Five Foods Re-Introduced on Truly #Gluten Free Barrier Plan

Quick note from A to share with you today about his (very) restricted diet starting to expand again. There are very few people I have come across who are quite as food sensitive as me (good for them, boo for me), but A was one of them, so I know how much this means to him.

Some good news which will gladden your heart.  (It certainly gladdens mine.)  I’m another client who is finally seeing huge improvements.  Today, for the first time in years, I was able to eat broccoli.  I’d already added carrots, plums, nectarines and peaches to my diet.  (I’m hoping grapes will follow soon – but maybe not because of the mould they all seem to have.)  Things are definitely improving anyway!

My heart is indeed gladdened :). I know there is a huge way to go but at least he is now moving in the right direction instead of becoming ever more restricted which, let’s face it, was the original reason for writing the TGF and Barrier Plans: to enable us to heal and stop us losing more and more foods. I haven’t dared re-introduce any yet, but A has inspired me to try. Soon.

How are you doing?


2 thoughts on “Five Foods Re-Introduced on Truly #Gluten Free Barrier Plan

  1. Well done A! It’s heartening to learn that there are others on the barrier plan and that it’s obviously working for them. Makes the going easier somehow to know that there is a light at the end of what can sometimes seem like a very long tunnel.

    It would be useful, when reading these progress reports, to know just how long someone has been off their intolerances before trying to re-introduce them, so that we have some sort of rough guide. Like Micki, I haven’t been brave enough to try to reintroduce any foods yet. At the minute I’m content to know that I am improving – plus I don’t want to rock what is a very steady boat!


  2. Glad to hear you’re steady, Chrissie, good news and good word for it. That’s how I feel much of the time now which is a minor miracle in itself, isn’t it?

    I know it sounds daft, but often people have gradually emerged onto the TGF and Barrier plans over months so it’s not always easy to tell how long you have been doing something. I do often ask, but the answer is more often than not pretty vague for that reason. For example, someone goes TGF with rice (which is not really TGF but will help of course as most glutens have then been removed from the diet), but the true healing will only start as all glutens and their particular nemeses allergens/lectins/whatevers have come out too and, as we know, they are found gradually, sadly never all in one go.

    Also, it so depends on how bad the person was in the first place and how much ability that person has to heal, age, how much of the prescription they can take etc etc so it doesn’t follow that because someone did it in such and such a time, so will others. I know you know that; I’m just reiterating for anyone reading.

    My general feeling is that it is taking 2-4 months for people to start feeling better, although that can be 2-4 weeks symptom-wise and often is! It is taking roughly 4-8 months for foods to go back in. But that is a really rough guesstimate. For some, like me, you can at least double that!

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