Truly #Gluten Free: November Update


Happy to report I am still doing the 25.5 score dance – as it was exactly the same this month!

The throat and general unwellness took the usual 10 days to calm down after the inhaling of rice steam incident I talked about last month. This is about right; I always advise people reactions can last up to 10 days or so because they think it should go with a couple. It can, but major ones probably last the full 10 days.

Within that 10 days I had a migraine again with my period :(, but then I never had another one that month, which is really pleasing :). The throat swelling settled down as I stopped taking in tap water. I haven’t re-tried it yet so still can’t be certain until I do and see if it returns.

After that I had a record 15 DAYS at 0.5 score!!! I felt pretty well and led an almost normal life, hoorah! The main issue was my swollen, slightly tender gums coming up and down which I think was related to spices (I tried a new carrot cake recipe and had mulled wine, naughty girl).

The last few days of the month were slightly worse, but still only at a score of 1. I tried some glutamine, which I have always struggled to get in so it is probably that. I have got the iron, zinc and vitamin D back in but, as yet, I’m not totally sure what is causing the gum thing.

The start of December has not been great, sadly as I have had a succession of issues starting with a neck spasm (usually wheat, where the heck has that come from? I did try a new lip balm and got accidentally sprayed at the hairdressers and it came on 2 hours after that…???), a migraine (on day period started again), feeling generally pretty weak as a result of those last two incidents and the last two days, my gums are up again.

Let’s see how the rest of the month goes. Bit nervous with loads of places to go, people in the house and normal/kitchen routines upset… we’ll see. Wish me luck; I want more 0.5 and even zero days please as a Christmas present! And I hope you get that too.

How was your month?


One thought on “Truly #Gluten Free: November Update

  1. […] started the month with the tail-end of the ‘hairdresser/lipbalm incident’ from last time, if you recall. I’m still not sure which it was although I did go into the hairdressers to […]

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