Get Up And Go #Grain Free

Lovely ditty left by Caroline in comments recently I thought you might like to share:

Negative , negative, negative,

All blood tests report back negative,

Get out of bed you lazy thing,

get up, get out,  get going!


Negatvie, negative, negative,

All tests come back negative,

You hypochondriac,

Those aches and pains are all made up,

Get up, get out, get going



Grain free, grain free, grain free,

Positively, Positively,  grain free,

I’m up.

 I’m out.

 I’m going!!!!

Yay! How fab. So glad her get up and go has not gone any more and she has been moved to write a poem about it 🙂

How is your get up and go doing…?


One thought on “Get Up And Go #Grain Free

  1. Ah Caroline you should be on TV! I love it, that might be my mantra, I might put a tune to it in my head 🙂

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