Truly #Gluten Free Progress: September

Well, here we are with another month gone and time for my monthly update.

If you recall from last time, I had just come down with a virus and the first 9 day scuppered my lovely low score. Sadly, I had another 9 day on 1st of September, then the 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 and back to 0.5 by the 7th of the month

NB: Symptom scale is 10= really bad, 0= gone.

Following that first week, had various reactions as attempted new things. Radishes or white wine vinegar (not sure which) caused aching all night, albeit mild at 1-1.5 for two days. Few days OK, went to Devon for a few days, got a migraine whilst driving down there, pretty severe – 6, 4 and 1. No idea what caused that at all.

Seven whole days of 0-0.5 after that, even including an overnight stay at at a hotel for a family do – I took my own 3 course meal and people were jealous because mine looked rather yummy though I say it myself. I made my first ever smoked salmon terrine and it looked rather impressive!

Bloated four days (mild at 1) after some scallops that had paper on the bottom of the tray I bought them in – I normally buy them unpackaged but ‘treated’ myself to some I saw on offer in Tesco. Some treat.

Finished the month with several 0.5 days.

So, overall score a disappointing and huge 49!

  Biggest I’ve had for ages. However, if you take the virus out, which added 22, it would have been my lowest score ever of 27!!!

So, a quick recap of this years’ scores so far (minus virus – is that fair?). Start at 200+ two years ago:

  • Jan 64.5
  • Feb 56.5
  • March 51.5
  • April 57.5
  • May 55
  • June 29
  • July 35
  • August 28.5
  • Sep 27

Yes, I was wondering that, too: what did I change in June? Stopped the green tea!

I have noticed too that I am including period pain and issues within these scores now where I never used to. I have PCOS – I think this is linked to the gluten sensitivity as an auto-immune attack on the ovaries (pure conjecture but makes sense to me) – so I think I will keep including it and also who the heck knows what’s down to hormones and what isn’t? I flippin’ don’t, although I’m sure P would have a comment or two on that…

Onward. How are you doing? Let us know. Have you started scoring yourself yet? It really does help to see it.


4 thoughts on “Truly #Gluten Free Progress: September

  1. I prolly missed somehting *cough* but how do you keep your scores? Migraines ought to be prohibited or turned into somehting nice with a charm spell.

  2. Sorry, Nele, I should not assume everyone knows, should I? Quite simple: in the Barrier Plan package there is a symptom score sheet and you score frequency and severity for each symptom. 10 is really bad and 0 is none (ie lower scores mean you are getting better). For frequency, it is C for constant, Re for regular (most days), O for Occasional and Ra for Rare. You do that every now and then to see your progress with each individual symptom. However, I do a day score every night quickly before bed and that’s where these overall scores come from. Hope that makes sense.

  3. Yes – definitely ignore the virus – had no right to be there – so congratulations on the 27!!!! the best possible ‘write up’ for your Barrier plan…… Onward and …….. well, downward!!

  4. Ha, thanks Michelle. I always have an image in my head of squeezing the symptoms into a smaller and smaller place hence downward and smaller numbers I suppose! I hope one day they will burst like a balloon and puff away. Nice thought.

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