Reintroducing Gentle Exercise to Aid Healing

  Z alerted me to a series of posts from Dr O recently about the importance of re-building muscle as part of the healing process. That’s good advice. Z felt she had reached a plateau and recognised herself in this case discussed by Dr O:

One of my gluten sensitive patients, “Sally”, came in to follow up with me earlier this week. She was originally (last year) diagnosed with IBS, migraine headaches, and depression.

When we first diagnosed her gluten sensitivity, she had a remarkable turn around. It was so dramatic, that her husband actually called to thank me for giving him his wife back.

The reason I was even still treating her was because her progress had hit a plateau. A few months ago she reported to me that she continued to have moderate fatigue as well as joint and muscle pain. After investigating, the answer became obvious. She was ignoring one of my prior recommendations.

I reeducated her and instructed her to go home, apply the knowledge, and come back to me in 8 weeks…So she did.

At our follow up this week, she was happy to report dramatic improvements. Her plateau was busted and her aches, pains, energy levels had all normalized.

He simply recommended gentle exercise to pull her out of the plateau, and it worked.

Z said she wanted to do the same thing but needed something gentle to start off with. She found a really good DVD and asked that I pass it on to any of you also needing inspiration to get moving again.

I recognised what Z was saying myself. I used to exercise daily, mainly muscle-building weights exercises, but over the past year I have stopped whilst I concentrated on the other aspects of healing. The day Z sent this through I had actually just said to P that I felt ready to re-start exercise; she must have heard me!

Here are Z’s comments for you and her recommended DVD:

I’ve had a really good 3 months health wise (TOUCH WOOD, I hate saying that as it always tempts fate! 🙂 I’ve been sticking with the TGF diet but I think I’ve found the missing link that was stopping my energy levels from recovering- exercise!

I’d previously been too weak to contemplate it and the joint pain made it impossible but I found a DVD called ‘Beat Fatigue With Yoga’ and have been gradually building up doing this for a few mins each day.

I can now manage a gentle 30 min yoga workout every day and my energy levels have massively improved and joint pain is barely there at all. I first got thinking about exercise when I saw one of the glutenology emails about how important it is to aid the healing of the gut- so it might be worth recommending this DVD to some of your other patients who are in the same boat. It specifically targets people with chronic fatigue but definitely relevant for anyone struggling with their energy levels. 

I couldn’t find anywhere where Dr O specifically says exercise aids gut healing to link to for you, but building muscle is likely to help, of course. This is the DVD Z is using:

Fiona Agomar & Sue Delf - Beat Fatigue With Yoga [DVD] [2006]


Just click on the image to find it on Amazon. Z explains:

The first workout (Sue Delf)  is gentle yoga building up to slightly more serious yoga and the second one (Fiona Agombar) is specifically for CF sufferers so starting off with really gentle breathing and stretching that I can manage even on my lowest energy days!

Not tried it myself yet. My priority is to get outside in the fresh air and walk more. I used to walk round the park every day and now hardly ever get away from my desk. Naughty girl. Think of all that Vitamin D I’m missing out on!

Anyway, so pleased Z is feeling much better and thank you to her for taking the time to tell us what shifted her off her plateau so we can all benefit.

Off we go. Let us know what you think of it and how you get on with reintroducing exercise..


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