Monthly Progress Update on Truly #Gluten Free Barrier Plan

I’ve just realised it is already the 8th September and I haven’t done my August update for you! The reason will become clear below…

First week of August: fab, mostly 0.5 days.

Second week: mostly OK until I got the swelling in my throat, which thankfully only lasted 24 hours, and the bloating problem (I wrote about that here when I was feeling like I was carrying a large litter of kittens!). Had four 1.5 days.

Third week: bloating continued at 1 for almost the whole week. Sigh. It took the usual 10 days for an  intolerance reaction to come down properly but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it used to be. And, let’s face it, I’d rather have that than a migraine any day.

Fourth week: Had five straight 0.5 days. The relief! Unfortunately, I was so relieved, I went a bit mad (why do we do this?!). I added chocolate back in as a breakfast brownie; my first chocolate for over 5 months and, for anyone who knows me, that really took some doing as I am a self-confessed chocaholic. Bliss. No problem. Yay.

For three days, I ate chocolate, had coffee and green tea.

  Don’t ask me why I had the green tea since I had tracked the massive gum pain down to it all those months ago. Last time I had it, I developed a large lump on my gum within 20 minutes. I tried a tiny cup very gingerly and had no reaction at all. I think I had it because I am really missing a hot bitter drink, hence the coffee and green tea. I am so fed up with water all the time and wanted something warm.

Anyway, had green tea the next day. All fine. Got cocky and decided to try lamb. P had said he wanted a roast dinner and it was the only grass fed meat I had. ‘I’m doing fine,’ I thought. Famous last words.

Went to bed with the start of a migraine so this had to be the lamb. My pain starts almost 2 hours on the dot after ingesting something currently and goes almost exactly at 48 hours later. Not too bad at 2.5 the first day, then 1.5, then 0.5 back to normal on the third day.

Relief again and had more green tea. Next day teeth bleeding more, then following day woke with screaming jaw bone pain which continued all day. A 9 day which shows you how bad it was. I assume the green tea had caught up with me. Still: positive that it took days rather than mere minutes this time so some progress.

P had a virus earlier in the week so guess what happens next. Yep, immune system low with reaction, in goes virus. Got violent shaking, fever, severe headache and nausea and could do nothing but lay in bed for two days. Two 9 days. Two 4 days, then 3, 2, 1 and back to 0.5 yesterday. It’s exhausting thinking about it.

So, before the last week, even despite the bloating and throat swelling episode, I  was on for my lowest score ever of 28.5. But the first 9 day crept in on the 31st and blew that one. I ended up with a not too bad 37.5 considering that little lot. You couldn’t make that up, could you!

How are you doing? Let’s see some of your scores…

Actually 37.5 but I couldn’t find a pic of that!


16 thoughts on “Monthly Progress Update on Truly #Gluten Free Barrier Plan

  1. It’s great your scores are still coming down in general Micki, despite the horrendous time you’ve been having with green tea. It reminds me why I drink neither tea nor coffee, as I react very badly to both. It’s herbal teas or water I’m afraid. Funnily enough, after three years without, I don’t miss either and wouldn’t thank you for a cup of tea now!

    I don’t keep score as you do, but if I did, I can honestly say that most days would be a zero now, with some at 0.5. That sounds great, but it only applies as long as I stick to my diet. If I eat any of my food intolerances, I develop full blown Crohn’s within hours and can be like this for 2 – 3 days. I’ll stick with the diet thanks! That said, I can see I’m making progress as when I do ingest something I shouldn’t, my symptoms are much lighter and last for far less time than they did.

    But as far as scoring goes, I rely on my blood test results to measure progress.


    • That sounds like progress Chrissie, great news! It is all about sticking to that diet, isn’t it? When I started this process, I didn’t know to have the tests done then so I can only go by scoring and how I feel currently although I hope to at least look at the barrier score sometime soon.

      I wish I could have herbal teas; seem to react to those too. The green tea is a very expensive very pure one and I can’t even do that it seems. Tried camomile, peppermint, spearmint etc etc. no go. Hence the craving for a non-sweet warm drink. Anyone got any ideas for me ready for Autumn?

      • Rose hip tea? It isn’t sweet but it isn’t bitter either – a bit floral but not atall sickly… just gather some rosehips (from wild dog rose for example, it grows everywhere…or from any rose in your garden, at least then you’ll know it’s chemical free!) after the first good frost and let them dry out… really high in vitamin C too. Otherwise, Ginger – a nice old bit of ginger is not so sweet, it gets tangier with age! I just chop a bit off, cut it in half and steep it is boiling water. I love it when it’s so strong it stings your throat! Have you tried nettle tea? V good for you and green tasting, not remotely sweet… 🙂 …will carry on thinking about it!

