that is frozen at sea is the block haddock and cod. All the fish from the market is very fresh, but I would recommend you avoid fish like mackerel which can have high levels of histamine if they get above a certain temperature.”

    It’s good (and surprising) that they know about histamine intolerance – but unfortunately the block haddock and cod are in far too large an amount to be practical for me. So what this means is that all the fish I bought was from their local market and frozen for despatch. It’s a great pity – but as I know I’m having a problem with it there’s no reason to continue buying from them. I’ll just go to the local fishmonger myself and ask what’s totally fresh that day. Or avoid fish.

    • Thanks, Anthony, for sharing your findings. Very useful. For most of us, the fish seems fresh enough and is frozen pretty quickly then, but not quick enough for histameanies. Quite right, buy what is fresh that day locally to be safe. I have not reacted to any of it but then I am not (thankfully) a histameanie.

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