Is It Nut Free If It Contains Coconut?

I had a mental block about this the other day so I asked font of all freefrom knowledge Editor Michelle at FoodsMatter.

I asked: in freefrom world, is coconut classed as a nut?

Here’s her reply just in case you were wondering too:

FDA do in the US but that is only because it is called coco’nut’ – they also class ‘nut’meg as a nut…..  The general concensus is that allergy to coconut is very rare and has nothing to do with treenut/peanut.

Doesn’t mean you can’t be sensitive to coconut of course, as with any food, just not classed as a nut for allergy purposes as it is not botanically a nut, it’s classified as a ‘drupe’!

So there you have it: a nut free recipe CAN contain coconut.


4 thoughts on “Is It Nut Free If It Contains Coconut?

  1. I’m allergic to peanuts but not nuts or coconut. I knew someone allergic to peanuts and coconut but not nuts. I think coconut is it’s own allergen. Peanuts are a legume and not a nut and coconuts are not a nut either (as mentioned in the article). I think the FDA classifies it as a nut because it has the word “nut” in it and it grows in a shell on a tree like a nut. I’m allergic to split peas (like split pea soup) but not to peas themselves and I’m sensitive to other legumes (but not allergic). I love love love coconut!!!!

  2. I love cashews, but they make me ill.
    It wasn’t until I read D’Adamo’s book on lectins that I understood his AVOID list.
    I love coconut, but it makes me ill.
    He writes that coconut is a sensitivity in Type O not a lectin problem. Coconut flesh is moldy, so it is the mold not the protein. The odd thing is that I eat coconut oil (solid at room temperature) like icecream. The oil does not make me ill. It also is not a miracle. There are too many big names out there that claim miracles for gut healing (the saturated fat bypasses bile digestion) and thyroid stimulation. When challenged on their claims they said that it was adaptogenic and that the fat-burning properties worked for fat people and that it would help skinny people gain weight. I have found these all of these claims to be false in myself and others, so I just eat coconut oil because I like it.

  3. Does anybody have any thoughts on the ‘blood group’ diets? Somebody pointed me at it recently and I was alarmed to discover that as an ‘A’ i’m supposed to be a grain-eating vegetarian and should avoid meat. Given that I’m genetically sensitive to gluten so do terribly on grains I thought yikes what on earth am I supposed to eat?! I do tons of sport too so need some substantial foods. I’d like to take it with a pinch of salt but the description of blood group ‘A’ fits me exactly which is a little disconcerting…………………….

    • Hi Ruth, it’s confusing, isn’t it? I have some people who swear by it and others who it has never helped. It is true that it tends to be blood group Os who need grain free and the thought is because they are the original hunters and have not yet genetically adapted to agricultural foodstuffs yet. Type As tend to have adapted. Or so the theory goes. In reality, my view is that a percentage of both will have adapted and another percentage won’t: it takes a very long time for a genetic adaptation to take place. Just that As are more likely to adapt first. If you can’t tolerate grains, you can’t tolerate grains no matter what your blood group. I wonder what anyone else thinks of the diet?

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