Traditional #Gluten Free On A Product Is Not The Same As Truly Gluten Free

   I have had quite a few newer people from the TGF family – and some older ones – getting confused about what gluten free means recently, so I thought a quick reminder might help.

When you are looking at products like foods or toiletries, it is NOT enough for you to choose ones that say ‘gluten free’. You need to use your hidden grains lists if you are on the truly gluten free (in the ebook) and barrier plans (in the plan).

Traditional gluten free is gliadin free ONLY (wheat, rye, barley and sometimes oats).  If a product says ‘gluten free’, it just means it doesn’t have any of the 33-mer gliadin protein in it that is linked to coeliac disease to a specified amount at less than 20ppm. In other words, it can still contain starches and up to 20ppm gliadin in them. In some people, even this 20ppm is too high and they can react to other protein fractions as well as 33-mer gliadin.

The Trulyglutenfree approach is free from ALL grains to remove all glutens and not just gliadin.  All grains contain some form of gluten and, since the majority of coeliacs do not heal their villi damage on a traditional gluten free diet, it’s vital in my view, to remove all glutens. Many people have the DQ1/3 genes rather than the coeliac DQ2/8 ones which suggest they are gluten sensitive in a different way. Many of those I have had contact with develop grain problems throughout life progressively. It is also free of dairy since this is the second most common allergen and it too can have an effect on repair and healing.

You can get full food lists and what to look for on labels in the TrulyGlutenFree ebook. This is most suitable for those who are gliadin free (traditional gluten free) but not feeling well or healing.

The Barrier Plan is free from anything that would stop your hyper-permeability and gluten damage healing. This is grain, dairy and legume free and free from any of the known foods that affect barrier integrity. This is totally unique and does not exist anywhere else. It is essentially based on the Primal, SCD and TGF diets with added research on specific barrier hyper-permeability issues. You can get full diet lists and details in the Barrier Plan. This is most suitable for those with multiple allergy whether or not you know it is related to gluten, those with inflammatory and auto-immune disorders (even though I have written it up so far for allergy, it’s the same plan required for all three).

So, hopefully that makes it clearer. It is important to read the info on this site and download the appropriate book or plan before you start purchasing stuff which is invariably unsuitable or you will waste your money.

Re toiletries, remember this articlewhere I mentioned Saaf skincare as the first TGF safe one I have identified? Some of the NAT origin ones are also ok. I am surrounded in my office by stuff to assess and am slowly getting there; it’s tough to find them. Here’s the reason why it’s important, too. If in doubt, check against your lists and ask me.

Hope that helps!


12 thoughts on “Traditional #Gluten Free On A Product Is Not The Same As Truly Gluten Free

  1. I was just wondering if you or anyone els on the TGF diet ahve had gluten symptoms after eating joints of grass fed meat – could it be the string – am having difficulties checking this possibility out. But i have checked back my diaries and think I am getting contamination from either joints of meat of fresh wild filletted fish bought from the local supermarket. Any help on the string theory gratefully appreciated.

  2. Hi Caroline, not getting the string thing…? Why would it be string; am I being thick? Could it be cross-contamination from using same knives to cut farmed and wild maybe? Is it 100% grass fed: some animals are fed supplemental feed at certain parts of the year. Where are you getting your supplies from?

    • The joints have all been from sheepdrove – so grass fed lamb or beef. Normally I cook them in a slow cooker with lots of water and veg. Looking back Ican see that I probably was getting a minor reaction from them but was putting it down to ‘ must still have a little bit of gluten in me’ syndrome.. I decided I didn’t really like the cooking liquid or the veg cooked in it so stopped eating that part and didn’t notrice any gluten effets.- Hubby decided he wanted roast beef for a change. Have done this twice and both times had a major reaction. This gave a stronger reaction as the string was baked onto the meat leaving strands on the meat once it was cut off prior to slicing. I eat the meat warm after roasting and then have it cold for a few days. I doubt it is cross contamination from my knifes, cooking utensils etc as they are all ones I use purely for TGF cooking. I suspect string maybe treated with a grain chemical to preserve it, whiten it, what ever – don’t seem to be having much luck with my internet search on that subject.
      I’m 99% certain it is the string causing a reaction but appreciate so many slip ups can happen from butchering to packaging, preparing, cooking and eating! – Oh the challenges that we face!!!!.

  3. Oh, I see now about the string! I suppose I never buy meat like that so hadn’t thought of it. Very probably the dye or preservative. Sheepdrove are very accommodating I find and I’m sure would use something different or leave the string off. I meant their knives by the way, not yours; I KNOW you wouldn’t make that kind of mistake. Your kitchen is probably like ours. It’s like a military operation: I now have two ends of the kitchen. Everything done with a red knife on a red board in red pans on the left hand side of the (albeit very small) kitchen is for me. Everything slung together any old how on the right side is his 😉

    • I get 1/8th of the kitchen and he gets the rest!!! I too have red handles sppons- he has the rest – But it works…….. most of the time! Thanks. Will ask sheepdrove about joints with no string on – they are so handy for slicing and snacking on as i can’t tolerate nuts or dired fruit at the moment and need a sustaining snack at some point most days!

  4. Have you thought about a dehydrator maybe and making jerky/dried veg crisps? How about using Sheepdrove’s beef strips instead of cutting joints up?

  5. Thanks for those suggestions – might give veg crisps made in the oven a try. And yes I could just cook up a batch of beef strips for snacking on instead of a joint – comes out the same in the end!
    Thank you, as always.

  6. Has anyone found a good TGF toothpaste. I use Sensodyne and have realised it’s full of bad stuff. Looked on Green People and all theirs have corn starch in them 😦

  7. I’m going to try making a plaque remover using a recipe from James wongs book – Grow your own drugs – it simply uses fresh sage and sea salt – This weekends project. His books maybe quite useful for TGF toiletry recipes.

  8. Never heard of him, thanks Caroline. I use teatree oil on its own mostly, and sometimes mixed into coconut oil, bicarb and peppermint oil as a paste.

    Someone mentioned this one to me the other day but haven’t had a chance to check it out: Arm & Hammer Enamel Care Whitening Baking Soda Toothpaste. Careful as there are two that look very similar. Can someone help by checking out derivations of ingredients if they have a chance maybe? Not exactly non-toxic but could do the job if TGF safe.

    I am also checking out toothbrushes where you don’t need toothpaste. Found a fab one in the US called Rotadent but cannot get the thing to charge in the UK even using a standard converter as it is 1.45v (sounds like I know what I’m talking about but, believe me, I don’t – been a steep learning curve!) P is trying to work that one out for me. Am also checking out blotting brushes. Anyone had a go with them?

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