Keep Your Kitchen Truly #GlutenFree

   Good article on Natural News recently reminding us to be careful about cross-contamination in our own kitchens.

This resonated with me as P and I are currently considering knocking a wall through to extend the kitchen and make two distinct areas. I will lose the office where I see patients – and that’s part of the reason for me stopping taking new ones on, but I think the time is coming where I need to be a bit more careful kitchen-wise.

We have been considering it for a good while as our kitchen is pretty small and it is hard to keep away from gluten especially when the boys are home. It came to a head (literally) last week when I reached across to get the salt when cooking and breathed in the steam from P’s rice cooker. He usually does that in the garage for me and I didn’t realise he had brought the pot into the kitchen and it was still steaming away. Suffice to say I lost two days to a migraine again :(.

So, have a read of the useful advice here. I have used the problem in the past as a nice excuse to buy pretty new things for my gluten free area – all my pans are red ceramic, my knives and utensils are pastel-coloured and I have my Thermomix, tins and glass jars all on one side. Works OK but, after last week, I really think we might have two hobs and two cookers or one of those long 6 burner hobs so I don’t have to crick my neck constantly trying to avoid steaming/spitting halloumi rice/couscous and the like.

What do you do? Can you pass on any tips for us…?

(Source: FM forum, Nov 12.)


4 thoughts on “Keep Your Kitchen Truly #GlutenFree

  1. I use toastie bags for my toast and that seems to work well. We have separate sides of the kitchen but still share utensils etc. I think I will get rid of all the wheat flour though it does get everywhere I remember that from making something with flour a while back…mistake!

    I do most of the cooking so mostly everything we eat is okay, there’s just the odd things which are gluten containing, mostly cereals and breads and they are on the ‘other side’. oh and the cat food!!

    I do think I need to replace the wooden spoons though, and I’d love a new dishwasher…ours is seriously rubbish!!

    • Toastie bags!!! Have fainted. One of my pet hates, Debbie – not a good idea to cook your hot food in plastic, although I can see it helps from a TGF cross-contamination point of view. A new tiny toaster would be much safer and cost you far less then keep buying the plastic bags.

  2. Celiac and Allergy Adventures

    I have this problem as well – and it mainly happens with my boyfriend and I both putting things straight on the counter top (like a piece of regular bread, then my own piece of gluten-free bread a couple hours later). It’s a stupid mistake and one that can be easily remedied, but sometimes I’m not really thinking before I have caffeine. I have separately kitchen-ware (utensils, pots and pans, colander) but otherwise, the kitchen is totally shared. I’ll be interested to know what you end up doing!

    • Yes, so easily done, isn’t it Amanda? I find myself constantly saying ‘have you put anything down here?’ and wiping it. With my own cloth of course (took me a long time to think of doing that one too :)).

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