Truly #Gluten Free Tequila?

Some of us have been discussing whether 100% agave tequila might be truly gluten free safe. Two bits of info for you today on that, both funnily enough from Ruths!

Our friend, Ruth at What Allergy gave me this:

Tequila is obtained from the distillation of fermented juice of agave plant, Agave tequilana, to which up to 49% (w/v) of an adjunct sugar, mainly from cane or corn, could be added.

Agave plants require from 8 to 12 years to mature and during all this time cleaning, pest control, and slacken of land are required to produce an initial raw material with the appropriate chemical composition for tequila production.

Production process comprises four steps: cooking to hydrolyze inulin into fructose, milling to extract the sugars, fermentation with a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to convert the sugars into ethanol and organoleptic compounds, and, finally, a two-step distillation process.

Maturation, if needed, is carried out in white oak barrels to obtain rested or aged tequila in 2 or 12 months, respectively.

I’ve highlighted the bits that could be a problem for us. It has to have no other sugar added and not be matured in ex-grain barrels.

Ruth S has tried some and recommends this:

You have to get 100% agave Tequila, apparently all the cheaper mixed ones contain corn sugar……It has to say 100% agave on the bottle or it’ll have corn in it.. One of the brands I researched said on the website their barrels were old whiskey barrels and they used that as a selling point as it adds to the flavour.  Herradura didn’t say that which is why I got it.  It sounds like they’ve been making it a long time so I’m sure if there was ever any grain in the barrels it’ll be long gone.  I got it from Ocado online, reduced to around £32.

I note it is still on offer at Ocado as I just checked. Not sure if I will try it over Christmas (not the time to try new things, I would say!) but if any of you do try some at any point, please share how you get on. Ariba, Ariba! (I have no idea what that actually means but it sounded right there somehow ;))


4 thoughts on “Truly #Gluten Free Tequila?

  1. I wish it was easier to find out what was in alcohol. I am sure there was a law passed that said they had to label ALL ingredients and things used in production but none ever do. What about gin? and vodka? I think I’m generally OK with them, but I think Gin can contain almonds, so not suitable for those allergic to almonds. I am pretty sure I’m OK with almonds but have had reactions, doc thinks probably due to cross contamination so still a bit of a worry buying them… All nuts seem to contain traces of peanuts!!!

    • I thought they are supposed to label at least the common 12 allergens but I think they have a lead-in time to achieve that. Re nuts, I think unless they have a completely peanut free milling factory, the potential is always there for cross-contamination, isn’t it? Toughie.

  2. Ok after reading for 2 hrs on GF alcohol, I am sticking to Tito’s vodka, Herradura and Patron tequilas.

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