Truly #Gluten Free Update: January 13

So sorry: it is already the 11th of Feb and I haven’t done the January update, oops! January is traditionally my busiest month coping with everyone’s new year resolutions to sort themselves out, detox, lose weight whatever so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

.5  Not a brilliant start to the year with my highest score for a long while of 38.5. Boo!

First 4 days of Jan continued my end of December run of 0.5 scores, making 10 clear days from the last bad day. Then, the seemingly ubiquitous monthly migraine arrived. Happily though it was one of the shortest ever yet and only lasted 24 hours instead of the usual 48 hours (which used to be 5 days, aargh!).

Felt a bit what I call ‘jelly-legged’ with tiredness (the iron drop no doubt) for a couple of days but otherwise well. The next 8 days, I felt somehow ‘buggy’ and had a headache rather than the usual migraine; as if I was fighting something off. P felt similar so I assumed it was that. Nothing materialised greatly but I scored myself at 1-1.5 most of the time. I think I did well not to succumb to any of the colds doing the rounds at least.

I rallied for a couple of days but then woke with another migraine and continued to feel rubbishy for the rest of January.

So, what was going on there? It could well have been fighting off a bug, but, after racking my brains about anything I had done differently, I realised I had started a new bulk bag of bicarbonate of soda for my baking and for brushing my teeth. The ‘buggyness’ started on the same day I made an apricot cake with it and I only stopped using it a few days ago, since when I have felt a lot better. Could the bulk bag (from Turkey) be ‘cut’ with a starch to make it cheaper? Quite possibly. I have returned to the usual brand and all seems to have calmed down again.

In the last few days, I have had the flippin period migraine again. It suddenly occurred to me: could the sanitary products contain corn or something? Perhaps it’s not about hormones at all? I duly started researching it and have discovered that very many sanitary products like tampons and towels (sorry guys!) are indeed corny. Bingo! I am continuing to research and will advise you as I go along.

If I could get rid of the monthly migraine and keep my iron from dropping after a period, and I could stop getting glutened by seemingly innocuous things, my scores would drop a lot, wouldn’t they?! This month, I ate beef every day of my period and haven’t dropped anywhere near as low energy-wise. Next month, I will change sanitary products and hope the migraine doesn’t happen. That would be fab.

One encouraging piece of news to start Feb off with though: I went to London for a day to help judge the Overall Winners and Innovations categories of the Freefrom Food Awards. I would normally expect to do the train journey back with a migraine but none materialised and I actually had tons of energy. That’s a first – let’s hope it continues like that 🙂

Ok, let’s hope the score for Feb drops back to 25 or fewer again. How did you do in Jan?


3 thoughts on “Truly #Gluten Free Update: January 13

  1. I know it sounds awful – but if it comes to it, you can actually use organic cotton washable sanitary towels (!!) a bit like washable nappies lol! I know a couple of people who use them and say you quickly get used to it (like anything else that is necessary!) and you just change your habits basically! i.e. quick washes in between etc. Not v practical when out and about but maybe for home days?? Until another solution is found??
    Personally, Jan had a few gluten surprises for me – cross contamination no doubt. Having to be mega careful nowadays… I think it’s often just absent minded-ness when dealing with my son’s food/ mess aswell! I must touch things I shouldn’t, crumbs etc. Also, when they come up and give you a big cuddle and crumby kiss, you just can’t push them away!!
    The other day a little girl drank from my bottle of water (I work with children) and later her parents mentioned that she had had her brekky on the way in (brioche!) – STUPID OF ME! Have been ill for 2 days since so that taught me! Just get so tired of Gluten invading my every thought! Feels obsessive grrrrr!!! Good sign that you came back from the judging feeling good! They must have been Truly Free From then! 😀

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling rotten, Becky, and hope you pick up soon – it is very wearing having to think all the time isn’t it? People have no idea, not even the people you live with! Re the ‘nappies’ how lovely! I have actually been looking into them this week. Ugh. .

  2. heheh! Well, it’s an option! 🙂

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