Hidden In the Duvet: A Salutary #Gluten Tale

  This actually made me snort today! C sent in this comment for us – amusing if very annoying for her:

I just had to tell you about this – if nothing else it might make you laugh – or cry in sympathy!

I spent a week away in Spain last week, self catering every step of the way, carting out my case of root vegetables as they don’t have things like swede, celeriac etc over there.  Every meal was painstakingly prepared by hand as the people I went there with went out to nice restaurants for lovely dinners and I just looked on enviously, but knew if was for my health I was doing it.  My family took the toaster in their bedroom to make any toast and everyone was super careful all round.

And the result?  Immaculate digestion all week and much self-congratulation. Phew – holidays really can be done.

So I come back to my flat last night and toss and turn all night with many trips to the bathroom and my stomach really in serious knots, wondering what on earth is going on.  I probably got about 3 hours sleep in total…

Thought to myself in the middle of the night – I’m sure I can smell something odd on the duvet.

Cross examined my wretched Polish flatmate this morning and it seems he borrowed my duvet to sit on when a group of his friends were round having pizza.

Didn’t wash it, or even think to tell me – just stuck it back on the bed.  He knows perfectly well all about the coeliac issue and how careful I have to be, but “just didn’t think”.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You couldn’t make it up, could you? And it just goes to show how inhaling the allergens can affect some people. I hope she feels better soon.


2 thoughts on “Hidden In the Duvet: A Salutary #Gluten Tale

  1. I can understand!!
    I had to replace my wheat cat litter with pine saw dust!!
    Air born gluten can affect us!


  2. […] • Or, again from the Daily Mail: Girl left ‘looking like a monster’ after a severe allergic reaction to a home hair dye kit. Lauren Thomas, 16, said her head inflated like a football and her scalp started oozing pus just hours after using a home hair dying kit…… Read more here… • And finally…. Not exactly an allergic reaction – but a really frustrating tale of gluten contamination  – of a duvet!! Read this post on the TrulyGlutenFree site! […]

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