Stop Press: Check Your Permavite!

Perm A vite® Powder 300 Grams (10.6 oz.)  I am SO annoyed, I can hardly type. Please check your stock of Permavite if on the TGF or Barrier protocols. The formulation has just been changed to include colostrum, which is, of course, a dairy product. Some people say dairy intolerants should be OK with colostrum but I do not agree. I did ask the company specifically when I heard a rumour this might happen to make a non-colostrum version available. I have checked with Natural Dispensary and their stock contains colostrum already. I am waiting to hear more and will update you as soon as I hear from them. In the meantime, if you are sensitive to dairy or on the TGF/Barrier plans, it is no longer TGF safe.

Spitting feathers. Talk about making a product specifically designed to aid hyper-sensitives heal unsuitable for hyper-sensitives! My head is in my hands…

More anon.



4 thoughts on “Stop Press: Check Your Permavite!

  1. Soooo agree! Not that it affects me personally – but I find it so infuriating when companies do not think through reformulations. It happens all the time in food. I remember a couple of years ago Trufree, much loved makers of gluten AND dairy-free custard creams, suddenly introduced dairy into the cream bit – on the grounds that their customers were coeliacs so weren’t bothered about dairy…. But, as witnessed by the huge number of complaints that they subsequently received, although most of their customers were coeliacs, a very substantial number of them also avoided dairy products. So think – or possibly even do some market research…. – before you reformulate!!

  2. I have sent 3 ranting emails already to various people and await a response. Making myself as popular as ever 🙂 Sigh.

  3. First person to contact me about this has indeed got the colostrum one. And, yes, he and his partner both reacted to it. Be careful!

  4. […] a quick update for you. Remember this post where I advised that I discovered NutriLink had added colostrum from cows into the Permavite? Well, […]

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