100% Better on Truly #Gluten Free After18 months!

Lovely email from J today to update me on her progress, and to tell me she is now looking to start a family 🙂

.. just wanted to say that i have been gluten, dairy and grain free now for approx 18 months, and am feeling so much better compared to my ‘former gluten life’.

However during this time, I still had an issue with my ‘brain power’ or lack of it, it still felt that somewhere that was a blockage or something was still missing to give me back the brain functionality that i had once had.

Over the last month i have been taking the calcium/magnesium supplements as per the barrier plan and what revelation they are. I now feel completely ie 100% better. My brain is functioning better than i ever thought was possible again. (My one main concern was always that i wouldn’t get back my once sharp brain and memory) My brain, memory has improved vastly and  and i am so so happy.

See, there IS hope; you just have to stick with it! Some of us will take less time, others probably more. It depends on your case, age, ability to heal, how much you stick to the plan etc etc. I can’t guarantee you will feel 100% better like J, but we can try and get as close to it as we each can, can’t we? I admire the way J has sorted herself out before trying to conceive. I SO wish more prospective parents thought like that; I would see fewer allergic children for a start!

I took a look back at J’s initial health report in December 2010. Looking at it, she sounds a typical gluten case, doesn’t she? Here is a snapshot of some of my notes then:

5/6 years ago started to notice downward trend in health, became constipated, wind, bloating, vomiting, foggy headed, difficult to think straight, emotional, fatigued, muscle and joint pain in hips and legs and poor recovery after even small amount of exercise all of which have progressively worsened. Nothing found on tests, given antideps… 

Need I say more? We did the usual checking and detoxing the gut, correcting adrenals, nutrient levels etc and J found she was yeast sensitive. On removing that, she felt a lot improved but it wasn’t enough. The signs of gluten sensitivity were there, so J did the gene test. It came back with DQ1 and DQ3, two strong non-coeliac gluten sensitivity genes, and so she came off the grains and dairy. And look where she is today.

Thank you to J for sharing her news with us. I think it is really useful for us all to look at how other people start out and progress through so we can pick up tips and motivation for ourselves. I am so pleased for her and she has worked hard at it.

Inspired that could be you in time? Go get on with it, then…


One thought on “100% Better on Truly #Gluten Free After18 months!

  1. Very encouraging to hear a success story.

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