#Grain and #Dairy Free Pumpkin Cake

  Thought I’d join in with the plethora of pumpkin recipes doing the rounds for Autumn! Here’s a lovely grain and dairy free pumpkin almond cake for you – who says cake can’t be healthy AND seasonal?

This recipe is from NHR Essential Oils – my fave essential oils make as many of you know. I thought it was a bit more interesting than most as it contains essential oil – a powerful and all-natural flavour and fragrance enhancer. You can make it without the oil, of course. I have actually been known to use their ginger oil to make a very gingery ginger cake.

Have fun…

Pumpkin Cake Recipe


200g Ground Almonds (or other nuts),

4 eggs,

175g Virgin Coconut oil,

85g honey (light & mild),

150g pumpkin,

1tspn ground clove,

1 1/2 tspn cinnamon,

1 1/2 tspn allspice,

2 level tbsn gluten free baking powder,

3 drops of NHR Organic Red Mandarin Essential Oil.


1. Cut the pumpkin into cubes and roast in a hot oven until cooked through. Allow to cool and sit for a few hours or over night to allow the juices to separate from the pumpkin. Discard the juices.

2. Melt and cool the NHR Organic virgin Coconut oil 

3. Whisk the eggs til frothy and then add the 3 drops of NHR Organic Red Mandarin oil

4. Next add the honey and whisk again, and then add the coconut oil, whisking again

5. Add the spices and the baking powder to the ground almonds and mix through

6. Add the almond mix to the egg mixture stirring anti-clockwise as you go!

7. For the finale, add the pre-mashed pumpkin, gently mixing it in anti-clockwise

8. Pour the mixture into a lined loaf tin (you can divide into an individual muffin tin if you prefer but don’t forget to adjust the cooking time to about 25 minutes)

9. Place in to a pre-heated oven, gas 2/3, 160c  for 40 minutes then cover with foil for the remainder 15mins or until cooked. Test with a skewer, it should come out clean. . . .

Mmmmm. . . . ready to enjoy!

Coming next: their delicious lemon drizzle cake using almonds and mashed potato!


3 thoughts on “#Grain and #Dairy Free Pumpkin Cake

  1. celiacandallergyadventures

    Any suggestions for a substitute on the almonds or other nuts? I can’t eat them due to a food allergy.

  2. I second that celia. I’m not allergic to nuts but most nuts say “may contain peanuts” on the package, of which I’m allergic to.

  3. The ‘may contain’ thing is a real pain in the bum, isn’t it? Invariably it is to cover their backsides rather than any real possibility of cross contamination but you just never know and it’s not worth taking the risk. Perhaps buy the whole nuts, wash, dry and grind your own Celia? Be careful.

    Instead of nuts, some of us on here have been experimenting with seeds eg flaxseed (see the focachia bread in TGF Food comments for example. And remember that coconut is not a nut (although you can be allergic to it separately as with anything of course) so you could use coconut flour maybe mixed with seed flour (grind your own seeds).

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