      • How funny, Becky, I keep looking at some dead roses in my garden and wondering whether I can make tea out of the hips. Can you do that? Not up on that sort of thing! Got plenty of nettles out there too, Ha, can you tell I haven’t had any time for gardening?! Thanks for your ideas. Had coffee again this morning, naughty girl.

      • …or sage maybe?! Bit medicinal tasting but nice when you fancy it…

      • sorry, didn’t see your reply! Yes, you can use any rose hips as far as I know. You can also use them fresh, so try that first maybe before harvesting and drying en masse! The flavour’s prob a bit different fresh though. I would put them in a strainer or muslin or something – what i do, is crush them a bit with the back of a knife before steeping, so it is best to contain them in case you are sensitive to the little hairy bits in with the seeds. You are so lucky to have lots of nettles! We can’t find them here much as the weather’s so dry! Make soup!!!! Nettles are deeeelish! :p

      • Thanks Becky, I will have a go at that. Wish me luck. Anything new makes me very nervous!

      • Ok, well GOOOOOD LUUUUCK!! Believe!
        Another idea – and this used to be one of my favourites ever – aniseed fennel and cumin mix. It’s really satisfying, tasty, not sickly and obviously has detox and cleansing properties… there’s fenugrec aswell… tell you what, just raid the garden and your spice shelves for inspiration -then google it! Bon courage! ;D

  2. How about ginger cordial mixed with hot water Micki?

  3. Still sweet though, Chrissie, as no doubt full of sugar like most cordials and I can’t abide sweet drinks! I wonder about fresh ginger steeped in hot water though. Cheaper at least! Thanks for thinking.

  4. I can’t begin to think how horrendous this is for you and all the people who really do suffer – my problems are minimal compared to both yourself and Chrissie but I would like to share my experience this month with you.
    My diet is very plain to be honest – I’m not a foodie and I like meat or fish with veg. However my breakfast for a while has been porridge with a bit oat bran for added fibre. Four weeks now I’ve been having gluten free porridge oats – the benefits are not so tired and no headaches – however this past week i’ve been feeling really “wired” – a nervous energy that is uncomfortable but also a very nervy panicky feeling with racy heart. And a bit of the inner chills. Could it be the gluten free oats? I’m thinking that at the end of three weeks it’s well and truly in my system now and it’s the only change I’ve made in my diet.
    Does eating gluten free foods have an effect on you when they get in your system?

    • Janet, there is no such thing as gluten free oats in my book, as I have said before. You can react to any gluten in any grain, not just wheat rye and barley. So, yes, you can react to so-called ‘gluten-free’ oats which is a misnomer.

  5. A hard month for you Micki, but still better than things have been – and you have still managed to keep us in touch with TGF research etc.
    I thought grass fed lamb was a safe food? – Once or twice I have noticed a slight reaction and wondered is it the lamb and then dismissed it – also noticed it with fish once or twice and thought it must be contamination in the filleting/butchering?
    I am really pleased with myself as would be scoring close to 1 most days now but very strict with myself. Had a weird blip on monday when my light went out – brain died, couldn’t smile, had to concentrate on moving my limbs appropriately. Mortified when i bumped into an old friend who kept asking me how i was and I couldn’t reply – My partner luckily was with me and said I’m fine just having a blip! Hey ho it had gone within 4 hours and I managed to work through it – that’s the best so far for that phase. I think it might have been due to eating too many organic supposedly safe dates a few weeks ago. I became totally addicted to them – an immediate sign of something containing a tiny bit of gluten for me
    This sounds disgusting but i steam my veg and meat and have th broth inplace of tea. I was for awhile putting some fresh herbs- parsley, coriander or fennel leaves – in a mug and steeping them with boiling water to give a saviour tea. I seem to react to anything green and leafy so give that a miiss now and opt for some apple pieces or bluberries and some fresh lemon juice steeped in boiling water for a change from clear broth.
    Hope you are back to 0.5 s and zeros ASAP,

    • Hi Caroline, thanks for sharing that – sound like many of us are doing OK except for blips, which are becoming less severe. That’s good news, isn’t it?

      100% grass fed lamb is indeed TGF and Barrier Plan safe; just me with that one as it is one of my other allergens, along with stuff like garlic and citrus – and green tea, it seems!

      Good idea about broth. I have been thinking about that for a while and plan to get some bones on my next order to make a bone broth. I will report back – very healing apparently.

      Glad your blip didn’t last too long, sounds nasty – and a typical neurological reaction to gluten.

  6. I just thought: I could always use a drop or two of essential oil maybe in hot water. Know I am Ok with those.

  7. […] you recall from last time, I had just come down with a virus and the first 9 day scuppered my lovely low score. Sadly, I had […]

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