Three Clear Treatment Choices For #Gluten Sensitivity

As I was launching the new TGF Supplements master list, it occurred to me that, over the past two years, we have evolved three clear ways of treating gluten related disorders. I have therefore updated the Gluten Treatment page to reflect this.

In essence, we have:

1. Go Traditional Gluten Free 

The traditional gluten free diet usually given is is gliadin free ONLY (wheat, rye, barley and sometimes oats). There are plenty of good gluten free resources and, as you can tell, I don’t think it is good enough to heal most gluten sensitives and coeliacs. If you want to start by removing these grains only, though, that’s a viable choice.

So far, I haven’t had a chance to write a traditional gluten free book and, since I think any gluten sensitive needs to go grain free anyway, I am never likely to ;). I have, however, written a low GL gluten and dairy free cookbook which, even though called ‘Lose Your Belly Fat Plan‘ because it was originally to help people manage their weight and find a healthy diet, it is gluten and dairy free so all the menus, diet plans etc etc will suit.

If traditional gluten free, I would still advocate using the core nutrient protocol and supplements recommended in the Master List.

2. Go Truly Gluten Free

The Trulyglutenfree approach is free from ALL grains and dairy to remove all glutens and grain fractions, not just gliadin. This is most suitable for those who are gliadin free (traditional gluten free, as above) but not feeling well or healing (most!).

The TGF ebook and TGF Supplements will give a full diet and nutrient protocol which is grain and dairy free. I have yet to write TGF Toiletries, but I’m on it!

3. Follow The Barrier Plan

The Barrier Plan is the healing diet and full testing and treatment protocol. This is most suitable for people with any form of gluten sensitivity but especially for those with multiple allergy, auto-immune and inflammatory conditions. It is grain, dairy and legume free and free from any of the known foods that affect barrier integrity. It is totally unique and does not exist anywhere else. It is essentially based on the Primal, SCD and TrulyGlutenFree diet with added research on specific barrier hyper-permeability issues.

The plan gives you the diet, a specific detailed, researched nutrient healing prescription plus 12 additional documents to help you achieve healing.

So, it sounds so simple, doesn’t it, but actually that has taken me about a year to work out the process and much longer to actually produce the documents so far.

Choose the most appropriate approach for you. I truly hope it helps.

Read more here.


3 thoughts on “Three Clear Treatment Choices For #Gluten Sensitivity

  1. Hi Micki
    I have bought and downloaded your latest TGF supplement book and very useful it is! Thank you. One question. How long should we take supplements for? I’ve been taking the supplements recommended in the BP for about 9-10 months now. How long should I continue to take them? Forever? Taper off after a period of time? Any advice would be welcome.

    • Hi Chrissie. Glad you found the TGF Supplements useful. Re supplements, depends how you are getting on. See the guidelines on page 58 (6th point down) and Point 3 in After The Plan, p68. Hope that helps. If in doubt, PM me and I will help.

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