Inflammation Down on Truly #Gluten Free Plan

Some more good news from A today, who is more than pleased to see his inflammation come down in tests recently:

Last week I had a follow-up Live Blood Analysis – and the doctor was surprised (and very pleased) at my improvement, which was much better than he had expected. 

Basically, when I had the first Live Blood Analysis in February my white cells were almost totally inactive and the red cells were in congealed masses (which he said was a sign of inflammation).  This time, the white cells were active and about half the red cells were moving freely, as they should.  This indicates that the inflammation is greatly reduced. (Ed: I’d like to have seen a CRP check too.)

He reckoned the improvement was on a account of the Beta Glucans and Quercetin I’m taking, as well as the vitamin C infusions.  But I think it’s also on account of the truly gluten-free diet.  As the gluten causes the inflammation and as it’s now gone from my diet (I hope), the improvement should continue.  

Let’s hope. A has not been a well man for many years so we are both particularly pleased to see him start to pull up. He has been unable to take much of the protocol and we have therefore found individual supplement ways forward for him, hence the glucans and quercetin instead of the normal mixtures in the Barrier Plan, in case you were wondering why you’re not on those!

Heart suitably gladdened. Again. Keep these reports coming!


2 thoughts on “Inflammation Down on Truly #Gluten Free Plan

  1. I also have had thick blood, been on subcutaneous Heparin injections 2x day, & take Nattokinase for the Fibrin. My white blood cells have been very LOW for years. Off grains they came back low side of average range! I have had the live blood test too. Stress/gluten/viral/parasite/fungi/H Pylori etc keep my white blood cells LOW out of range, is that same as in-active?
    This is so very encouraging to read, thank you!! 🙂

  2. That sounds good, B. I don’t do live blood analysis so not sure of the difference between out of range and inactive although I would assume the first is a count according to the expected numbers present and the second is how lively they are. Terminology!

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