Why Are We Doing This Restricted Diet Again…?

Great comment in from R today which I thought I would share with you. I recognise what she is saying here and I bet you will too:

Och, it’s all very surreal this experience, don’t you find? Because as long as you avoid everything that triggers pain, you feel ok and can’t really understand how ill you are and how badly damaged your body is!

I find that until I get an accidental poisening again, I always feel a bit like I’m living this weird lifestyle and can’t remember why! An accidental reaction soon points that out again though eh?! Makes the constant deprivation worth it!

That is SO right, isn’t it, and great to hear someone else say it! I sometimes wonder what the heck I am doing, especially when most of the time I feel so well now (little cheer!) and then, bang!, a reaction and I remember. That makes me feel sad again because I remember I am nowhere near out of the woods yet. Thankfully the reactions are becoming much less often and far less severe – and that’s how I tell I am doing the right thing. I pick myself up, recover and carry on.

Do you feel like this?


One thought on “Why Are We Doing This Restricted Diet Again…?

  1. Hi Glutenaughts,

    The difficulty for me is not knowing.
    There are so many problems within our own bodies but we can pretty much control the basic inputs so if we stray like eating almonds with the skins on even thoroughly baked we know that the endotoxins from the salmonella that coats nearly every nut in North America will get you, but then you are so hungry looking for work in department stores and copy shops while passing tree mulch factories that the combination of things you have no control over like what you breath in all work together to make you sick for days.

    My pattern is always chemicals plus mold = illness. These are all inhaled exposures. It doesn’t matter if I had eaten a perfect diet or a bad almond or nothing at all, they still cause the same reactions that going off a strict diet does. So, for me, it is all the same. I tell everyone that my college was nearly useless except for a single conversation with a biology professor. I had read in the textbook on an unassigned chapter (go figure) that we make a quart of mucus per day. I asked, “If it isn’t coming out our noses, where is it going?” He sat there and made a swallowing motion. I said that I didn’t get it. He made another swallowing motion. I must be really dense, I said I still didn’t get it. He said that the mucus rises up by cilliary action then goes down to coat our entire digestive tract. That is when I knew the mechanism of action of how MCS worked. Anything dissolved in the lung mucus would go directly into the bloodstream and anything that was swallowed would go directly into the lymph and bloodstream via the bowels.

    So, if you are sure it is something that you ‘ate’ then you at least can control it. If it something that you inhaled then let me know if you find any spacesuits at the surplus store.

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