#Gluten Free Diet Helps Childhood Arthritis

John Scott sent me this story yesterday about a 3 year old boy who developed debilitating arthritis. How sad is that? The story basically charts his family’s progress through the medical maze, ending up with combining his drugs with a gluten and dairy free diet. Within six weeks, he started to improve considerably and his consultant now says he no longer has any active arthritis and he is off his meds. Lovely.

Have a read.

Notice the info linking barrier integrity and leaky gut to inflammation that we talk about here. Also, note the importance of the probiotics in his regime – although quite why the VSL3 they talk about was used when it contains traces of gluten and dairy I really don’t know; it’s not hard to make a gluten and dairy free probiotic. Look, though, at the number it contains- 450billion per sachet. Perhaps we should learn the lesson there and massively increase the dosage in the barrier protocol? I will look into that. Meantime, I see most of you not even taking the amount I recommend now. I know it adds up, but it really is crucial. People often ask me what’s the most important part of the protocol if they had to choose and it is usually the probiotics.

The other thing that struck me about this story was how long it took the family to break down their worries about following the alternative advice. I get this all the time, of course, and just yesterday (thank you H and I’m glad to hear you are recovering :)), I saw this comment on another blog about me:

When Micki suggested ditching gluten and dairy that I’d been happily eating for each of my 43 years I was sceptical. However she was right! For years Drs have been declaring there’s no cure for IC. [Interstitial cystitis] For years they’ve been subjecting IC patients to awful invasive procedures / long term antibiotics….. IC is very badly misunderstood and misdiagnosed. It causes untold suffering. Please tell the Urologists and shout the gluten free message from the rooftops Micki. 

How sweet is that? I do spend much of my life trying to help people overcome worries about making such drastic changes to their diet. In the end, it’s a diet trial and, if it works, that’s great, but how would you know if you didn’t try is always what I come back to. It’s worth a go, isn’t it, with chronic suffering? May not turn out to be the full answer, but it’s turning out usually to be a good part of it.

I couldn’t help flinching with the mention of the corn tortilla at the end! I hope the fact that they have done something about his clear gluten problems early enough will mean he never develops the full grain problem, don’t you?! I read that bit with my fingers and toes crossed for him.

Anyway, thanks John and H, useful stuff.



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